The Ugly Head Of Divorce

I just back after spending the evening with a friend and former colleague. I had known that something was not all right with him, having heard some rumours a few weeks back. I still didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle but was still was hopeful that things were not as bad as I had heard it out to be. I tried to contact him as soon as I heard that but he kept saying that he was busy and stuff. Finally two days ago, we chatted online and made arrangements to meet up today evening post work. But by then I had already got confirmation of what he was about to tell me.

He had gotten married sometime back in June/July of last year. Yes, just 2011. We last met in January of that year when he quit the company we both worked for and I haven’t seen him since. I chatted with him on & off for a few weeks but hadn’t spoken to him in 3 months when I first heard that he had gotten married and saw pics of him and his new bride on Facebook. He had labeled them as “Starting a new life” and I was happy for him as were the rest of us. I didn’t speak to him then either but sent him my heartiest congratulations and best wishes. And then I haven’t heard from him or about him until last month. While chatting with another colleague I came to know about this fellow’s situation and when we met him today for a drink or two, he opened up and told me the same thing.

The marriage was a mismatch from day one, a disaster that unfurled after a  few weeks. She was more outgoing, wanted more material things and wanted to go out more and enjoy the good life. He prefers a quite life, walking back home from work even when it takes 45 minutes or so, stopping to only buy groceries and once in a week have a couple of drinks in a bar. She created a fuss and they  fought regularly because of it. He preferred to stay at home most of his free time – she wanted to go out. Plus she didn’t want to work but wanted to spend a lot of money hence she had to get a job and resented him for the same. He didn’t earn enough for her lifestyle. To make matters worse her mother interfered in their fights and egged her daughter on. Also he didn’t get any support from his family, as his mother and relatives kept to the sidelines.

And now they are headed for a divorce. The case has been files and she wants a huge chunk of his money for her “troubles”. He is not contesting it, he just wants to get it over with although he can’t believe what has happened. He hired a lawyer to take care of his side of the case and hopefully in a few weeks things can be sorted out. I feel bad for the guy.