Get Your Socks Off!

Most people have this problem – socks! Just how the heck do you sort them out? Why do they keep getting lost? How to keep track of them? Well it’s easier when you are washing them by hand but put them in the washing machine / washer and it’s like – sending them through a vortex to another dimension where socks seem to go but never all come back . If they do come back one of the pair is sure to be missing or misplaced! The curse of the washing machine socks!

A problem I face is that I have many pairs of socks but some of them are similar in both colour & design. Beige, grey, white, brown, blue – similar designs and patterns but still there is some difference in them. When I take clothes that have been recently washed – can’t match the socks! I often pick up sock from the washer or the line used for drying or from my cupboard thinking I have a pair, only to check and see that I indeed do not have a proper pair.

I should just chuck out all my socks and buy a few dozen pairs all that look the same, no fancy designs or anything. Just all white or all black! No more hunting for matching pairs!