Rantings Of The Rosh

Five major thoughts in my mind right now…..

  • Religion, especially the two major Abrahamic ones and the harm that the fundamentalists are causing to the rest of humanity and to this planet. In their strong belief of a paradise in the unproven “afterlife” they are destroying the only home we have – our planet!
  • The state of the music industry – what the hell went wrong? From intelligent, fun, hummable rock songs played by competent & even proficient musicians and songwriters, the charts are filled with shitty lyrics, stupid songs and freaks who will do anything to make another buck!
  • India – are we going backwards? Will this nation ever improve?
  • I always get this feeling that I was born & am living in the wrong country. My interests lie elsewhere.
  • Why aren’t we part of the space exploring generation like they do in Star Trek?

The Listener – Season 3

This season sees Toby returning to help out on a case for the IIB, although unwittingly. Despite his decision to ignore his telepathic abilities, Toby is forced to use them when he’s taken hostage during a bank robbery. In order to help him, Michelle has to reveal his secret to her boss, Alvin Klein. After convincing a skeptical Klein, a new unit is launched headed by Klein with Michelle, Dev and Toby officially listed as a Special Consultant. The brass is made to believe that Toby is a facial & body language expert and his success rate makes them agree to the creation of the unit. Klein, although not completely sold on Toby’s abilities, relies on Michelle’s & Dev’s trust in the EMS personnel. Klein pull strings to ensure that Toby gets a full pay with his work in IIB and can also work some shifts with the EMS whenever he is not needed at the office. Working his first official investigation, Toby must contend with Alvin Klein’s skepticism and personal agenda in solving a decade-old murder.

When the life of a superstar performer is threatened, Toby poses as her assistant to watch her back and help the Special Ops Unit investigate. Meanwhile, Toby lets Oz stay with him while his apartment is cleaned due to a roof leak. Toby helps the IIB investigate the abduction of an African teenager, whose father is an alleged war criminal. Meanwhile, Oz decides to take the supervisor’s exam, but Ryder does not take him seriously. Toby uses his telepathy as surveillance when Michelle goes undercover to bust a violent art theft ring. Toby and Michelle investigate the link between a cult and the disappearance of three young women. Toby and Michelle investigate the death of a pharmaceutical executive who released a drug with killer results. Meanwhile, Sandy’s return throws Oz’s love life in turmoil. When Magnus Elphrenson escapes prison again, Toby must help Michelle recapture him before the criminal mastermind seeks vengeance on his nemesis. Meanwhile, Ryder assigns himself to be Oz’s partner for a shift, to the latter’s chagrin. Toby starts doubting his abilities after Michelle questions the veracity of his insights during their investigation into a wealthy philanthropist’s murder.

Toby and the IIB race to track the source of a deadly virus before the outbreak claims any more lives, including that of Dr.Olivia Fawcett. I can’t believe they kill off my sweetheart Mylene Dihn-Robic, who plays Olivia. But in truth with Toby no longer working full time as an EMS and the episodes concentrating on the cases and police work more, one of Toby’s two friends had to die or be written off. Since Oz is the comedic relief, the one to go was the good friend & ex-girlfriend doctor. Sad way to die! Toby and Michelle investigate a series of violent home invasions, which are being interrupted by a vigilante citizen dressed as a superhero. Oz unwittingly puts his life in danger after he convinces Toby to help a childhood friend who witnessed a murder. With Michelle’s career on the line, Toby and the IIB must prove she was set up after a bad tip led to the shooting of a suspect.

This season sees the show make a move to more police & crime oriented and hence cutting of a cast member. This tv show doesn’t shy away from killing of main characters – first season ends with the death of Charlie Marks and 2 seasons later, Olivia also dies.