Top 5 Reasons To Rants Today

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“The top 5 things to rant about and end up with a blog post :)”

  • The harm that religion does, holding back human progress and coming up with lame excuses to have their propaganda spread. Of all the stupidest laws in the nations of this world, the Blasphemy Law is the worst, stupidest and most backward thinking of all. The “crime” where there is no victim and only the feelings of the religiously weak and immature. In some of the cases that have been filed, the “blasphemer” has actually uncovered a harmful or possibly harmful effect of believing in rubbish ideas – yet they are persecuted!
  • In the year 2013 there is still racism!
  • Kerala’s political parties and unions and their penchant for declaring and enforcing bandhs/harthal/strikes. I live in a Communist minded (read that as small minded) state where for silly reasons the opposing political parties will conduct a state wide harthal – which means no going out on the streets in cars or bikes, no public transport and offices & businessesĀ  must remain closed. The political parties have lots of supporters who have no other job than to riot on the streets if things don’t go their way. The rest of the public have to suffer.
  • The lack of funding for sports in India other than cricket. And as a result, us non-cricket fans must endure countless hours of bad commercials & whole tv channels dedicated to this nonsense.
  • How come there’s no support for good music anymore?