A Second Crack At Childhood

If I could trade in my adulthood for a second childhood, I’d…

…..do it in a heartbeat. I’m not sure about you but I’d love to get another chance at doing things all over. I wanna be that young again. Remember being that age when your biggest concern was about what cartoons you were going to see that day? I so miss being that innocent and carefree. Where the promise of ice cream and/or chocolate was worth living for!

Meeting your friends, playing games and discussing silly stuff. Boys vs girls! Ah remember the times before you really knew girls? Back then they were the yuckiest creatures around right? Hahaha. Ok not that I hate girls but I miss that innocence of the ages before we knew about sex. I would like to live my life all over again. Make different decisions and changes to my life that will ensure that my life as an adult would be much better than it currently is.

I’d trade this adulthood for another crack at the kid life again! I’m the opposite of Tom Hanks in Big! An adult who wishes to be a kid again!