What Is Boxing Day?

So those of you who have Christmas fever (go see a doctor about it) must be in the thick of preparations & celebrations by now. I have kept hearing about Boxing Day and the ritual of it. What did it mean, Boxing Day? Is it the international celebration of the great physical sport of boxing? Is this the day that Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Forman & Lennox Lewis were appreciated and celebrated for their sporting achievements and lauded for the entertainment that they brought to hordes of sports enthusiasts? Or is this the day that they released the controversial movie Boxing Helena? Lol, just kidding!!

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated in The United Kingdom & most of the Commonwealth Countries – but not here in India – and falls on the 26th of December! It has been referred to as the day that most people ‘box’ away the Christmas decorations and keep them aside till the next year. There are also ‘Boxing Day’ sales, in which stores generally sell their after-Christmas stock at much lower prices than usual and I have seen hordes of the public waiting in line to rush into malls at the precise moment that they open! You can save a lot this way but you can also get a nasty injury if you fall and get trampled on. If a woman in high hells trods on your family jewels, you could never father children……or worse become impotent. You could lose your manly voice and start squeaking like a pre-teen girl!

By the way, why are they called Commonwealth Countries?

Because the British Commonly looted all these countries Wealth!!