Bye, Plinky!

What the fuck? No. Why? Why is this happening? Where will I get my prompts now?

After 384 answers on Plinky, it looks like I’m losing the blogging prompt service that started in November of 2008. This is terrible news. I’ve relied on Plinky to set my brain cells working and get some blog posts running on my website. A simple question that will get me thinking and bring forth a life experience, an event, a viewpoint or something I had even forgotten from my childhood – Plinky was a simple awesome little thing that helped me maintain my nearly daily posts on this blog from 2009 onwards.

I just loved this website and often visited it unless I already had a post idea or two brewing in my mind or wanted to post about something that happened that day. I’m gonna miss them.

Update : Apparently, it was just a question or a blog prompt submitted by one of the regular contributors. So they are not going away. Yay!

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