Relaxing At The End Of A Stressful Day

It’s pretty simple for me. I don’t want to do much after a particularly stressful day. Obviously I just want to de-stress and chill out and not have to work my brain cells too much. Once I leave the work place and hop onto the bus and then the question comes as to where I am headed to – home or somewhere else. It’s 50-50 at this point, I can go out for sometime and enjoy an evening out or go straight home with maybe just a quick stop to buy some supplies. But either way it’s good for me.

On some days I’d like to go out and either go to a coffeeshop or a bar, depending on my mood. I’d like a nice thick cold coffee or a hot one depending on the weather and have either some fries or a sandwich and relax to the tunes that they play at the cafe. It’s a lot better if I have my headset so I can listen to my choice of tunes saved onto my BlackBerry as I sip my coffee in the cafe. Munch on French Fries or a nice hot sandwich and think about nothing. If I am really hungry I might skip the coffeeshop and go for some good food at one of the places that I like to frequent. Drink a Sprite or Mountain Dew or an iced tea with my dinner. Or if I am in the mood, go to a bar for a beer or some vodka and some food at the same place. Sink back in the comfortable booth as I watch some tv in one of my favourite bars and drink in peace.

The other way is to just come home, put the kettle on, make some coffee, change to my pjs and blast some of my favourite rock songs while I have a snack and drink coffee. Ofcourse with air guitar in …..hand! Playing those crunching riffs and awesome melodic solos. Singing with a passion that cannot be compared. Play some comedy clips on Youtube and laugh myself silly. See what those in the Western countries are enjoying. It’s all good. More music. And to wind it out, watch some of my favourite tv shows or a movie. By bed time, I’m a changed & charged up man!

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