This Post’s For You

Dear infrequent readers & one time readers of my blog,

Hi how are ya? Yes you, don’t look around or think that I’m meaning someone else. It’s you that this blog post is all about and addressed to. Yes – look in the mirror or any surfaces that gives off your reflection – I mean you and you itself! I know who my regular readers and commenters are and even a few who used to comment or raise their asses from the dead to come and read and comment once in a blue moon. I know them well enough and I appreciate them a lot. I also would like to appreciate and get to know you better but you just won’t give me the chance.

I know you do come to my blog and read it once in a while. I can see the places highlighted in the visitors widget that I have embedded in the sidebar. Oh you didn’t notice it did you? It’s that’s handy little thing that reads ‘Live Traffic Feed’ and it’s from Feedjit. It’s rather nice. It lets me know that someone from a particular place (it could be the server of their ISP) has been visiting quite often. Now a big city or town I can understand but when the same smaller places keep popping up, I know that it’s you. I also get an idea that it’s the same person due to the kind of blog posts or categories that you visit – yes even that pops up in Feedjit. So quit hiding and come over to the comment section and say hi. I even know some of the people who do read my blog regularly but I don’t know why they don’t comment. Can’t be bothered, have nothing to say, do not want to reveal themselves or cannot find the comment link – take your pic.

Please delurk and do drop me a line in the comment section and say hi. And keep visiting. And hopefully keep commenting.

Sincerely yours

Roshan aka Count Roshculla

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