International Woman’s Day

On this International Woman’s Day, a lot of importance will be given to what seems to be a recent spate of rape & molestation / abuse cases against women in India. I say what “seems to be” because I don’t think that it is an actual increase in rape & molestation cases at all – it’s just that we are better informed and more and more cases are being registered, compared to say 10 or more years ago. So if anyone tells me that this current times are more violent in terms of rapes & abuse – I say bullshit! Women have always been abused and rapes have been going on for as long as there have been sentient humans on this earth – it’s just that you get to hear a lot more of them than the previous years. And what with Facebook, Twitter and other such social media, the news spreads around like never before. Some say that social media is bad because of this very reason, I say it Ā is a plus point of social media services.

So please do not get shocked at the “sudden” reports of rapes being reported at a rate of almost 1 per day. There are probably 100 more happening which are never reported. 10 years ago very few were reported. 50-100 years ago even fewer. Now we just to hear about it and we can no longer claimĀ naiveĀ & blind ignorance to it. Yes the recent brutal rape & abuse against the medical student in Delhi was shocking and it shook the nation. Yes the 3 year old who was abducted, rapedĀ and later abandoned near a building in Malappuram, Kerala is shocking. When you and I look at 3 year old girls, we see joyful and innocent little people. Some bastards getĀ arousedĀ and see a sex object for their whims & fancies and they abuse the children. Sick and perverted minds who need professional help and/or a sound thrashing for the crimes that they have committed. While India portrays a peaceful, spiritual and religious outwardly facade to the rest of the world, Indians have tended to forget that we know better. India has a large population of around 1.25 billion people, the second largest in the world. We are a vast country and this many people means that we have more bastards and assholes than most other countries. Law of averages! And that means we will have more abuse than most countries as well.

What about the abuses that are not being reported? The young girls raped by a cousin, an uncle or worse by their own father. By an adult who is supposed to protect them. What about the millions of young girls “sold” to marriage, slavery or prostitution and being forced on by a malicious male? What about the millions of girls who are groped in buses, trains, public places likeĀ theaters, temples or churches? What about the girls in some Muslim families who are treated as nothing more than objects? What about the woman who still wants to be with an abusive husband or lover? Give a thought to all of these women and girls on this day. It’s not a fair world when you think about it. Yes there is a lot of beauty and there are a lot of good things and good people but there are also way too many bad things that can happen to you. I wish it wasn’t that way. I wish no one ever had to feel hurt or any pain or get abused in any sort of form. I wish everyone would just live and let live. I wish there were only good in this world but I know that for now that is only fantasy and wishful thinking. Someday the women of this earth will be free from abuse and torture and humanity will progress towards the peak of their abilities. It’s not gonna happen in my lifetime but it will be in the distant future. I hope we get there fast.

And although yes a lot of males do these terrible deeds, not all of us guys are like that. Some, like me, just want to share their lives with the right woman. To love and to hold, to care and to share and to pamper and spoil and be the right partner in the brief existence we have on this planet. So not all of us are bad –

sincerely yours

President of the lonely hearts chronic bachelor hopeless romantic club!