Which Sense Can You Let Go Off?

Hmmmm, let me see. Sight, sound, smell, touch & taste. Losing one of them. Which one of them would I choose to give up if I had to and be able to keep the others. This is a tough one!

I definitely do not want to lose my sight. I know it’s the hardest one to do without and anyone who is blind and adjusts well to life has all of my respect. Even being short sighted and depending on my glasses (wearing glasses from the age of 10, so now 26 years) I’d still want it. I’d miss way too much and also, if I could wish for all who have lost their sight to gain them back or never ever having lost it. That would be awesome.

Sound – for someone who listens to as much music as I do, it would be close to death if I lost my send of hearing. I love music and various other sounds. I wish everyone could hear the lovely sounds and music. I would not hear the sounds of approaching cars or other vehicles or shouts of warning by people as danger rushes behind me – not pleasant sounds but necessary to survive and avoid dangerous situation.

Taste – how the hell will you know if what you are eating or drinking is the right thing that you wanted unless you could taste it. Too much or too little sugar? Too spicy or too bland? Too salty or no salt at all? How would I know? Without taste I’m left with just the texture, colour and look of the food or drink and that would be just dull.

Touch is a tricky one. Soft, hard, rough, bumpy. I might really need the sense of touch for certain situations. What if there is a blackout and I need to feel my way through to safety? Instead of a rope I pick up a poisonous snake? I could feel the difference and save myself.

That leaves me with smell – if I had to lose one, I guess it would be smell. Even though I love certain smells, I guess smell is the one I could do without. I’d prefer that I had the sense of smell but if one had to go, I guess it would be smell.

That’s what I think.

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