I’d Want To Start A …

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Ok, this is now one of the top things in my list of ‘Things I hate about living in India’ – the bad beer we get! All we get are lagers throughout most of India. It seems that there a handful of craft/microbreweries in India (I hear of one in Bangalore, Pune,  Chandigarh and Panchkula in Punjab and Gurgaon, Haryana ) – about 20 in total, some of which are quite small and the nerve of this one journo who says that the microbrewery business is “booming” in India!! 20 in some North Indian cities and Bangalore and all of a sudden its’ booming. Typical North Indian attitude of overstating and also forgetting the rest of India!

All I can get is lagers; commercial, plain, bland as hell and bad beer. Like one American who told that although he loves India he says we have the worst beer in the world. Well I dunno about the world but yeah, our beer sucks. Big time! It hasn’t helped that I’ve been watching so many youtube videos of beer reviewers in North America, mainly Canadian ones and the description and visual appeal of the beers that these guys gets drive me crazy. I want a hefeweizen, I want a chocolate stout, I want a coffee porter, I want an Irish red ale!! I want to try all those beers and if I can’t European, American or Canadian ones, then I’d want to be able to get those qualities of beer over here. So I’d like to start a brewery!

So if I am given the plot of land and given the financial resources, I’d build a brewery and hire some top ace brewers and have a brewrey running over here in Cochin. I’d make them use the choicest ingredients and make all the types of beer that I’d want to taste. IPA, red ales, porters, stouts, imperial stouts, hefeweizens, altbiers, brown ales and fruit flavoured beers. I’d sell them here in small quantities, make a profit first and then start expanding the business as we grow and I can afford to make more.

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