The TV Show I Would Produce

You get to produce your own television show. What’s it about? Who’s starring in it? Describe it in detail.

The answer to this question is undoubtedly, and if you know me at all it shouldn’t surprise you in the least, something from the Star Trek universe. I would gladly give an arm and a leg and one of my kidneys to be able to make the 6th live action tv series of Star Trek (after TOS, TNG, DS9,Voyager & Enterprise) of 25-26 episodes a season.

I’ll make it gritty, dirty & very dramatic but will also feature all of the things we know and love and hold dear about the Star Trek so far. It will be set in years post 3000 and the times are a bit tougher now, not really for humans on earth, but elsewhere in the galaxy. The United federation is in a disarray with the members fighting and disagreeing over too may things. The richer species have become complacent and concentratesĀ  only on luxuries and food and drink while the poorer species & planets have unaligned themselves from the Federation and have begun open hostilities upon each other and non-member species for supplies and weaponry. The Vulcans have secluded themselves, greatly disturbed by the changes happening and barricaded themselves on their home planet and settlements in their region of space. They refuse to have much to do with the rest of the galaxy and spend their time enhancing their minds with meditation and studies. The Klingons have become a split race – half are peaceful and remain with the Federation or what’s left of it while the other half have resumed their space warring warrior ways and are on the prowl.

The Romulans have become religious zealots are ancient books are discovered about a possible god/prophet-like figure in their past and they have joined with some other races in spreading the visions of a world as per the teachings of this figure. When they have an argument or rejection from people, it’s a show of superior brutal force. The Cardassians have taken the role of policing the areas of the galaxies and bringing law & order wherever possible. The humans along with the Bajorans (now a steady & calming factor in the Federation), Trill, Andorians and with occasional help from species like the Ferengi (whenever the feel like it and always for a price) are left to hold the strings together and keep a semblance of governance going and they feel that they losing the battle. My show would focus on the flagship of that era the USS Endevour, which has a senior officer & crew of a mix of these races plus a few Klingons & Cardassians and who are on a mission to help whichever areas need it the most.

Whatdaya think?

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