Prompt: Monogamy

I have read a few opinions here and there that monogamy and humankind do not mesh. That we humans were not meant to be monogamous as it is against our nature to actually be so! What is the definition of monogamy?

Monogamy is a form of marriage in which an individual has only one spouse during their lifetime or at any one time, however current usage, monogamy often refers to having one sexual partner irrespective of marriage or reproduction. The term is also applied to the social behavior of some animals, referring to the state of having only one mate at any one time. I’m someone who believes that as we humans have evolved and progressed, it should be noted that the practice of having only sexual partner has seen changes. For current times, in many parts of the world, marriage may not hold the same sacredness & value that it used to hold a generation or two ago. I don’t believe that mankind has to go one way or the other, rather it depends on the individuals themselves as to what kind of sexual life they want to live in. I’ve seen couples, men, women take commitment so lightly and look more for fun and I’ve seen committed & faithful relationships that stand the test of time and whatever life can throw at them.

I’m a bit old fashioned. When I was younger I always thought that I’d meet the right girl, we’d fall in love and that’d be it – until the end of our lives. It hasn’t changed much but I have been in a couple of relationships so I can’t stay true to the original thought. However I crave commitment and I believe in giving my all to just one woman, one person till the end. I find that kind of devotion to each other & faithfulness beautiful even sex and fun. That is the only thing I ask for in a significant other. I’m still waiting. Waiting for the one woman to open up my life.

Halloween : H2O, Resurrection & 25 Years

The next movie in the Halloween franchise sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, a welcome return for long time fans after the death of Donald Pleasance. However the direction that this movie took might not have sat well with a lot of fans. The screenplay, based on a story by¬†Kevin Williamson¬†further developed by Robert Zapia, was written by Zapia and¬†Matt Greenberg. It acts as a direct sequel to¬†John Carpenter’s¬†Halloween¬†and¬†Halloween II¬†and ignores the events of¬†Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,¬†Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, and¬†Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. However you can still look at it as a continuation, if you forget a few details.

20 years have passed since the events of 1978 and, in Halloween : H2O, on the 29th of October, after the death of Dr. Loomis, a nurse he worked with returns to her house after work and finds that it has been broken into. She gets a neighbour, a young teen, to check inside the house for signs of the burglars, but he finds none. She goes in and a medical file is missing, the one on Laurie Strode. Michael then attacks and kills her – he had already killed the teen and his friend in the next house. As the police comes looking, Michael leaves in the nurse’s house. He has found Laurie – she faked her death in a car crash and then moved to California under the assumed name of Keri Tate. Laurie is now the headmistress at Hillcrest Academy High School, a private¬†boarding school has a son named John (Josh Hartnett in his first movie role), and has a boyfriend Will (Adam Arkin) who works as the student counselor at the school. But she is still haunted by the events of her past. John who just turned 17t is supposed to be off with the rest of the students on a school trip on Halloween so Laurie has an evening planned with Will. John and his best friends – girlfriend Molly (Michelle Williams), Charlie (Adam Hann-Byrd) & Sarah (Jody Lynn O’Keefe) skipped the trip to stay back in the school and are having an intimate Halloween party. Michael has been stalking the grounds and snuck past Ronny the guard (rapper LL Cool J, ugh) and looks for the teens. Charlie is the first victim in the kitchen and Sarah, who goes looking for Charlie, is the next.

John & Molly run from the approaching Michael, who stabs John’s leg and are helped into a building by Laurie & Will. Laurie comes face to face with her brother Michael for the first time in 20 years! They hide the kids in a room and take a pistol and search for Michael. Will shoots at Ronny by accident and the guard falls down. Michael then swoops down and kills Will using his knife and then chases Laurie. Laurie, Molly, and John escape but she tells them to go for help while she chooses to go back to the school with a fire axe. She finds Michael and attempts to kill him several times, and finally after stabbing him multiple times, he topples over a balcony. She approaches his body and pulls one of the knives out of his chest. Ronny, who didn’t die, approaches her and stops her from stabbing Michael again as they call the cops and an ambulance arrives. As the paramedics put Michael into the ambulance, Laurie knowing that Michael is incredibly hard to kill and not believing that he is really dead, grabs the axe from earlier and an officer’s pistol, and she steals the van. She drives the ambulance away and Michael wakes up and as they struggle, the vehicle crashes down a cliff. Michael gets pinned between the vehicle and a tree and Laurie approaches him. Despite a seemingly tender moment Michael reaches out to her, apparently seeking forgiveness and compassion. Laurie is first affected but then steals her resolve and then chops off his head and it rolls off the side of the hill.

4 years later in 2002 we have a sequel called Halloween : Resurrection that shows us that Michael still lives. Apparently, when a paramedic approached Michael, the latter got up and knocked him unconscious and crushed his larynx, making it not possible for the medic to talk. He then¬†forcefully switched clothing and his mask and it was the paramedic who Laurie had killed. The cops discover this when they find the head and unmask it and a devastated Laurie has since been living in a psychiatric hospital. 3 years pass and Michael has now found her and attacks the hospital at night. But Laurie has been waiting for him and she lures him into a trap. However she second guesses herself and goes to check his face behind the mask, which is when he stabs her and drops her to her death from the roof of the building. Michael now returns to Haddonfield to find out that an internet reality show is shooting a show in his old house. 6 college students have won a contest to spend a night in the house and find out clues about why Michael has been killing so many people. Bill Woodlake (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Donna Chang (Daisy McCrackin), Jen Danzig (Katee Sackhoff), Jim Morgan (Luke Kirby), Rudy Grimes (Sean Patrick Thomas), and Sara Moyer (Bianca Kajlich) are the 6 contestants and producer Freddie (another idiot, Busta Rhymes) and his assistant Nora (Tyra Banks) set up the monitors outside in a makeshift studio. There are several cameras setup in the house as well as a headset camera for each contestant. Sara’s cyber friend Myles “Deckard” Barton is watching the show along with many other teens at a Halloween party.

At the house while Jim & Donna make out in the basement and a wall collapses with fake corpses. After Jim leaves to find out what is happening, Donna finds another room behind the wall and is killed by Michael. Meanwhile, Freddie goes through the house dressed as Myers, but is secretly followed by the real Myers. Freddie, mistaking Myers for Charlie (a cameraman who had been killed earlier), tells Myers to go to the garage and help Nora out. When Rudy, Sara, and Jim find Freddie in the Myers costume, he reveals the scheme to them and begs them to cooperate. When he leaves, the trio decides to gather up the other three and leave. But before they can, Jen discovers the body of Bill (who had vanished earlier) and is decapitated by the real Myers right in front of Rudy, Sara, and Jim. Rudy and Sara flee, but Jim stays to fend off Myers only to have his head crushed. Myers then corners Rudy in the kitchen while Sara runs upstairs. Myers kills Rudy by pinning him to the door before chasing Sara upstairs. Myles helps Sara by texting her Michael’s location and she escapes, catching up to Freddie, who tells her that Nora is dead. Before they can leave, Myers finds and attacks them. Freddie is injured and Sara makes her way to the tunnels. She finds an exit near Donna’s body and emerges in the garage. As Myers finds her, Freddie returns and begins fighting Myers hand-to-hand. Freddie electrocutes Myers, tangling him up in electrical wiring before carrying Sara out of the burning garage. Myers’ body is taken to the morgue. As the mortician begins to examine Myers’ body, Myers awakens and seemingly attacks her.

Halloween : 25 Years Of Terror is a DVD documentary narrated by PJ Soles and sees a film by film run of the making of each movie and trivia about each film. It features several of the actors, directors, producers, special effects & make up artists, composers and stuntmen who played Michael talking about their experiences and what they thought of the films they were in. Several big time fans are also featured, some of who joined hands to make the 25th anniversary convention in Pasadena, California (one of the filming locations of the original Halloween) in October 2003, from which a lot of the panel discussions are taken from. The success, flops, highs & lows and controversies related to the franchise are also discussed and it is a really good documentary.

Thus ends my run of first time watching of all the original movies of the Halloween franchise. I must say that 4 is probably my favourite. I hate that the last two movies suffers from bad casting – come on LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes and they both don’t get killed in the movies? Bad acting and stupid oneliners from those two no talent rappers. That is a blemish on the films, some part of a crazy trend in the late 90s and early 2000s to have rappers in movies! Sheesh! H2O gets an 8 outta 10 from me and Resurrection gets a 5 outta 10 from me!