Musing On November

The month of November always reminds me of rains. For obviously two reasons. Here in Kerala we have a semi-monsoon month. The rains has a respite towards the end of September and then picks up in November. There is usually a lot less lightning & thunder compared to the actual monsoon and hence can be quite pleasant for those of us who like the rains minus the hue & cry of thunder & lightning. Aka me! Because anyone who knows me should know that I love the rains, especially during the hot afternoons and even the nights. Just as long as there is no power outages or lightning.

The other reason is ofcourse the very famous hit rock ballad November Rain from Guns n’Roses which is off their 1991 double album Use Your Illusion I & II. I played that song so many times on my stereo and on my video player after recording the video off an MTV chart show (you know, back when they actually played music videos) and got sick and tired of it by the time 200 rolled over. Although I listen to the song so few times now (unlike some of their other hits) November always makes me wanna sing that song. And I especially love to walk in the rain in November and hum the song to myself and if no is watching, I’ll play air guitar too!

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