For Tonight I Sleep On A Bed Of Nails

I’ll never forget the song that was playing..

I was 16 and just joined the pre-dregree course in college. I had a few of my school friends joining me in the same college (which was quite near my house) but in the class that I was in I only had one of my old friends for company. Everyone was new to me and that’s when I met her. I knew that I had fallen hopelessly in love when I couldn’t stop thinking about her and saying her name over and over again in my mind when I was alone. I had to become friends with her and then let her know my feelings. I slowly overcame my fear and my shyness (yes I was kinda shy back then) and got to know her. Through common friends who already knew how I felt, she first came to know about the way I felt about her.

We became friends and slowly started calling each other on the phone to speak for hours at a time once the classes were done on the weekdays and even more hours on the weekends. But I’ll forever remember the first day we spoke for a long time over the phone. It was 1992 and I was also playing the then latest Bon Jovi album Keep The Faith on my stereo system. As I spoke to her and she got to know that I was not just joking and was truly falling for her “Bed Of Roses was playing through my speakers. I’ll always associate this song to the young love and the time I had with my ex. I’m not nostalgic for her or the relationship I had with her but I am nostalgic for those days of my life when I was more innocent.

I give you Bed Of Roses.