Reunion Of The Holy Trinity

After a long gap of 21 months Madhu, Anil & I were meeting up like we used to do for so long. This gap is ofcourse because Madhu had moved to Qatar as he had got a job there in January 2012 and this is the first time he has been able to come back on leave. He is on leave for a few weeks but he has family commitments and a couple of weddings to attend in & around Kerala and we fixed today for the day that the 3 of us would meet for a get-together. Madhu treated us for his job and new life in the Arab nation of Qatar; he has a good job and a nice life there along with his wife.

Here is the man of the hour. We met up at Bay Pride Mall at around 10:45 am and sat there for a couple of hours.

We had a little brunch while we sat at the Food Court of the mall. To drink we had Iced Tea while Anil had a cold coffee.

We ordered some sandwiches from one of the stalls. Not a good sandwich, it felt a bit stale.

We then made out way to the lounge bar Couchyn which is at the Grand hotel and look at Anil all cool & hip.

We started off with Long Island Ice Teas and split 2 bomber bottles between the three of us. Wes at there for about 90 minutes.

We then made our way to Volga Bar and restaurant in Kadavanthara. We ordered a lot of food among and had 3 rounds of drinks each (brandy for them, vodka for me).

Among the many dishes we shared were garlic prawns (which I never eat) and chilly pork (below).

By 6pm we made our way back to Bay Pride Mall and went to the walk way behind Marin Drive. First we had small ice cream cones (they had Spanish Delight while I had Black Currant). We then walked about for a bit, sat at different places to catch our breath.

It was a lovely evening as the sunset and I took a few snaps as the three of us talked and joked and laughed.

By 7pm we went to get cups of coffee and then 20 minutes later we called it a night and left for our respective homes. It was great to see Madhu again after such a long time. We might get to see him next only by April 2014.