Sinister is a supernatural horror movie released in October of 2012 directed by Scott Derrickson and written by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. Starring Ethan Hawke, the movie uses found footage along with usual cinematography. Apparently Pagan deities can shoot and edit super 8 films! Let me tell you РPagan deities kick so much ass when compared to the Abrahamic god & his stooges.

Ellison Oswalt (Hawke) is a true-crime writer who has his glory days 10 years ago. He is struggling to sell his books now and is desperate for a big seller. On hearing about the death by hanging of a family of 4 from a tree, he moves his family to the same house that they lived in in hopes to do enough research to get a best seller. He doesn’t tell this to his wife Tracy or his two young kids, who just think that they moved house to save money.¬†Ellison intends to use the murders as the basis for his new book, and hopes that his research will turn up the fate of the family’s fifth member, a little girl named Stephanie who disappeared following the murders. On the night that they move, Ellison finds a box in the attic that contains a projector and several reels of Standard 8¬†mm footage that are each labeled as if innocent home movies. After he kills a scorpion that startles him discovers that the reels, labeled like home movies are actually footage of murders of 5 families. The first shows the family member¬†having their throats slit in bed (Sleepy Time ’98 ), being burnt to death in a car (BBQ ’79), being drowned in their pool (Pool Party ’66), being run over by a lawn mower (Lawn Work ’86), and the hanging that opened the movie (Family Hanging Out ’11).

The viewings begin even more disturbing when Ellison notices a demonic looking figure in each of the films, seemingly watching the murders and perhaps being the mastermind. He also finds a symbol shown in each of the houses &¬†childish drawings depicting the murders, along with crude sketches of the demonic figure, identified as “Mr. Boogie.” With the help of a deputy who happens to be a fan (the rest of the town folk do not approve of Ellison writing a book on the murders and profiting from the family’s deaths)¬†Ellison discovers that the murders depicted in the films took place at different times, beginning in the 1960s, and in different cities across the country. He also learns that the families were all drugged before being killed; and that a child from each family went missing following every murder. He also consults with a local professor Jonas who is an expert on the occult¬†hat the symbols are that of a¬†pagan¬†deity named Bughuul (Nick King), who would kill entire families so that he could take their children into his realm and consume their souls. Ellison soons starts to get haunted by the decaying figures of the 5 missing children, with lights & the projector getting switched on in the middle of the night and his son’s night terrors start to flare up. Ellison’s young daughter Ashley who paints on the walls in her room also paints an image of one of the missing girls in another room.

One night he sees the decaying children watching the reels of film in the attic and is spooked by Bughuul. Ellison tells his wife to wake the kids and pack up as they are leaving for their old home. He later gets a call from prof. Jonas who sends his scanned images of Bughuul which are partially destroyed because ancient cultures believed that Bughuul lived within the images, and that they acted as portals between his realm and the mortal world. To Ellison’s horror, he then finds the same box of reels and a projector in his attic, with an extra section called “extended cut endings”. Next the deputy calls and informs him that he has discovered a link between each of the murders: Every family had previously lived in the house where the last murder took place, and each new murder occurred shortly after the family moved into their new residence; by moving, Ellison has placed himself and his family in line to be the next victims. Ellison watches the new films¬†which depicts the missing children coming onscreen following each murder, revealing themselves to be the killers before suddenly disappearing. Before he can react, Ellison becomes light-headed; inspecting his coffee cup, he finds a note reading “Good Night, Daddy” and a green liquid inside the cup before losing consciousness.

As he wakes up he finds himself, his wife & son gagged and tied up and Ashely filming them with an 8mm camera, promising to make him famous again.¬†shley then proceeds to murder her family with an ax, using their blood to paint images of cats, dogs and unicorns on the walls. Her work complete, Ashley views the Super-8 film of her murders, which concludes with an image of the missing children watching her. The children run when Bughuul appears &¬†lifts Ashley into his arms and disappears into the film with her. The last scene we see is of¬†of the box of films in the Oswalt family’s attic, now accompanied by a reel labeled “House Painting ’12“, followed by Bughuul, hiding from the side, scaring the crap outta us!

Scary with a few jumps and scares, I enjoyed it but it did disappoint as I expected a whole lot more. It is a good horror movie to watch without being disgusted by an overdose of gore & blood. 7.5 outta 10!

Alien Life Out There?

Do you think that there are aliens out there somewhere in  the universe

  • We live in the Milky Way galaxy, as we have named it. This is just one of the galaxies that we can see with the most powerful of all telescopes on earth. There are probably more than 170¬†billion (1.7 √ó 1011) galaxies in the¬†observable Universe. Please note – observable! As to the actual number of galaxies in the universe – we have no idea. Galaxies range from¬†dwarfs¬†with as few as ten million stars to giants with a hundred¬†trillionstars.
  • The number of stars, galaxies, planets are other objects in this universe. I remember someone once told me, while we were at the beach, that if you could count all the grains of sand on the earth and get a finite number, it would still be no where near the number of stars in all of the universe. I’m inclined to agree. For now I’m gonna say that the universe is infinite and there is no way we can ever know the exact number of stars, planets or galaxies.
  • Similarly there will be atleast 5 to 10 times more planets that revolve around these stars in various galaxies across the universe.
    And, probably there must be atleast 30 times more satellites/moons that revolve around those planets.
  • Atleast 5% of those planets and moons can support life as we know it. There are probably life forms we have no clue about and haven’t identified as a life form as of yet due to our limited experience and thriving on 2%-5% of the planets & moons somewhere in the universe. And probably 1/16th of these planets have or can have support sentient life on the surface or underground or under water.
  • So it is not crazy at all to imagine that there must be other life out there and yes aliens do exist. As to what each person’s idea of what an alien looks like, say for example humanoid forms, I can’t say whether any of these alien species will look like that. I suppose that a few of these alien races will look similar to us, if their planet is quite similar to ours.
  • And now the main one – out of all the varied types of alien life form that possibly could exist in a few of these planets in our galaxy and the other galaxies are intelligent & advanced enough to be able to communicate with us and are there any aliens who had, have or will have the capability to travel through space and eventually find us before we find them?

I’m not one of those people who believes in all the alien abduction stories out there which means that aliens are in contact with this planet on a frequent basis but have not revealed themselves to the general population but instead abduct people randomly for experiments and stuff. The ancient alien theories/conspiracies while interesting and fun does not really hold water and there isn’t much credible proof to support it. Although that would explain some of the stuff from our history! So if you ask me, I have no clue if aliens do exist and have been here – but I believe that the universe is far too vast to be inhabited only by us humans and wouldn’t that be such a colossal waste of space real estate – that is ridiculous!

Who knows? We may have already come into contact with aliens but we just don’t know it. Or maybe some will find us eventually in the future. The possibilities are limitless. But if they do come, I hope they come in peace. And that they bring beer!

Do You Have Animals In Your Life?

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I currently do not have any animals that I raise as my own. Unless you count the house lizards, mosquitoes that come into the apartment or the doves that we feed grain and water to on the balcony. My sister has a pug named Burfi but i don’t see him often enough.

I‚Äôve had a puppy, half Pomeranian-half Alsatian named Lassie but she died 4 days later as she had a worm infection and she also knocked down a can of petrol and lapped it up. I was 12 years old and she broke my heart when that happened. A few months later a mom cat dropped off her 4 kittens in a carton of old clothes in a store room of ours as she sneaked in through a slightly open window. She must have given birth to them there or perhaps sneaked them in to protect them from the rain. My sister and I kept them and feed them milk through an ink filler and they were with us for a few days. 2 weeks later the mom cat took the kittens away. So the next year we got two kittens ‚Äď Lollipop who was a mostly white with brown spots female and her brother Chocolate who was a mostly brown with some white patches male ‚Äď and we had them for 3 and 5 years each. They were quite fun to have around and it was so funny how each night my dad placed them outside the front door and the next morning, I would wake up to find that the two had sneaked in somehow and found their way into my bed.

Lollipop died when I was 16 and Chocolate a few months later. Then ofcourse when I was 18 I got Shawny, my Golden Retriever and best friend ever. I’ve never been the same after she died 11 years later and I still miss her every day. I think about her everyday and you can read about her in this blog, where I have a page dedicated to her. What a good friend she was! I don’t believe in an afterlife but if I am wrong and there is one, I’m sure that she’d be the first to greet me with plenty of licks and puppy kisses. She has a starring role in my dreams where Shawny and I travel in a spaceship and fight off the evil aliens.

And Junior, named Shawny Junior, who belongs to my sister, brother-in-law and their kids. I raised Junior for a year until she went to my sister’s then new house in Chalakudy but Junior will always have a special place in my heart. So I consider her to be mine as well. I’d want all these pets to be with me at all times. Junior got stolen from their house when they were away.

Since September of 2006 I live in a small apartment and pets are not allowed in this building – except for birds and fish in a tank. I hope that some day I will move to a nicer place and be able to get a dog and a couple of kittens too. Cause I’m a dog & cat guy and as painful as it has been to bury my pets when they died, I think I need to have cats & dogs in my life. Someday again, I hope!

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Here Comes The Boom

Ok, let me tell you from the get go, this is a very predictable movie. Cheesy in places, corny in places and there’s a 100 such movies in various languages with the same type of storyline and a different sport/activity in which the hero excels in. The outcome is predictable yet you find yourself rooting for the underdog hero. Just change the sport – which in this case is Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC. There’s something in us that wants to be in the shoe of the kind of hero as portrayed by Kevin James and be the one who persists despite all the naysayers and the odds stacked against him.

Needless to say that despite knowing all this in advance and predicting the story I still wanted to watch it – because I like Kevin James. Plus the lovely Salma Hayek is in it! What more do you want? Directed by¬†¬†Frank Coraci, written by¬†Allan Loeb,¬†Kevin James¬†and Martin Solibakke, Here Comes The Boom also has Henry Winkler & Bas Rutten with a special¬†appearance¬†by Joe Rogan as himself. James plays Scott Voss, a one time high school & college wrestling champ, who went on to become a high school biology teacher. Initially he excelled as a teacher as well and won awards for his work, but 10 years on he finds himself a disillusion 42 year old man going through the motions in a school struggling to stay within their budget. The only time he seems motivated is when he tries to get a date with the sex school nurse Bella Flores (Hayek) but she keeps turning him down. When the principal announces a budget cut which means that the school will have to stop their music¬†programme¬†and let go of the music teacher Marty (Winkler), Scott can’t stay silent.¬†Concerned for both his colleague and his students, Voss attempts to raise the $48,000 necessary to keep the music program alive.

At first Scott tries to work as night instructor for a citizenship class. While helping a Dutch immigrant Niko with extra classes at his home, Scott¬†realizes that Niko was a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.¬†While watching UFC at Niko’s apartment, Voss learns that the loser of the fight receives $10,000, which gives him the idea of raising the money by fighting in MMA himself. Voss then begins fighting in small MMA fights and gradually gaining more and more money for the school with training from Niko and Niko’s friend Mark DelaGrotte and support from Marty. Whenever he gets hurt he goes to Bella for a patch up and they slowly become closer and share moments of affection without actually dating. Scott also regains his passion for teaching and gets his students more involved in their classes. He also becomes a hero in his school for his efforts and has a brief notoriety in Youtube. Scott also helps his brother become a¬†chef¬†for the father of one of Scott’s students, so that she doesn’t have to spend her free time helping in the restaurant. This allows her to pursue her dream of music, while he pursues his dream of cooking.

As his story gets more popularity, he finds out that the UFC had approached Niko to offer Scott a fight in their league but Niko turned it down due to jealously. When confronted Niko¬†apologies¬†and tells Scott that he had gotten injured just before he was to debut in the UFC and was momentarily jealous of Scott – a 42 year old former college wrestler who is making a name now. They patch things up and get Joe Rogan to meet with them where Rogan gets Scott a match against¬†Ken Dietrich, who opponent had to cancel.¬†With much fanfare Scott, Niko, Mark & Marty travel to Las Vegas and have an enjoyable evening at the hotel. However Bella calls Scott and tells him that the Vice principal, who was¬†entrusted with the funds has been¬†embezzling¬†both from the winnings and the school, meaning all his effort so far has been lost. Almost giving up hope Scott¬†he can get $50,000 if he wins the fight and decides to go ahead with the fight. At the arena, Scott is touched to see that Rogan has arranged for Scott’s school band and some of the teachers to attend the fight.

As the fight begins Dietrich decides that he is going to teach Scott a lesson and goes all out against the¬†debutante. Scott staggers and struggles for a couple of rounds before landing a few kicks and punches of his own. Barely in the match after a few rounds, he earns Dietrich’s respect for persisting. At the end going on pure will & adrenaline, Scott lifts and smashes the experience fighter onto the mat knocking him out and winning the fight. As the crowd goes wild, Scott’s team celebrates with him. Scott¬†gets $50,000 for his victory, and saves the music program at his school. As the movie ends, Niko and the rest of the¬†ll the students of the citizenship class become American citizens. Scott is shown enjoying the music being played in the school.

Whatdaya think? Cheesy, corny, predictable as hell? Yes but the MMA factor does make it stand out from the crowd and I felt that Kevin James deserves a lot of credit for making it real. A good afternoon’s watch 7 outta 10!

The Kids Are Alright!

Right next to my office building is an Upper Primary school run by the government. It looks more like a cleaner cowshed really, right in the center of the plot. On both sides of the school building is the playground – on the left side the boys play and on the right side the girls play. I don’t think that this is meant to be segregated this way but it just so happens that on the left side are what seems to be a version of a football field cum cricket pitch. There are two goal posts that I can see on one end – what looks like goal posts as there is no netting.

On the right side of the building the girls play on swings, see saws, a kind of carousel and I also see a few kids reading under the huge tree that offers a lot of shade. The girls seem to be going at a more leisurely pace during their break while the boys are in¬†aggressive¬†games of cricket almost everyday. The school hasn’t provided them with proper equipment so the boys make due with what I assume are sticks of plastic or bamboo and not proper cricket bats. No pads or caps and they play with a rubber ball – bright blue!! I’m two floors above yet I can see that bright blue. And the kids bowl underarm while the batsmen or batboys use all their might to swing at the balls toss to them. The fieldsmen run and jump and lunge to catch them.

As always across schools¬†throughout¬†the state, the players are quite serious about their game. Today there seems to be a lot of caught outs! One¬†frustrated¬†player threw his ‘bat’ 50 feet away in disgust as he was out within a minute of joining the game. Two boys at the far end were cracking jokes to each other – that’s what it seems like, cause they keep going off into fits of laughter, doubling over in the hilarity. I don’t see any teachers or gym teachers during these sessions. Reminds me of my childhood days in school although we played a lot more football than cricket in our school grounds.

The Boy Is Now An Adult

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Here’s a few times when I felt like I was really grown up. I mean not even as a young adult but as a full fledged adult. I was 19 and had joined a Polytechnique in Bangalore to study Computer Science hardware software. Now, I dropped out of the course after one year because my scores for the first year were so bad, I realized that there was no real point in continuing and that I should just get back to Cochin and do some course in software closes to home and try my luck in some other line. But during the year I was there, after the initial few months of adjusting to a shitty hostel with bad food and the idiots who were in it and the new city, I felt quite comfortable. I was somewhat on my own and I was happy. Whenever I traveled to and from Cochin to Bangalore, I did it alone, in the overnight bus trips and would listen to music all night on my walkmen (before mp3 players dude, this is circa 1995-96) and it felt great. However at the end of the year I knew I should quit so I did and booked my return tickets on a train as I needed to get all my stuff back.

That day was a bummer for me, I was upset and discouraged. I hadn’t slept more than 2 hours the previous night and was so tired. I took my 3 big bags and headed to the train station only to find out that I had missed the train to Cochin and had to wait till around 8 pm for the next one, which left me with 10 hours to kill. I kept the smallest of the 3 with me and stored the other two at a counter and wandered around the city area near the station. After lunch I needed some sleep so I found that there was a dormitory style bedding available for a reasonable price in the station with half walls between beds to give you some privacy. So I paid for a few hours, bought some novels to read and a bottle of water and some snacks and crashed on the bed. As I lay there I pretty much remember feeling that my childhood had ended and that I had to figure out what else I had to do.

The other time that I felt so much like an adult was when I was living in Calicut and working for a company there. I was renting a small room with bathroom attached (Indian style bathroom mind you; no commode) for Rs.800 a month. I ate the cheapest meals possible as money was tight and I had most of the day from 3pm to myself. Except for the weekends because I would come home to Cochin every weekend. When I stopped going every weekend and made it every other weekend, I spent a lot of time exploring the city. I was on my own, well I had a colleague in a room near me and we mostly traveled together to and fro the office but I was mostly by myself. That felt lonely, strange and yet so liberating as well. I was an adult, full fledged. I sometimes wish that the job and the company there had taken off as I’m curious as to how my life would have shaped out if I had continued living there. That would have been something to have known.

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The Guyver & Guyver : Dark Hero

Well yes I add this to science fiction as well since it’s about aliens and spaceships and the origin of humans and how aliens have affected our creation. The Guyver is a 1991 scifi-action movie based on the Japanese anime series Guyver. The idea behind Guyver is that a powerful alien race came to earth in the distance past before mankind ever existed. Their experiment was to created the ultimate organic weapon and thus created mankind. With the addition of a special gene into man, they created Zoanoids – humans that can change form at will from humans to humanoid mutant creatures. The leader of the Zoanoids at present is called the Zoalord who has formed a powerful corporation called Chronos to aid in his agenda for world domination – while humanity remains ignorant of the existence of the mutants. Among the alien remains on earth was found the guyver unit – a bio boosted body armour that makes the wearer superhuman. But the Zoalord has no idea how to activate it and has his scientists working on it.

In the first movie, The Guyver, a scientist Dr. Tetsu Segawa, steals the unit from the research lab in order to give it to his contact in the CIA, agent Max Reed (Mark Hamill) but is killed before he can reach the agent. Dr. Segawa hid the unit among some trash & garbage boxes. Reed and the CIA try and find out the murder and question the scientists daughter. Sean Barker, a martial arts student, and boyfriend of Dr. Segawa’s daughter Mizky, accidentaly finds and activated the Guyver unit while being bullied by a street gang and becomes the Guyver when the unit fuses with him. With incredible strength, speed, agility and weapons along with the armour, the Guyver must protect his love interest from the Zoanoids. The only weakness in the armour is the glowing ball on the helmet – removing it causes the armour to collapse and Sean is killed and dissolved when the head goon Zoanoid does it to him. However his dna is saved in the unit and later at the Zoalord’s lab when another Zoanoid tries to fuse with the unit, Sea is recreated and fights his way out. He kills the Zoalord and his thugs but agent Reed is killed as he was exposed to Zoanoid experiments to turn him into one himself and was pulled out too quickly. Although Sean and Mizky leave safely, it is revealed that one of the Zoanoid goons has survived and that they have infiltrated the CIA as well.

This movie is so badly acted and the actors chosen are almost idiotically ham acting – especially the Zoanoids goons, which includes Michael Berryman. Mark Hammil, with a mustache, was criticized as making “an unearned paycheck for a onetime A-picture star” in a lame movie that only has some good action scenes and costumes. Jack Armstrong is useless as a hero. Vivian Wu plays Mizky and comes across as a real dumb version of the ‘lady in distress; an Oriental version of the dumb blonde who just screams and cries in the movie. And she speaks like her tongue is too big for her mouth. Jeffery Coombs also has a small role as one of Zoanoid scientists. Really bad acting but the Guyver is cool and there are some good fight scenes. 4 outta 10!

The sequel Guyver : Dark Hero came out in 1994 and is lot more serious compared to the campy feel of the original. A year later a troubled and tormented Sean (played by David Hayter) is struggling to come to terms as the Guyver. He has lost friends and his love due to his outbursts and lives alone, fighting crime but also susceptible to moments of pure rage. He sees on tv about what seems like an animal attack that people think is a bear in the woods and is drawn to an archaeological dig in Utah that turns out to be funded by Cronos. Sean makes his way to the area and meets Cori (Kathy Christopherson), one of the archeologists who agrees to take him to her father, the lead archeologist at the dig and gets him a job there. At the underground cave, student archaeologists are unearthing the cave paintings, which resemble guyvers and other alien images, similar to ones that appear to Sean in his dreams. They later unearth a fantastic looking alien spaceship that looks like it’s organic. At night Sean hears a man being killed and attacks the Zoanoid that seems to haunt the grounds.

The next day the people explore the alien ship and Crane, the lead representative from Chromos at the site, gets his hands on what the corporation wanted all along: another Guyver unit. Sean meanwhile approaches one of the room that pulsates and it talks telepathically to him; he asks for the unit to be removed but it offers him no answers. Anyways, the Chronos employees seem to be in charge and take the new guyver unit away. Cori’s father is a Zoanoid himself but is blackmailed by the corporation employees to be silent. Cori discovers that what the employees plan to do, she is caught by them and is taken away. Her father mutates and attacks the others but is outnumbered. Sean, who is looking for Coris, sees them and activates the guyver unit and fights them off and kills them. He, Cori and her father return to the dig where the Chronos gang has everyone at gunpoint. Atkins, an FBI agent under the guise of an acheologist, rescues the others but is held up the Zoanoids himself, when his fellow agents are killed. Crane asks Sean to join them but is refused and then the Zoanoids fights the Guyver & Cori’s dad. Crane uses the second guyver unit on himself and seems to become more than a match for Sean but in the end Crane is destroyed by an energy force that blasts from the Guyver’s chest.

Sean, who had learned about the origins of how the Guyver units came to be, about the aliens coming to earth and creating both the Zoanioids and the humans, sends the spaceship back into space, much to agent Atkins chagrin. Coming to terms with his origins and more at peace with who he is now, Sean leaves the dig area with Cori.

The second movie is much more fun, more violent and bloody and has awesome fight sequences. 7 outta 10! The Guyver is cool and I hope they remake this movie series sometime with a bigger budget and better cast & storylines.

One Week Of Pampering

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

$10,000 is Rs. 5,40,200. Wow so that’s a lot of money. So what would I do if I got all that cash to do as I please. Well, off the top of my head here’s what I can think of. Well…..I’ll take 1 lakh rupees (1,00,000) and give it to my folks. Do whatever you want with it folks and enjoy the week. No, I’m not coming with you. I want to be alone and enjoy myself.

I’d go and buy the latest BlackBerry Z10 and a new laptop. Then I’d buy a whole new wardrobe and some new furniture for the apartment. A sofa, a computer chair & table, a recliner and a large bookshelf. And then I’d spend the rest of the week in total relaxation. I’d book myself in a luxurious hotel/spa and pamper myself. Massages, skin treatment, body waxing (?? I dunno where that came from) and grooming. Take bath in wine and all that stuff. Take a houseboat on a long ride along the backwaters, eat crab roast, lobsters and pomfrets for lunch and dinner. Then back to the spa/hotel for more rest and relaxation.

I’d also like to go on a helicopter ride of the city and neighbouring places. That would be awesome. At the end of the week, broke once again I go back to my real life.

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Our Closest Star System

Astronomer Kevin Luhman¬†announced¬†the discover of the binary brown stars WISE 1049-5319 (full designation name WISE J104915.57-531906) making them the closest brown stars and star systems to our Solar System. They are just 6.5 lights years from our sun. The pair orbit each other at a distance of about 3 AU[1] with an orbital period of about 25 years. Luhman discovered the brown dwarfs from images made by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE); the discovery was announced in 2013.¬†Luhman is from¬†Pennsylvania State University¬†and is a researcher in Penn State’s Center for¬†Exoplanets¬†and Habitable Worlds.

WISE 1049-5319 appears in the sky close to the galactic plane which is densely populated by stars; the abundance of light sources makes it difficult to spot faint objects. This explains why an object so near to the Sun was not discovered in earlier searches. The second component of the system was discovered also by Luhman in 2013. Its discovery image in i-band was taken on the night of 23 February 2013 with the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph (GMOS) at the Gemini South telescope, Chile.

Brown dwarfs are substellar objects too low in mass to sustain hydrogen-1 fusion reactions in their cores, unlike main-sequence stars, which can. They occupy the mass range between the heaviest gas giants and the lightest stars.

Star Wars Old Cast To Return?

With reports out that the trio of main actors from the original triology of Star Wars movies – Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and Mark Hammill as Luke Skywalker – will reprise their roles in the 7th movie of the franchise, there are comments both for and against this move. An aging trio will be looked upon to act as a transitory bridge from the old trilogy to the new one with the first movie, episode VIII supposed to come out in 2015. And while a lot of fans seem to love that idea, I am not so sure of it myself.

Well if the 3 had minor supporting roles which are more like a nod to the franchise’s origins I think that might work. The main cast of much younger characters could be the children (or grandchildren) of Han & Leia and uncle Luke having trained them in Jedi school. It’s actually been way too long from Return of the Jedi (1983) to now to actually have them in it and be the main storyline – as much as some of us would have wanted them to be. The only clear way I see is to have them play character roles, perhaps even have then appear throughout the next 3 movies who advice and help but not be the main heroes.

I’m looking forward to more movies from that franchise but am skeptical as to how well it’s going to be done. Having said that I’m not one of those who hated the prequel trilogy and that’s also because I don’t happen to worship the original trilogy. They aren’t that¬† great! even though I do like them a lot. So let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Update:  On February 5 2013, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the development of two stand-alone films, each individually written by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg. On February 6, Entertainment Weekly reported that Disney is working on two films featuring Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Men In Black 3

I have loved the first two Men In Black movies and seen them several times on cable since their releases. Set 15 years after the first movie and 10 after the second (as in true release) Men In Black 3 is the second sequel and most successful in terms of revenue. Released in May of last year, the movie sees Barry Sonnenfield and Steven Spielberg returned as director and executive producer respectively with Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones returning as Agents J & K with Josh Brolin appearing as a younger version of K. Jermaine Clement plays past & present versions of the villain Boris The Animal, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve & Michael Stuhlberg have supporting roles.

So what do we have in MIB3:

  • Boris the Animal escapes from a maximum security prison base on the moon by having his girlfriend (Nicole¬†Scherzinger and does she really have such bodacious bosoms) deliver a cake to him, in which hidden is his organic and alive weapon. He seeks revenge on earth and especially on agent K who captured him back in 1969. Boris also lost his left arm in the confrontation with K.¬†K is also responsible for the deployment of the ArcNet, a defense system that protected Earth from invasion and ultimately led to the Boglodites’ extinction.
  • Agents J & K have a confrontation with Boris who withdraws but warns K that he is “already dead”. When J tries to do research on Boris back at the MIB hq, he finds that some of the information is denied to him. When questioned he is told by both K and, new head of MIB, O to leave it alone.
  • Boris gets a device to travel back in time to 1969¬†o help his past self kill K and prevent the ArcNet’s deployment. As a result J finds himself in an alternate reality (J is the only one who remembers the two realities) where K has been dead for 40 years and there is an imminent Boglodites invasion with¬†no ArcNet to protect earth. Using a similar device to travel to 1969 and save his partner. He meets up with agent K’s younger self (Josh Brolin) who mistrusts him but when J tells him the truth he is convinced. The get the ArcNet, in the form of a small disc-shaped device, from an alien named Griffin and protect him from an attack by Boris.
  • J, K & Griffin travel to Cape Canaveral in¬†Florida, where the¬†Apollo 11¬†rocket is preparing to lift off and land the first humans on the Moon. K has to plant the device on the rocket and once it is in earth’s orbit the device will auto-activate. ¬† Griffin uses his abilities to convince the local military personnel, which includes a colonel, to allow them access and aid them in their mission. Both the versions of Boris attack the agents while they are reaching the top of the rocket’s support structure. J knocks off the current version of Boris from the top of the structure while K shoots off the younger version’s arm and¬†and he too falls off the structure, and place the ArcNet device on the rocket just before it launches. Future Boris is¬†incinerated¬†by the rocket’s exhaust.
  • As J makes his way to meet K, he sees the past version of Boris ambush K and the colonel and shoots the colonel dead. K then kills Boris and turns around to see the colonel’s young son¬†amed James approaches the scene looking for his father. K, who neuralyses and comforts the child, and J who sees them from afar realizes that the young boy is J. Sad at seeing his real father’s death J is comforted to know that K was a kind of surrogate dad to him.¬†¬†returns to the present day, where K is still alive, and joins him at a diner, subtly thanking the older agent for all that he has done for him. As the movie ends, we see a smiling Griffin sitting in the same diner.

Most critics & fans have praised the performance of Josh Brolin which was shrewd casting I must say. I enjoyed the movie but miss the fun of the first one. Still enjoyable and I give it a 7.5 outta 10! 

RIP Clive Burr

Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr passes away on the 12th at the age of 56. Previously having played for Samson,¬†Burr joined Iron Maiden in 1979 through then-Iron Maiden guitarist¬†Dennis Stratton. Burr played on their first three records:¬†Iron Maiden,¬†Killers¬†and their breakthrough release¬†The Number of the Beast. He¬†left the band in 1982 due to Iron Maiden’s tour schedule and personal problems and was replaced by the band’s current drummer,¬†Nicko McBrain.

After leaving¬†Iron Maiden, Burr briefly played in the French group¬†Trust, thus switching places with McBrain, and briefly with the¬†American¬†bandAlcatrazz. Burr was featured in the short-lived¬†NWOBHM¬†supergroup¬†Gogmagog¬†which also included ex-Iron Maiden¬†vocalist¬†Paul Di’Anno¬†and future Maiden guitarist¬†Janick Gers. He also had a band known as Clive Burr’s Escape (later known as¬†Stratus), featuring former¬†Praying Mantis¬†members, which disbanded after releasing one album. Burr then joined¬†Dee Snider¬†in his post-Twisted Sister¬†outfit¬†Desperado, which was never fully realized due to a falling out with the band’s record company.

Burr was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the treatment of which left him deeply in debt, and used a wheelchair because of his condition.. Iron Maiden staged a series of charity concerts and were involved in the founding of the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. He was also the patron of Clive Aid, a charity formed in 2004. Clive Aid has continued to raise awareness and funds for various cancer and multiple sclerosis programs around the world through the staging of rock events. Burr attended many of these events.

Burr died in his sleep on 12 March 2013. He has just turned 56 a few days ago.

Who Should Write My Biography?

If you could have any author ‚Äďliving or dead ‚Äď write your biography, who would you choose?

Hmmmm, who should get the honour of writing my biography? I don’t read that many non-fiction books and therefore find myself not able to give an answer for this blog prompt as quickly as usual. However it would be easy for me to pick an author who writes fiction who could do a wonderful non-fiction work on my life.

I guess Stephen King is the first name that come to my mind. I’d shit in my pants if Mr. King would want to write about my life and I couldn’t be happier about it. Ofcourse then I’d want him to give some eerie touches to my story and add some ghosts, goblins, monsters and vampires to the book. Some aliens too! That would be fabulous.

Michael Chrichton, if he were still alive, would be the next choice. Jurassic Rosh – that would be the title of the book! He’d give it a real scientific touch and go deep into the making of all that is me. And that is who I’d want to write my biography.

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