Commodity To Be Sold Off To Highest Bidder

I don’t get why parents in Kerala and for the most of the rest of India have such an attitude as far as their daughters are concerned. It’s as if having a daughter is like a big burden and they can’t wait till the girl is of marriageable age so they can quickly find some schmuck to push her onto and wash their hands of the matter altogether – putting Pontius Pilot to shame! This is so ridiculous that it is still happening in 2012 and in towns and cities – not just villages and rural areas but in the fucking urban areas!

One of my trainees, she is just 21 years old and will only turn 22 towards the end of December. She just completed her college degree in 2012 and had joined for her first job. A month after she started work she went back home for the weekend to find out that her marriage is already being fixed and that it will take place in a few short weeks. The reason is that the guy, who is 10 years older, works in one of the Gulf countries and only has leave for a few weeks. His parents had met this girl’s parents and got the entire thing arranged. So she called the HR and said that she will not be continuing work as she will be needing leave for the wedding and her family does not want her to work after the wedding, atleast for sometime. When she came to the office to do her final formalities, it took her a while to recall the groom’s name – she had only met him once! 3 weeks later, she got married.

And now another girl, her close friend infact, another trainee of mine, went home for the weekend and her father said that she looks tired and pale and little thin. If she is to get married in a few months (nothing is fixed as yet) she will need to maintain herself. What is she a fucking car? Dad’s think like that – “Oh she is getting thin. Need to plump herself up a bit before showing her off to some prospective grooms and families before she gets married”. She only turns 22 in November! Is she a commodity to be advertised and sold off? I see no differences in matrimonial ads and ebay/Amazon listings for devices and products! New, old, unused, still in factory condition, never been fucked, virgin, hymen intact and all that fucking shit!

I can’t believe how pissed off I have become on hearing such news. I vow, if I ever have a daughter, I will never ever treat her as a commodity or a burden!