Why I Follow The Blogs I Follow

mindbump suggested by Inspired to Write

“What things prompt you to subscribe to a blog or become a regular reader?”

The kind of blogs that I follow have only a couple of things in common – 1) they are genuine and 2) they blog regularly about themselves and their lives or things that I have  common interest in with them. Plain and simple.

It can be a blog that’s mainly about music or hockey or football (the kind that North American calls soccer). Or it can be about my favourite science fiction tv shows. Or about movies. Or about food and cooking. With lots of amazingly delicious looking photos. Or it can a personal blog, capturing thoughts, events and ideas. Travel blogs. Anything! As long as it’s original and from the heart, I’m likely to follow it.

The personal blogs are my favourite kind. With plenty of photos from their life. I want to get to know you. So blog. From the heart.