Much awaited and much awaited for me too personally, I finally watched Prometheus last night. Set in the same universe as, and considered to be kind of a prequel to, the Alien Quadrology movies (and therefore a sort of sequel to the Alien vs Predator movies) Prometheus is directed by Ridley Scott, and written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof. The film stars Noomi Rapace,Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize Theron.

Since this is quite a recent famous movie I’m just gonna touch upon some of the major points and my opinions on them. Now, do not get grouchy – these opinions are my own and I choose to air them here. If you do not agree, state your own opinions in the comments as nicely as you can. Here we go:

  • So according to this movie we see how the lifeforms on earth or to be more specific humans came to be. One of the alien races, we call them the Engineers, stayed back on earth while his ship left, drank a dark liquid that caused him to disintegrate his remains fell into a waterfall. His DNA , spread in the waters and oceans is what triggers a┬ábiogenetic┬áreaction and we evolved out of that.
  • In 2089 Peter Weyland, owner & multi-billionaire of the Weyland Corporation, funds a research team to head to the distant moon LV-223 – the location of which is discovered by two archeologists, Holloway & Shaw by noticing that a star map in a cave painting they unearthed in Scotland, matches that in several paintings of other civilizations. The Prometheus is the ship designed for the mission, headed by Miss Meredith Vickers.
  • Did the Engineers create the black gooey substance and thus the worm-snake like creature as a weapon for war, as theorized by the captain (when he says that the structure was probably an Engineer military installation that lost control of a virulent biological weapon, the dark liquid). So I’m guessing that their experiment went all wrong when they created a weapon too deadly even for them. The Engineers on the moon were all killed with the exception of one individual who is found in a hibernation pod by David.
  • The actions of David the anderoid (played superbly by Michael Fassbender) is understood more when it is later shown that Weyland was on the ship all along, unknown to the rest of the crew. The main agenda was to seek the Engineers and ask for extending the life of the now very old Weyland. But I still don’t get why he intentionally brought some of the black liquid back on board the ship and tainted Holloway’s drink with it – causing the young archeologist to get infected and pass on the worm-snake like creature onto Shaw when they had sex later that night.
  • For some reason the Engineers created us – why, I haven’t a fucking clue? David brilliantly says to Holloway that if humans created David just because they could and had the capabilities to do so, then perhaps the humans were created by the Engineers for no purpose; just because they had the ability to do so, ie. just because they could. Purpose & meaning of life solved so well!!!
  • But why do the Engineers want to now destroy the humans? They had plans to take the liquid to earth to destroy us no doubt, but why? They created us, why this malice? Perhaps they had a glimpse of our politics and religion and went “Oh no! This cannot continue!” Anyway that is an question left unanswered in the movie. Whatever the reason we know that because as soon as the sleeping Engineer is awakened he kills as the humans and tries to get his ship off to earth. When that fails, he heads to kill the surviving Shaw.
  • Having just discovered that the bible and her religion is false Elizabeth Shaw still holds on to her religion & faith. “Give me back my cross” like nothing else matters. Baloney! Smack them on the head with the truth and they still are blind.
  • The movie is shot so well and visually it is a treat. Best scene is the one in which Elizabeth has to rush and use the automated operating machine on herself to remove the growing facehugger!!!
  • Now let me get this straight – Engineers and us have almost the same DNA because we came from them, or one of them as it is shown in the movie. The Engineers created the black liquid from which comes the worm, which grows into a snake like creature. Worm ingested into a human man (Holloway) and through sex transmitted into a woman (Shaw) creatures the first facehugger (from the Alien franchise). Facehugger gets hold of the Engineer, inserts that stuff into it and out comes the first Alien creature. Is that how the species known as Alien from the movie franchise is created? Pretty fucked up!!
  • So at the end of the movie only Shaw & David remain – David is in two pieces – and they take one of the Engineers ships as Elizabeth intends to reach the Engineers’ homeworld in an attempt to understand why they wanted to destroy humanity. And ofcourse post the main credits we see the Alien creature burst out of the Engineer’s chest.

Visually stunning, storywise good too. 8.5 outta 10!