What I’m Doing For New Year’s Eve

This is what I’m doing on the 31st of December and on New Year’s eve?

Went to work, slightly late. Reached the office at 10:20 am and worked till 5:20 pm. In between I wished several people a happy new year and wished a person who was leaving our office to go and work in Mangalore. Ate a laddoo at the office.

I waited for a relatively less crowded bus and made my way to Menaka where I had a coffee and debated what to bring home for dinner for dad, mom & me. Just as I got down, my mom called to say that she & my dad were making chicken curry at home and not to buy any food. Ok, so I lazed for a bit with my evening coffee and then came back home.

On my way over I bought a large 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. As I type this I am drinking some Cesar brandy with Pepsi and enjoying the evening. Dinner is all ready for us. Here is a picture of the simple yet tasty chicken curry that mom & dad made.

Up next is cake at midnight and selecting a movie to watch. Cheers everybody, have fun, eat, drink, be merry but above all stay safe! Happy New Year!