What Other Blogs Would You Maintain?

If things were different I’d want to have a separate blog on pure photography – if I had a really nice camera and some skills to go along with it and ofcourse if I went to interesting places. I just don’t go to interesting places. So interesting places and interesting people and I’d want to have the photos to go along with it. So a really good photo blog is something I wish I could maintain.

If I lived in a country that had these awesome craft beers – like Canada for example – then I’d want to have a beer review blog where after I drink various beers, I’d review and rate them and post pics of the ones that I drink. That would be so awesome; maybe some video reviews too.

If I could see all my favourite rock bands live then I’d have a blog dedicated to just music concert reviews with lots of pics. Here’s where the photo taking skills could also come in handy. That would so awesome since rock music is my biggest love and passion. And also if I could arrange interviews with some musicians then I’d post the podcast and/or the video of the interviews.

If I could play guitar then I’d post videos of me playing and singing covers of my favourite songs and even compose my own music and post them on the blog. Then I’d be discovered and signed and I’d sell millions of records, play sold out arenas all over the world and become a rock star. And groupies – oh the groupies!!

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