Imagination Is Key

mindbump suggested by Altered Words

“Do you agree with Albert Einstein in that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’? Why or why not?”

I really think that it is so. Knowledge is very important. Otherwise it’s all just day dreams or pipe dreams. But you need the imagination and here’s why I feel that it is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is great, you need to know how to build stuff. But…it is an imaginative mind that comes up with the designs, the end product and what it will do. You ofcourse then need to know how to get it done but your brain has to first think of what you need. I know the properties of “X” and I know the properties of “Y”. I dream up a product or device called “Z” but unless I know that “X” working with “Y” in certain aspects will create me a “Z”. You need the know how but you need the imagination more. So if you have all the technical skills in the world but no imagination, it won’t do you much good.

Because someone with lot of imagination will come up with an idea and get some other knowledgeable people to get it done….and make a lot of money in the process!