Arsenal 2 Crystal Palace 0

Well that was a pretty hard fought & exciting match that Arsenal just won away at Crystal Palace. Hosts Palace, who are without a manager, didn’t exactly lie down and play dead and it was a tough win to pull off. This is the kind of game that Arsenal would have lost in the last 5 years in the league but the Gunners seem to be playing with a lot more confidence now. And they achieved it with playing 25 minutes plus stoppage time of 4 minutes with a man down!Arsenal also lost Matheiu Flamini to what looked like a groin injury in the 6th minute and he was replace by promising youngster Serge Gnabry.

Arsenal’s other holding midfielder Mikel Arteta scored a penalty after Adlene Guedioura’s foul on Serge Gnabry before being dismissed on 65 minutes for a professional foul on Marouane Chamakh. It was a silly sending off as former Arsenal striker Chamakh was no where near the Arsenal goal and still had lots of running to do. Arteta should have just stayed with him and hindered his goal scoring chances. Instead he impeded the Moroccan’s run and down the player came tumbling and out came the red card from the referee’s pocket. Straight red and Arteta should have his head examined. What can you hope to accomplish by getting sent off and getting your side reduced to 10 men?

Palace who were already attacking and attempting shots on goal looked even more likely to score the equilizer and I stated on both Facebook and Twitter that “I’ll be glad if Arsenal are able to get away with a draw in this game.” A goal just seemed likely and it took too superb saves from our goalie Szczesny. And yes the goal did come – but it was for the Gunners! Olivier Giroud secured Arsenal’s win when he headed in late in the game on an assist by Aaron Ramsey and that was a hard fought and well deserved win for the league leaders who now sit on 22 points at the top of the league and 5 ahead of 2nd place Liverpool and 6 ahead of Chelsea FC.

Cosmetic Surgery?

If someone offered you one free cosmetic alteration, which would it be and why?

Gee, only one! Well I’ll have to think this one out through. Does laser eye surgery count as a cosmetic alternation? I’ve worn corrective eye glasses for a very long time, 27 years in fact, that it might be odd to not wear one but it will also be good to get rid of these glasses. I hate contact lenses and no way is something touching my eyes! Uh uh, no way Jose! No contacts. So it would be good to have my eye sight fixed.

If that and weight reduction surgery is do not count then the only other thing I would want to do is to get me a nose job! Yes, you read it right. I hate my nose. Other than to correct a deviated septum I’d also want to change the shape of my nose. I hate the way my nose looks, especially the tip of it and I would love to have it fixed so that it looks more handsome. Nose job – yeah that would be good too!

Or maybe a hair transplant? Balding is an issue for me, hereditary issue as my family genes are against me. Too much male pattern baldness in my family and I’m falling victim to it. Balding is so ridiculous especially when you have so much unwanted hair on your arms, legs, chest & private parts! Unwanted, unwanted, unwanted! Ridiculous. Isn’t this enough for stupid creationists to understand that their folly-filled theory of intelligent design is complete bogus? More like the work of an mentally retarded creator!