My Childhood Room

Describe in great detail the room that you slept in when you were ten years old. What was the light like? What were the furnishings? Leave out no detail!

Takes a bit of remembering so I will stretch the ole grey cells and try and get that info out to you. At age 10 I was living in Kuwait with my family, in the same small apartment I lived in from ages 0 to 11. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 kitchen & living room for the 4 of us but it was a happy home.

My sister and I shared a bunk bed which was kept in the second bedroom that also served as a dining room and also where my mom & dad did their prayers – a small box like thingy held the idols of Krishna, Shiva and stuff on one corner. There was a big clock on one of the walls. The bunk bed was pushed to one corner and I always used the bottom bunk cause that’s where Teddy also rested. Teddy was my big bear that I had when I was much younger, maybe age 4, and Teddy always preferred the bottom bunk so that’s where I also slept. A simple bunk bed with bright red metal parts for the frame.

There was a big table right in the center which was to be our dining table but we usually ate in front of the tv in the living room, sitting around the big coffee table. The dining table was mainly used when we had guests over for dining and my sister and I would do our homework and studying at that table. And ofcourse it was also where I read my comics and did my ……ahem…artwork. The normal stuff that kids do.

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