Alien Life Out There?

Do you think that there are aliens out there somewhere in  the universe

  • We live in the Milky Way galaxy, as we have named it. This is just one of the galaxies that we can see with the most powerful of all telescopes on earth. There are probably more than 170¬†billion (1.7 √ó 1011) galaxies in the¬†observable Universe. Please note – observable! As to the actual number of galaxies in the universe – we have no idea. Galaxies range from¬†dwarfs¬†with as few as ten million stars to giants with a hundred¬†trillionstars.
  • The number of stars, galaxies, planets are other objects in this universe. I remember someone once told me, while we were at the beach, that if you could count all the grains of sand on the earth and get a finite number, it would still be no where near the number of stars in all of the universe. I’m inclined to agree. For now I’m gonna say that the universe is infinite and there is no way we can ever know the exact number of stars, planets or galaxies.
  • Similarly there will be atleast 5 to 10 times more planets that revolve around these stars in various galaxies across the universe.
    And, probably there must be atleast 30 times more satellites/moons that revolve around those planets.
  • Atleast 5% of those planets and moons can support life as we know it. There are probably life forms we have no clue about and haven’t identified as a life form as of yet due to our limited experience and thriving on 2%-5% of the planets & moons somewhere in the universe. And probably 1/16th of these planets have or can have support sentient life on the surface or underground or under water.
  • So it is not crazy at all to imagine that there must be other life out there and yes aliens do exist. As to what each person’s idea of what an alien looks like, say for example humanoid forms, I can’t say whether any of these alien species will look like that. I suppose that a few of these alien races will look similar to us, if their planet is quite similar to ours.
  • And now the main one – out of all the varied types of alien life form that possibly could exist in a few of these planets in our galaxy and the other galaxies are intelligent & advanced enough to be able to communicate with us and are there any aliens who had, have or will have the capability to travel through space and eventually find us before we find them?

I’m not one of those people who believes in all the alien abduction stories out there which means that aliens are in contact with this planet on a frequent basis but have not revealed themselves to the general population but instead abduct people randomly for experiments and stuff. The ancient alien theories/conspiracies while interesting and fun does not really hold water and there isn’t much credible proof to support it. Although that would explain some of the stuff from our history! So if you ask me, I have no clue if aliens do exist and have been here – but I believe that the universe is far too vast to be inhabited only by us humans and wouldn’t that be such a colossal waste of space real estate – that is ridiculous!

Who knows? We may have already come into contact with aliens but we just don’t know it. Or maybe some will find us eventually in the future. The possibilities are limitless. But if they do come, I hope they come in peace. And that they bring beer!