Awesome Lunch With My Cousin

I hadn’t spent my time with cousin Sujith since the new year, except for a brief late dinner of pizza at Dominos last month. We needed a much longer session with good food and drinks so we could discuss more movies, Scifi and atheism/religion. We decided to have it today. We met just after 12:30 pm this afternoon at Golden Dragon in Ravipuram, which is our favourite place to hang out. We had a beer each and 2 vodkas. Beers were not cold enough. And they only had plain Romanov and none of the flavoured ones.

We went all out on the food tying out 6 different dishes but no rice or noodles or anything like that. we mostly stuck to starters kind of items but having 6 of them was awesome. We did 2 each of chicken, prawn and pork dishes including spring rolls.

The honey glazed crispy pork (pictured above) was delicious and delightful. Chicken Spring rolls and prawn spring rolls were awesome, as I expected them to be as were the Dragon chicken and Schezwan fried prawns, which are both usual items that we order.  And the dragon crispy fried pork (pictured below) was awesome too.

All in all a great outing. We were there till almost 4pm at which point we went to get some ice cream sundaes to finish off our day.