Unstable Guy Kills Himself

We have a maid who comes to our apartment everyday for a couple of hours or so, with the exception of Sundays and some holidays. She sweeps & cleans the apartment and does some washing of clothes and helps in some kitchen work (cutting up stuff, cleaning stuff) during these 2.5 to 3 hours and she does this for about 2 or 3 houses/apartments in the area before she winds up for the day in the evening. This post is about her and her family.

This maid has two daughter, a young girl of about 10, who I have seen, and another of about 18 who I have not seen. A couple of days ago she did not turn up at our apartment and she didn’t call my mom to inform her that she won’t be coming in (which she usually does when she is unable to turn up). When she came in the next day, my mom casually asked her what happened and why she didn’t turn up – on being asked this, the maid started crying on the spot. My mom was worried and asked her why she was crying.

Turns out that a 22 year old neighbour of the maid approached her and asked her for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Her husband wasn’t at home at the time so she said that 1) her daughter was too young at just age 18, 2) she is still studying and wants to study further and 3) she needed to check with her daughter and her husband, once he got home, and discuss with them as well. She never said anything else rude or attacking and left it at that since he was a neighbour and someone who she has seen quite a lot over the last few years. He seemed upset and said ok and he left. After he left she spoke to her daughter who said that she wasn’t interested in him anyway and they left it at that and they felt it would be best that the father handle it once he comes and speaks to the boy’s parents. Ok – she didn’t get the change to do so because – the guy went ahead and KILLED HIMSELF!! The fucker went and hung himself to death!

This happened late in the evening and at night and throughout the next day the cops were at their house and the neighbourhood and it was all pandemonium around their little area. This was why she couldn’t turn up that day and she was crying because she felt that she was responsible for that 22 year old guy killing himself! What a nightmare!

Carpenter Street

Carpenter Street is a episode of Star Trek Enterprise during the season long Xindi arc and is the 11th episode of the 3rd season. In it time traveler from Starfleet Daniels (who had snuck his way into Enterprise earlier posing as a crewmen) comes to Captain Archer once again informing him of an urgent situation. He says that his team has detected 3 Xindi Reptlians who themselves have time traveled all the way back to early 21st century earth; 2004 Detroit to be precise. He urges Archer to take one member of his crew and offers to send them both to the same time period. The matter is also perplexing as the Xindi do not possess time traveling technology and hence must be getting aid from a far more advanced species. Archer chooses T’Pol, despite her stance that the Vulcan Science Academy has come to the conclusion that time travel is not possible. Archer insists that she join him and she is convinced as when they both step through a door, they are instantly transported by Daniels to 2004 Detroit Michigan in the night time.

Using their devices Archer & T’Pol “borrow’ a truck that was parked on the side of the road and Archer slowly gets a grip on driving the vehicle across the city as T’Pol searches for traces of the Xindi lifeforms. They track the aliens to a secure building, an old lab, and find Loomis, a blood bank technician, driving his car and getting signaled in. Archer & T’Pol follow the man Loomis to his apartment and confronts him. A tied up Loomis, believes that the duo in front of him are cops and spills the beans. He says that he was contacted by a scientist over the phone and offered large sums of money to drug and bring people off the street to their lab. The scientists are looking for people who have various blood types and tell Loomis that they are conducting a very important experiment. Loomis, guessing that the scientists couldn’t get approval and hence decided to do this via a different route. Plus he gets good money and no questions asked. Loomis working in a blood bank finds specimens easily and usually picks up homeless people or prostitutes who he drugs in the car and then takes them to the old lab. He places the bodies in there and finds his cash ready for him. He has never seen the faces of the so-called scientists and hence has no idea that they are aliens.

Disgusted by the man’s greed and for selling out his fellow human beings Archer still needs Loomis’ help to get into the lab. Archer & T’Pol drive with Loomis in the man’s car, stopping by to eat some food on the way, and head to the lab. T’Pol stays outside while Loomis brings Archer, pretending to be drugged, into the front of the lab and places him onto a bed. He warns him that the scientists usually comes in within 2 minutes of him, Loomis, leaving to take the first sample of blood. Loomis then takes his money and heads out to his car where T’Pol is waiting. One of the Xindi approaches Archer and takes a blood sample from him and then goes to the back section of the lab. Archer waits until the reptilian leaves before contacting T’pol and explores the lab. from what he sees, suspects the Xindi are building some kind of┬ábioweapon. He proceeds to destroy their┬átemporal beacon┬á(preventing them from bringing back what they have collected so far), and has the time to disable one Xindi before being forced to withdraw.

Archer pursues to prevent the two remaining Xindi from releasing the toxin in the present period. Loomis tries to warn his former associates, but to no avail as their confusion allows Archer to reach and disable one of them. For his troubles Loomis gets stunned by T’Pol and falls unconscious while Archer pursues the 3rd Xindi from spreading the bioweapon into the water supply, thus saving humans from being infected. Archer and T’Pol bring the 3 dead Xindi and their equipment back to the┬á22nd century┬áusing temporal tags given to them by Daniels. They bodies are stored by Phlox in his lab. The last scene of the episodes shows the cops raiding the lab and finding the bodies of the missing people in it. Loomis groggily wakes up in his car and is then arrested by┬ápolice officers┬áfrom the┬áDetroit Police Department – they had reached there based on an anonymous tip they received (from Archer before he left). Loomis talking about aliens and weapons sound like rantings to the cops as they take him away.