Meet Barfi The Pug

My sister and her family have expanded their numbers from 5 to 6 with the new addition of a 30 day old pug puppy who they have named Barfi. After work this evening I went over to her place to visit my new…..nephew! He’s a lively little monster who seemed to be attracted to my socks. Here he is searching for my foot.

It’s my niece Geethanjali, who is now 6 years old, who named him Barfi after some stupid Hindi movie that she saw in the theatres. The pup  is kinda hers more than my nephews. She kept playing with him and cradling him like a baby and hugging him. The pup meanwhile is just so in love with her.

My Social Network

It has improved some relationships and it has not helped in a few. The best thing to look at it is that you can get to meet & become friends with like minded individuals either in your own locality, country or anywhere around the world. You can share ideas about things that make you laugh, cry, nostalgic, angry and what sets you thinking. Heck you can share things that make you horny! You also like funny pics of cats & dogs? So do I !

Ofcourse when you share your views online on Twitter or Facebook, you also run the risk of hurting the pride, political or religious views of some of the people you connect online with. They might even be people you know in real life and you might even see them quite frequently face to face. When something you said or posted or even reposted offends their juvenile sensitive feelings, then there might be a clash of egos. And you must be prepared for that. It can leads to arguments, both online and when you meet face to face next. You will also find out who you’re real friends are, which people are real dumbos and numbnuts who believe in any fairytale that they have been fed from childhood and the idiots! Sometimes you find it odd that people who you thought were of a different mindset actually share a bunch of common ideas as you. And you will be surprised with the answers and inputs they come up with.

Overall I think it’s good as you find out the truth behind those facades that people normally put. Often I find that people’s true nature comes out in the things that he/she reads, shares, likes and ofcourse comments. Their prejudices, hates and fears can come out in shining bright light and it’s there for all to see. Be prepared to stand up for your thoughts and ideas. And defend them if you believe in them. Otherwise it’s a lot of sharing the same pics and stupid messages, over & over again!

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