Neighbours To Remember

A prompt on someone else’s blog made me write up this post. I would like to talk about a family that I know, a family that we used to live near to for many years. For 19 years this family were our friends and nieghbours, although I should say that my folks spoke to the father & mother of that family a lot more than either me or my sister. Still they were good people and nice people and were quite helpful to us. The father was a retired architect who has invested with his partner for an architecture based business and started a supermarket, with a video tape & book lending library, a gift shop and a laundry attached to it. My family used to frequent this place a lot as back then supermarkets didn’t exist and this was the only one – small by the standards of today. Later on they also added a taxi service and a restaurant, the latter of which was behind the supermarket.

I can’t remember going to their house for dinner or they coming over to ours for dinner. But we had exchanged lots of dishes and sweets over the years. A few times when I would come home and my parent’s were away, they’d leave the house keys with these neighbours of ours and often they would make me have coffee and some snack while I went there. The couple were always nice and pleasant and the lady especially – my mother put it best when she said that this lady has never been seen without a genuine, pleasant smile on her face”. And it was a sad day indeed for all who knew her to find out that she was battling cancer. She fought it barely for a few years, even managed to have a healthy social life until she lost the battle and around 6 years ago she succumbed to it. This put a heavy toll on the mind of her husband and he was devastated and confined himself to his house. 2 years ago he too passed away.

The daughter has had it quite bad too – she got married, an arranged one, but she battled mental issues and some abuse from her first husband and that ended in a messy divorce with lots of name calling. They got her treatment that she needed and it seemed to work and she later got married again and has two kids now. The son, around 5 years older than me, is an architect and he was the most stable and helpful person I have known. He got married and moved away, after initially working with his dad for a while before moving away for a very lucrative offer. I have always had only good things to say about the 4 of them. I haven’t seen the son & daughter in ages and have lost touch but I hope they are doing well.