Shh, I’m Trying To Hear!

Ofcourse. If you do not want other people to over hear you maybe you shouldn’t be discussing a private matter so loudly in public. Like the two girls in the bus who discuss marriage proposals and stuff loudly right in front of me and then expect that no one will hear it. And gasping at the very though of someone having heard them discuss “sex on the wedding night”! And that one of the girls is not a virgin!!

The older man who was loudly speaking of some younger guy visiting his (the older man’s) wife/sister on a regular basis during the time of day when no one else is around in her house. And what he will do as retaliation. Try as much as I could, I could not drown out that older man’s loud ranting on his cell phone, in a voice loud enough for every one on the bus to hear. Privacy issue not for you, eh? If he is careless enough to ramble on so loudly in a public enclosed place, then he shouldn’t be surprised that every one in the bus got a earful of his dirty laundry being aired in public.

Mostly I try to avoid listening to such stuff – but some are funny, silly or juicy enough to tantalize you and you get caught up in the excitement and want to hear more of what is to happen. I am only human!

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