Shopping For Secret Santa

Shopping is hard work. I don’t really like shopping that much. I prefer online shopping – so easy to do, click a couple of buttons on your laptop monitor and you’re done. But – we have the office Christmas Secret Santa coming up on the 22nd and yesterday we picked our ‘friend’ for the function. I, as part of the small management team, had to pick twice – one of the day shift and one for the night shift. So I have to buy two gift but I will also receive two gifts! Give and you shall receive, that’s my motto!

Anyways as for the lead up to the actual gift giving & revealing as to who is who’s Secret Santa friend, I have been leaving notes for my ‘friends’ and even left them chocolates as well. I do this while they are away from their seats and it’s fun to see them go crazy trying to find out who it is. And just in case they try and match handwriting by checking notebooks or the daily register, I’m using my left hand (not the one I write with usually) to write them the notes and throw them off!

And now I need to buy gifts for the two ladies that I have as my ‘secret Santa friends’. Hey I didn’t pick them purposefully plus we do have more women in the office. And it’s hard to find something. After going to the Archies outlet in Bay Pride mall and driving myself crazy for 30 minutes I selected two similar stuff for the both of them – I hope they like it. It’s soft toys but girls love stuff like that right? Right? Too late now I guess. Oh and I also bought myself a 2013 work organizer. You know, just in case the world doesn’t end on Friday!