Arsenal 3 Cardiff City 0

Playing at the Cardiff City stadium, Arsenal started off well when they almost scored a goal in the first minute. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) hits the bar with a left footed shot from outside the box. Assisted by Aaron Ramsey. However things settled and Cardiff were taking the game to the league leaders. Unfortunately for the London side as Per Mertesacker had to be taken off the field after 7 minutes because of an injury due to a clash of heads in the air with his teammate Sagna. It would take 29 minutes for Arsenal who didn’t seem to be in top gear throughout the match to get a goal. Aaron Ramsey scored via a header from the centre of the box to the top right corner of a cross by Mesut Özil. 1-0!

In the second half, bang, once again we started off well and nearly scored as Olivier Giroud right footed a pass from Ramseyfrom the centre of the box but is blocked by the Cardiff goalie. And then things began to look more lively for Cardiff as they piled on the pressure, took control of the ball and bombarded the Arsenal penalty box. Dominating the game it looked likely that the Welsh side would not only score a goal but could probably win against the London side. Whats more, frustrated Arsenal players began to foul a bit more and accumulate yellow cards. Arteta, Sagna, Gibbs & Ramsey would all find their way to the refree’s book. Nacho Monreal would come on for Jack Wilshire in the 81st minute and things began to look up for the Gunners. Mathieu Flamini, a rare scorer, right footed shot from the centre of the box to the top right corner off a brilliant pass by Mesut Özil. Beautifully played an 2-0 up the game was theirs.

But there was one more goal in the mix. Cardiff product Ramsey right footed shot from the centre of the box to the top right corner. Assisted by Theo Walcott following a fast break Ramsey (who is many people’s player of the year in England so far) could not miss. 3-0 Arsenal and we now have 31 points after 13 games played.

Star Trek: TOS Women 15

The first season season two court martial case episodes and the first one, titled Court Martial, sees Captain Kirk put on trial for the murder of one of his men, a former mentor and friend. Lieutenant Areel Shaw was the Starfleet JAG officer assigned to Starbase 11. In 2267, she was the prosecuting attorney in the court martial of James T. Kirk for the death of Benjamin Finney. Captain Kirk meets with his old friend, Areel Shaw, who he hasn’t seen in over four years. She warns him that he’s taking the case very lightly, which he attributes to “the confidence of an innocent man”.

Shaw and Kirk had been romantically linked in 2262. The relationship did not work out, but they parted as friends. Despite this personal history, Shaw maintained her professional integrity and presented a strong case against her former lover that was only refuted after an investigation began by Commander Spock revealed the truth of Finney’s frame up. During the case it is obvious that the feelings are still there, especially for Ms. Shaw although Kirk also holds some affection for her. As the two meet in the officer’s lounge, Kirk is more interested in spending time with Areel instead of working on his defense. Areel Shaw is the only female Starfleet officer to wear a dress uniform in the entire run of the original series. As the Enterprise prepares to depart, Areel tells Kirk that Cogley will now represent Finney in his own trial. She kisses Kirk goodbye, hoping they will see each other again. Areel was portrayed by the late actress Joan Marshall.

The beautiful Joan Marshall, a native of Chicago, entered show business when she was hired as a showgirl at Chicago’s Chez Paree at the age of 14, and began appearing in Las Vegas two years later. After moving to California, she began working in television in the late 1950s, with appearances on several Westerns. She was subsequently cast to star in the adventure series Bold Venture, which last for 39 episodes during the 1959-1960 TV season. She also starred in cult horror movie Homicidal, the 1964 musical Looking for Love She also starred as Phoebe Munster in the first unaired pilot for The Munsters, but she was replaced by Yvonne De Carlo when filming on the show’s first season began and the character became known as Lily Munster. She passed away in 1975 at the age of 61.

Wicked Evil People

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

I do not think that there is a special reason for evil, like demons or the devil or black magic or something supernatural that is behind it or the reason for evil to happen. No, that’s just plain old folks tales and best left in the mythology section of your local library. I do not believe in god or gods, angels, demons or devils. The only reason why evil things, not evil as an entity, but evil acts, evil deeds, evil things happen is because of man! Humans are the cause for evil in fact all the evil in this world past, present & future. I do not think that animals & birds are capable of being evil or doing evil acts.

I don’t know about evil people. I think people do evil things, evil acts. Some just do them a lot more than others and they do it in various degrees. But there are some things that they do that might be considered evil. Why do people do such things? I blame a lot of things – parents, upbringing, social structure, friends, relatives, peer pressure and even personal choice. A lot of things contribute to making a person good or bad. Sometimes you have a person, who either sees something bad and wants to experiment with it himself/herself and then likes the feeling of it. The sense of control, breaking a taboo / rule. People do get fucked up in their head and when they are not capable of having that internal check that says ‘This is wrong’ they do more of the bad things. And the seem to get some pleasure out of it, seeing the power they have over other people and animals and the effect it has on their targets. Evil can also be because one feels superior over another – physically, morally & intellectually – and hence considers it a ‘might is right’ privilege.

Ofcourse I see that religion is the one thing that can make ordinary people do evil things – because a holy book, holy man, prophet, religious doctrine says so – let me do it cause then it cannot be evil can it? And I get the benefit of it cause my god must want me to do it. And I reap the rewards, who care what happens to the other people or animals as a result of my evil? That is the worst kind of evil.

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Journey Of ISON

It may have taken more than a million years of travel to reach the inner solar system but when Comet ISON passes by the sun the show should be worth waiting for. ISON, named after the International Scientific Optical Network project will get as close as one million kilometres from the sun’s surface. But scientists aren’t sure how it will hold up – if the heat doesn’t kill it, the sun’s gravity may rip it apart. If ISON survives intact its closest point to the earth will come in a few days. Astronomers spotted the comet a year ago giving them plenty of time to prepare for the flyby. With so few comets making it into our solar system ISON is an eagerly awaited cosmic event.

In December, ISON will grow dimmer, and it might visible from both hemispheres of Earth. It will be well placed for observers in the northern hemisphere during mid to late December 2013. After perihelion, it will move north on the celestial sphere, passing within two degrees of Polaris on 8 January. ISON may be visible to the naked eye until early January 2014.

Note: you can also follow ISON’s current progress as seen from SOHO at their website!


After the critical & financial success of District 9 I find it odd that animator/director Neill Blomkamp has made many feature films other than 2013’s Elysium. Blomkamp directed, wrote & co-produced this scifi action film which has a similar feel of the South Africa director’s previous film. This movie stars Matt Damn, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga
Diego Luna, Wagner Moura, Farhan Tahir & William Fichtner. Michael Shanks & Carly Pope have small appearances as well.

Set in the year 2154, the 22nd century sees a human race set into two classes: the very wealthy & affluent rich folk, who live on a luxurious Stanford torus-style space station called Elysium and catered to by robots, and the poor who live on an overpopulated, devastated Earth. While residents on Earth are policed by ruthless robots, Elysium’s citizens live in comfort in a paradise like artificially terraformed land and regularly use bed-sized medical devices called Med-Bays to keep them free of disease and injury. Our main setting on earth is a slum ridden dusty Los Angeles. Max Da Costa, who as a boy growing up in an orphanage dreamed about making it to Elysium and taking his best friend Frey along with him, is now a former car thief and parolee. He lives in the ruins of LA with hundred thousands of others and works in an assembly line for Armadyne Corp, the military company that supplies arms and weapons to Elysium. After a long separation he runs into Frey, now a nurse and a single mom. When Max is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation due to an accident at the plant he is left with only 5 days left to live. The only choice for him is to smuggle his way into Elysium and use a Med-Bay to treat him as the hospitals on earth are ill equipped.

Meanwhile when a caravan of illegal immigrants from Earth attempts to reach Elysium and its Med-Bays, Elysian Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt orders vicious mercenary Kruger to shoot down the shuttles. Disapproving of her methods, Elysian President Patel reprimands her and dismisses Kruger from service. Delacourt, vowing to protect Elysium and her own power, bargains with Armadyne’s CEO John Carlyle to write a program that can override Elysium’s central computer and make her President. Carlyle creates the program in his office on Earth and uploads it to his brain for safekeeping, encrypting it with a lethal denial system. Max taking the help of his friend Julio seeks help from notorious smuggler Spider agrees to get Max to Elysium only if he helps him steal valuable financial information from Carlyle, who is preparing to leave Earth. Recognizing Max’s weakened condition, Spider has his doctors implant Max with a powered exoskeleton, giving him superhuman strength, as well as an implant in his brain that can store computer data. Max, Julio and some men incept the ship and Max downloads the data (including the program) to his own brain. Tracking this, Delacourt sends Kruger to recover the program. In the ensuing firefight, all of Max’s allies are killed, Carlyle is mortally wounded, and an injured Max retreats to Frey’s house. While she treats him, Frey learns of Max’s intention to sneak into Elysium and begs him to take her daughter Mathilda, who is dying on cancer, with him but he refuses saying that it is too dangerous.

When Max returns to Spider to extract the information from his head and collect his reward, Spider deciphers Carlyle’s program and realizes it can be used to make all of Earth’s residents legal citizens of Elysium. However, searching for him, Delacourt has shutdown all air travel in the area, and using a grenade Max bargains with Kruger to be taken to Elysium, who has also captured Frey and Matilda as hostages, having tracked Max to the house. While the ship is in space a scuffled ensues and the grenade blast causes Kruger to lose most of his face and the ship crash lands on a suburb in Elysium. Frey and Matilda are arrested and taken to Delacourt, who has a team prepare to download the data from Max’s brain, while Kruger’s men take their severely-disfigured leader to the Armory. The extraction team discovers the encryption mechanism Carlyle has used, and they learn that downloading the data for use will kill Max. Delacourt coolly consents, and heads off to find Kruger’s team. Kruger’s men place him in a med-bed and his face is reconstructed. His first act after recovering is to stab Delacourt when she chastises him for his recklessness and dumps her in with Frey & an unconscious Mathilda. Planning to steal the program for himself to rule Elysium, Kruger has his men install a superior military-grade version of Max’s exoskeleton onto himself, and goes on a rampage through Elysium looking for Max, killing most the leaders.

Meanwhile, Max escapes from his confinement and frees Frey and Matilda. Realizing that Med-Bays only work for Elysian citizens, Max resolves to use Carlyle’s program to make everyone a citizen. Spider & his men have sneaked into Elysium just behind the crashed ship. As Frey, accompanied by Spider’s men, takes Mathilda to a house searching for a med-bed Spider & Max heads for the main computer core. On the way Kruger ambushes them and after a long fight, hurls Kruger over a ledge to his death. Spider and Max reach Elysium’s main data center where Spider realizes that activating the program will trigger Carlyle’s encryption and kill Max. Max, who already became aware of this, says a goodbye to Frey, then activates the program himself. As he dies, the computer core is rebooted, registering every Earth resident as a citizen of Elysium. President Patel finds himself deposes and the rebooted robots refuse to arrest Spider. A Med-Bay cures Matilda and, since a massive number of new citizens on Earth are now recognized by Elysium’s main computer as being in need of medical treatment, a fleet of medical ships are automatically dispatched to Earth to begin their work.

Although I feel that this movie could have done a lot better and finishes leaving a lot more to be answered – what’s going to happen to Elysium? Will all humans make their way there and wouldn’t that cause Elysium to also become overpopulated and finally succumb to the same problems as earth did?, etc etc – I still feel that the movie did justice to itself. 8 outta 10 and I wish Blomkamp will make more movies frequently!

Beer Types – Weizenbock

A Weizebock is more powerful Dunkel Weizen (of bock strength), with a pronounced estery alcohol character, perhaps some spiciness from this, and bolder and more complex malt characters of dark fruits. Moderate to strong phenols (usually clove) and fruity esters (usually banana). The balance and intensity of the phenol and ester components can vary but the best examples are reasonably balanced and fairly prominent. Optionally, a low to moderate vanilla character and/or low bubblegum notes may be present, but should not dominate. Noble hop character ranges from low to none. A light to moderate wheat aroma (which might be perceived as bready or grainy) may be present and is often accompanied by a caramel, bread crust, or richer malt aroma (e.g., from Vienna and/or Munich malt). Any malt character is supportive and does not overpower the yeast character. No diacetyl or DMS. A light tartness is optional but acceptable. Light copper to mahogany brown in color. A very thick, moussy, long-lasting off-white head is characteristic. The high protein content of wheat impairs clarity in this traditionally unfiltered style, although the level of haze is somewhat variable. The suspended yeast sediment (which should be roused before drinking) also contributes to the cloudiness.

Medium-light to medium-full body. The texture of wheat as well as yeast in suspension imparts the sensation of a fluffy, creamy fullness that may progress to a lighter finish, aided by moderate to high carbonation. The presence of Munich and/or Vienna malts also provide an additional sense of richness and fullness. Effervescent. Low to moderately strong banana and clove flavor. The balance and intensity of the phenol and ester components can vary but the best examples are reasonably balanced and fairly prominent. Optionally, a very light to moderate vanilla character and/or low bubblegum notes can accentuate the banana flavor, sweetness and roundness; neither should be dominant if present. The soft, somewhat bready or grainy flavor of wheat is complementary, as is a richer caramel and/or melanoidin character from Munich and/or Vienna malt. The malty richness can be low to medium-high, but shouldn’t overpower the yeast character. A roasted malt character is inappropriate. Hop flavor is very low to none, and hop bitterness is very low to low. A tart, citrusy character from yeast and high carbonation is sometimes present, but typically muted. Well rounded, flavorful, often somewhat sweet palate with a relatively dry finish. No diacetyl or DMS.

Old-fashioned Bavarian wheat beer was often dark. In the 1950s and 1960s, wheat beers did not have a youthful image, since most older people drank them for their health-giving qualities. Today, the lighter hefeweizen is more common. By German law, at least 50% of the grist must be malted wheat, although some versions use up to 70%; the remainder is usually Munich and/or Vienna malt. A traditional decoction mash gives the appropriate body without cloying sweetness. Weizen ale yeasts produce the typical spicy and fruity character, although extreme fermentation temperatures can affect the balance and produce off-flavors. A small amount of noble hops are used only for bitterness.

Examples: Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel, Ayinger Ur-Weisse, Franziskaner Dunkel Hefe-Weisse, Schneider Weisse (Original) (all German) and the Quebec, Canada based Les Troi Mousquetaires brewery’s Weizenbock pictured above.

Arsenal 2 Marseille 0

Jack Wilshere scored inside 30 seconds and again after the break to pull off a victory against French side Marseille keep the Gunners three points clear at the top of their group in the Champions League. Wilshere was the star of the show in a game the hosts controlled throughout, even affording the luxury of Mesut Ozil’s first-half penalty miss as they continued their impressive Champions League form this season. Now Arsenal only need to avoid a three-goal defeat in their final Champions League group game away to Napoli in Italy to reach the knockout phase after a comfortable win against Marseille at Emirates Stadium. Arsene Wenger’s side would already be in the last 16 had Rafael Benitez’s team got a point against Borussia Dortmund as Arsenal completed the formalities against a poor Marseille.

Wilshere was given too much time and space in the area but still showed superb vision and technique to curl a left-foot finish high past keeper Steve Mandanda. Ozil was unusually off-key in the first half, his control letting him down when he was released by a touch of imagination and a lofted flick from Ramsey. And the German was the culprit as he wasted the opportunity to double Arsenal’s lead from the penalty spot as half-time approached when Ramsey was fouled by Nicolas N’Koulou. Ozil almost made amends after 55 minutes when he ran on to Wilshere’s pass but Mandanda was down quickly to save the £42.4m signing’s poked finish. He showed his quality as the Gunners finally established the advantage their superiority deserved after 65 minutes. Ramsey was the initial creator but Ozil’s neat pass left Wilshere with the simple task of sweeping a finish past Mandanda.

Dortmund’s win against Napoli in Germany means the testing Group F will go to the final round of games.

Favourite Meal To Prepare

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

Since I can’t cook much stuff I’ll go with what I can easily make up. When I am by myself I usually get some instant noodles packets (usually Maggi and if not that Top Ramen and if either is not there then Sunfeast). Now what will I add to it? Well, I try and slice up some carrots, green bell peppers and if there are some peas then that will go in there too. But what I usually like to do is make an omelet with a couple of eggs, I prefer duck’s eggs and then rip with my fingers or a knife into small pieces and mix it in the noodles. Tastes delicious.

So put all those together- eggs in omelet form cut up, onions, green peppers, carrots, some peas (not too much) and mix them in the Maggi and then serve it up in a bowl. I usually drink 7up or Sprite with it.

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3 Documentaries On Porn Stars & The Industry

Oooo, shocking. Porn – the taboo topic. Get read – almost every guy I know watches or has watched porn a few times. A lot of girls do too but they won’t admit it. I have watched and still occasionally watch it from time to time, just to see what the new trends are, :) and incase I forget what the big deal is all about. We all watch porn. The vehicle through which you are read my blog post – the internet – was invented for the masses just so that people could access porn much easier. So get over it. Take your holier than thou attitude and shove it where the sun don’t shine and stop looking at me like that!

Recently I read in a post on Facebook about a documentary about ex-porn stars and their lives that intrigued me to watch it. A documentary about porn stars – what would that be like? I was so intrigued that I watched 3 of them in the last week and am surprised by what I have seen.

The first one I watched on DailyMotion is Twilight of the Porn Stars directed by Louis Theroux which came out in 2012. In 1997, Louis Theroux made a documentary about the world of male porn performers in Los Angeles. 15 years later, he returns to find a business struggling with the deluge of free porn on the internet. Louis revisits some of the original programme’s contributors as well as meeting the latest crop of porn performers dreaming of porn stardom. He returns to find an industry that has been decimated by illegal Internet tube sites. He goes and meets some of the performers & a movie maker he interviewed back in 1997 and is warmly received by them. Probably because he treated them as human beings and not objects to be dissected. At that time Theroux had a lot of curiosity about the industry in America which hadn’t a similar scene in the UK. focused largely (and highly entertainingly) on the male “performers” and contrasting the stereotypical macho fantasy of easy sex with the crude mechanics of the job – and the physical and psychological dangers it posed to those involved.

The big bucks have mostly vanished from the scene in 2012 with the deluge of free porn sites available to everyone. Gone are the days of easy money and rampant, drug-fuelled excess. Yet, they soldier on, the economic blight having had little obvious effect on the number of people willing to engage in extreme sex acts on camera in return for cold hard cash, however diminished the earnings. He meets two newcomers to the scene – both 23 and the girl who is a single mother and the guy a product of the foster home system who wants to make money to make his other dreams come true. The crew visits the set of the two performers shooting a session and Theroux notes a “courtship in reverse – starting with sex and ending up as something like friends” as Theroux described it. Another memorable scene is when he meets one model agency director declared she wouldn’t warn off newcomers from porn but wouldn’t want her own daughter getting involved as she “wouldn’t want to be the mother of a whore”. He meets with a veteran male performer who talks about the loss he feels, his own capacity for love and intimacy and the hope that he can find true love again to rid the lonliness in his life. They also talk about the dark sides of recent time in particular the fate of one Jon Dough, an actor who committed suicide five years ago, a victim of declining DVD sales and serious drug addiction. Then there is the Spanish star (the only one I have seen before) who talks about the high number of women he has performed with.

But what was really memorable for me was the female star who lives with her boyfriend, her assistant and basically takes care & provides for him. Theroux talks to him about what it is like to be the boyfriend of a porn star and there is a debate about a scene that she has been asked to do which the boyfriend is not comfortable with. However, she says that taking the job will mean able to go on a holiday later. I found it odd that the guy was living off his girl’s money, in that industry.

The second one I watched is the one I read about on Facebook – After Porn Ends which, as the title should suggest is about the lives of porn stars who have retired from the industry. Participants included Asia Carrera, Nina Hartley, Mary Carey, Houston, Crissy Moran, Randy West, Richard Pacheco, John Leslie, Amber Lynn, Seka, Raylene, Luke Ford, Bill Margold, Shelley Lubben and Tiffany Million – some really big names in the industry! You now have former female stars – Crissy Moran in particular – who are now Christian activists speaking out against pornography and exploitation of women to the dad who openly discusses his former life with his unfazed daughter. And then you have Asia Carrera, the first porn star of part Asian ancestry, who quit to have a family with her husband. While their first child was just 2 and Asia was pregnant with their second, her husband died in a car crash and one point she was struggling to pay the bills so she went online asking for donations and was touched by the love shown by her fans who helped her out. Eventually, Carrera got a message from an insurance company that a life insurance policy she had forgotten about did exist for her husband, and she was granted it after mandatory investigation.

Houston, once the queen of gang bang, has now moved into the real estate business after a singing project and finds it difficult to find a steady footing due to her past. And Tiffany Millions, who became a porn star as a means to “work the least amount of time for the most money” so she could be with her daughter while providing a good life in a good neighborhood. And now she’s a freaking bounty hunter and runs her own private investigator business! The story then focuses on some of the male performers, like Randy West who had a recent heart attack, and is seen as someone who relishes the time he spent being a star. He used to play baseball but dropped out that to play in rock bands. Randy was also a member of Chippendale’s dance company, and worked as stripper at private events from 1980 to 1992. He is now a celebrity golfer, aged 66, and loves playing for charity but finds that its tough to get on the tournaments because of his previous career. Shelley Luben & Crissy Moran are now born again Christians who are spokeswomen for lobbyist groups that want to rid the world of the evil porn industry. I find it strange that they can do that! Also strange is that Crissy’s website is still being run by a 3rd party but she refuses to take any money from it. Tyffany Millions, Seka and Asia Carrera are clear examples of performers who say that they do not regret their time in porn and confound this narrative, but seem to be overwhelmed in the shadow of these stories.

Since the film has come out, Houston’s gone back and Amber Lynn has come back. Raylene who quit in 2001 from porn and then 2004 from dancing to start her family, came back in 2010 for financial reasons but has retired again. While a lot of focus is given to the dark side of the industry as stated by some of the actresses, Nina Hartley is the opposite. From performer to pornographic film director, sex educator, feminist, and author, radio show host and even acting in two mainstream movies! She perhaps puts it best that some people should never get into the industry – the naive, coming from a broken home, having tons of personal issues and perhaps victims of physical or sexual abuse. She, Asia & Tyffany say that they never let the industry take advantage of them – rather they took advantage of the industry for their benefit.

The third and final documentary is Aroused a 2013 film directed by the photographer Deborah Anderson, in her directorial debut. The UK based Anderson t profiles the life of 16 notable adult film actresses – from newer stars like to established veterans like Lisa Ann & Francesca Le. Anderson gives them a different treatment as part of her photography book – renting a luxurious mansion, she has the ladies go through a glamourous makeup session and photo shoot (the entire thing is in black n white). While she talks to them during their makeup sessions to find out how they go into porn and the industry and find out about their background, at the end of the film she has each actress rest comfortably on a bed while they talk their hearts out. Some of the stuff is really moving! Other “actresses” appearing in the production include Katsuni, Teagan Presley, Ash Hollywood, Misty Stone, Tanya Tate, Asphyxia Noir, Jesse Jane, Lexi Belle, April O’Neil, Brooklyn Lee, Allie Haze and Alexis Texas are also featured.

However with 16 actresses, all having their own story, the interspaced snippets does not work really well in giving us a clear image of the persons. Anderson is not trying to change minds about why they do what they do; instead she aims to humanize these objects of male desire. In their interviews the women are generally insightful, including a casting agent who discusses her moral struggle over her role in the business. The actresses themselves frequently describe troubled childhoods, often with absent fathers. But they also demonstrate great pride in their professional achievements which “civilians” are just not able to understand. And although several take pains to point out the differences between their real and cinematic sex lives—“If you want to enjoy porn, never go to a porn set,” one advises–they also exhibit an undeniable enthusiasm for what they do. “I get paid to have sex!” one gushes. “Why doesn’t everybody do that?”

I have new found knowledge and some respect and sympathy for the performers in the industry. Not everything is glamarous and not everyone emerges out of it in the end unscathed. Huge problems emerge as they go deeper in the industry and the same public that leer and masturbate to their “acts” later belittles them and looks down upon them, often being the hindrance for the porn stars once they wish to move on to more regular jobs & careers.

Leaving The Earth Behind

After having watched yet another movie (tv shows and animation also included) about the human race leaving the earth behind due to either an alien attack that devastated or threatens the existence of the planet/earthlings or because we had exhausted all or almost all of earth’s resources and have to find a new home. And I am thoroughly fascinated with this – not that I hate our planet. Evacuating is hard even if it just your street or neighbourhood or suburb or a city – just imagine on what a scale it will have to be to evacuate the planet! Just the humans alone is going to be tough but you have the animals & birds. I mean, pets might be easier to round up, like say dogs, cats, hamsters, horses etc you know, animals that you have some degree of control over and have easy reach to but imagine the stray animals and wild animals out there!

And I couldn’t bear to even think of us humans leaving for the safety of another planet/planets or a different star system and leave our animal friends behind. Well, I don’t really care for creepy crawling insects, wouldn’t bother me me if all spiders and mosquitoes died out! But the other animals and birds, sure I want them to survive. So lately I have been thinking about this colossal, massive grand scale, planet-wide project of building huge spaceships that can house all the beings of our planet in relative comfort, safety & security and partitioned off so that predators don’t attack their prey. In my mind’s eye (this usually happens when I am lying in bed at night) I see the massive effort it takes to get the ships built and then assign ships for each city/area and nation. What an nightmare for the organizers and volunteers that might be! Rounding up all the stray cats, dogs, cows, goats, crows, pigeons, etc etc in the towns and cities alone! Sheesh! And then the forests and hills and mountains for all the wild animals and birds. And then putting them in confined sections without hurting them.

And the humans, hopefully that won’t be much of a challenge. I imagine we’ll need multiple ships capable of housing a few million each and then launch these ships into space a few at a time, coordinating the efforts globally so that no one gets left behind and no ships collide or get lost from the chosen path. And finally when the last ships carrying the humans, animals & birds are leaving the earth – how will our home look? Deserted save for some insects and plants and trees! The great cities of mother earth abandoned, the skyscrapers, parks, squares and streets deserted and devoid of the life that was so vibrant. And we’re off – can’t do anything about it since we or some outside force ruined our planet and hence we have to leave or we could all die off. Good bye mother earth, we will miss you!

Despicable Me 2

After the tremendous positive response & box office success of the first film, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures brought out Despicable Me 2 in July of 2013. Steve Carell, Russell Brand, and Miranda Cosgrove reprise their roles while Kristen Wiig, who played Miss Hattie in the first film, voices agent Lucy Wilde and new voice roles go to Steve Coogan and Benjamin Bratt.

Set a little after the events of the first film, a secret laboratory, which contained a powerful mutagen known as PX-41 which can make indestructible and extremely aggressive monsters out of living organisms, near the Arctic Circle is stolen by a mysterious vehicle using a giant magnet. The Anti Villain League or AVL decide to recruit Gru, now out of the villainous business and a devote father to Margo, Edith and Agnes, to find out who the perpetrator is. The AVL sends agent Lucy Wilde to go bring Gru to their headquarters. Gru initially rejects their offer as he is more interested in making his legitimate business of making jellys and jams a success. He also has a big birthday pary for Agnes. However after another tasting that goes wrong Dr. Nefario, Gru’s friend and assistant, has decided to leave him for new employment, because he “missed being evil.” So Gru decides to reluctantly take the job and joins his new partner Lucy at the The Paradise Shopping Mall, where they are given a bakery called “Bake My Day” as their headquarters. On meeting Mexican restaurant owner Eduardo Perez, Gru suspects him to be the culprit as he believes that Perez is actually a super-villain called “El Macho”, a bad guy who became Gru’s inspiration for a villain who supposedly died after being TNT-laden, skysurfing a shark into the center of an active volcano.

At night the two break in but only find a hostile chicken and a secret recipe for Eduardo’s salsa in the restaurant. They then investigate wig maker Floyd Eagle-san but Gru still suspects Eduardo. Anges, who says her wish to find a mommy, suspects that Gru will fall in love with Lucy, even though he tells her that it is just professional. At a date setup with a woman named Shannon, things go horrible when his wig comes off and Lucy rescues him from the date by shooting Shannon with a tranquilizer dart. They take Shannon home, and after they say good night, Gru realizes that Agnes was right: he has fallen in love with Lucy. However the next day agents from AVL arrest Floyd as they found traces of the mutagen in his shop and Lucy is reassigned to Australia. Before leaving, Lucy gives Gru her lipstick taser to remind him of her. A heartbroken Gru goes home sad and cannot find the courage to call her. Instead he takes the girl to a Cinco de Mayo party at Eduardo’s restaurant and tries to keep Eduardo’s son Antonio who Margo ha fallen for. After he speaks to Eduardo, Gru follows the restaurant owner to a secret lair where he discovers that he was right after all! Eduardo is infact El Macho and he (and his helper, Dr. Nefario) have captured and mutated a large number of Gru’s minions using the PX-41, turning them into insane, savage purple-furred monsters. El Macho plans to send rockets full of mutated Minions to major cities and achieve world domination. El Macho tries to get Gru to join him but Gru leaves with his daughters. Margo, who in the meantime has broken up with Eduardo’s two-timing son, Antonio, who had left Margo for another girl. In his vengeance, Gru uses his freeze-ray to freeze Antonio in a block of ice.

Lucy, on her flight to Australia realizes that she has feelings for Gru so she jumps out of the plane and hang-glides down to the party. She is captured by El Macho, who knows she is an AVL agent. Fortunately Dr. Nefario who has had a change of heart, lets Gru know what is happening. Taking two of his minions disguised to look purple & pretending he was captured by two of the mutant creatures, Gru makes his way to El Macho’s mansion. Fighting alongside his daughters and Dr. Nefario, Gru and his team spray all of the mutated minions with awful-tasting jelly containing a powerful antidote that Dr. Nefario made, whereupon they revert to their friendly yellow state. El Macho then takes the mutagen himself, but Gru and Dr. Nefario overcome him using a fart gun and Lucy’s lipstick-taser. Gru then rescues Lucy, who is tied to a rocket and launched to the same volcano. Lucy accepts Gru’s invitation for a date, and the pair dives into the safety of the ocean seconds before the rocket enters the volcano. 147 dates later, Gru and Lucy are married and Margo, Edith and Agnes finally have a mother. The minions close with a rendition of “I Swear” (sung in minionese as “Underwear”) and “Y.M.C.A” while the whole family dances. Then, a purple furry minion shows up, surprising the family.

Lots of fun and enjoyment, even more than the first one, this is a must see with your family. The film has received positive reviews and has become a massive box office hit by grossing over $916 million against its budget of $76 million. 9.5 outta 10!

Babylon 5 : The River Of Souls

Babylon 5 : The River Of Souls is the 3rd feature length film (4th if you take in the pilot film into consideration) It was originally broadcast November 17, 1998 on TNT, as one of two films shown over the 1998–1999 season to fill in the gap between the fifth season of Babylon 5 and the first season of the spin-off series Crusade. Not all the main cast members were involved in the film. Jerry Doyle, Tracy Scoggins, Jeff Conaway, Richard Briggs return to play their roles and are joined by legendary actor Martin Sheen and Ian McShane. It is set six months in the year 2263, over half a year after the end of the Fifth Season.

Dr. Robert Bryson, an archaeologist in search of a means of immortality brings his most recent find to Babylon 5 – an orb containing one billion souls of an extinct race. Bryson had an excavation team on the alien planet and found the orb among many others and brought it with him. He then brings the orb with him to Babylon 5. Meanwhile on the station Captain Elizabeth Lockley is happy that nothing of consequence has happened to Babylon 5 in the 6 months since Sheridan and Garibaldi left the station. She speaks to Lt. Corwin about her theory a term she coined, the Sheridan-Garibaldi-Effect, which describes the chaos the two have brought to the station in past. Just as she finishes her though, Corwin informs her that Garibaldi has arrived a few minutes ago to conduct some business and to meet his employee Dr. Bryson. At the same time Security Chief Zack Allen is visiting an illegal holobrothel in Brown 11 to shut it down. The holobrothel uses photos of people to create a three dimensional copy of that person and people can have their fun with it with the help of a special suit. However when Zack tells the people there that it is dangerous to use these suits the owner of the holobrothel, Jacob Mayhew, calls for his lawyer James Riley who sues Lochley for damaging the reputation of his client. Later a soul hunter (Martin Sheen) arrives at the station saying that the orb containing a billion Ralga souls has been stolen from his people and is now on Babylon 5.

The mad Ralga souls manipulate Bryson to help them to get their revenge. The very powerful souls use the reactor to pass through the station and try to kill the Soul Hunter. But Lochley thrusts the Soul Hunter away and is almost killed by the electric shock. For a moment she is dead, which in that small window of time some of the Ralga souls bring her into their vessel to talk to her. Lochley finds out that the Ralga were not really dying when the Soul Hunters captured their souls they were evolving to an existence of pure energy. When she regains conscious she tells the Soul Hunter about her experience. He is shocked to hear that they may have made a mistake. Meanwhile many other Soul Hunter ships arrive at Babylon 5 and demand the soul vessel. The Soul Hunter aboard tries to tell them about their mistake but they don’t believe him because they think they never slip up. Zack & Garibaldi search an area where strange occurrences have been reported find a dead man who looks like he was frightened to death. There Jacob Mayhew appears again and verbally assaults Zack for impairing his business. When he realizes that shutting down the sector wasn’t to keep his customers away he shows them a strange energy stream coming out of his holobrothel. At this place they see a holographic illusion of Captain Lochley.

At this moment Captain Lochley, who has left the Med Lab, joins the group and sees the holo of herself. She is offended, and further shocked to hear that her image is more frequently used by the brothels female patrons. They realize that the souls are using the holograpic system to get bodies. Lochley gets the idea that these souls are using another resource than the reactor. They assume that these holographic illusions are used only to distract them from the real situation. So Lochley runs back to the holobrothel with a hand grenade and blows it up. Mayhew is not happy about that. The souls are trying to hack into the reactor on Sector 4. As they arrive in Grey 4 they find Bryson in the middle of a pillar of lights and faces. He’s in a kind of trance and holding the vessel of Ralga souls. Garibaldi tries to talk to him but as result the souls try to kill him. Security around Zack starts to shoot at the pillar but without harming it. So they stop shooting. The Soul Hunter decides to sacrifice himself as a bridge between his people and the souls of the Ralga. He wants to bring them back to their home world where they could find a way to release the souls from the vessel without killing them. The souls accept his offer and he dies. The souls release Bryson. Later Captain Lochley hands the vessel over to another Soul Hunter with the assurance that they keep their promise.

Finally Riley appears at Lochley’s office and tries to sue her for violating the rights of his client and destroying his facility. But she shoots it down with the fine print of his client’s contract about military operations.

Arsenal 2 Southampton 0

Delayed by about 15 minutes due to players having trouble reaching the stadium on time, the match kicked off at 8:45 pm IST. The match was almost a letdown after a really exciting Merseyside derby, filled with exciting attacking football, but still what Arsenal wanted was a quiter, no fuss game with a full 3 points against a visiting Southampton side. Arsenal welcomed Theo Walcott back from injury, but Mathieu Flamini is banned after amassing five yellow cards. Per Mertesacker returns after missing the defeat at Manchester United because of a virus. With 60,007 in attendance the match started with Arsenal dominating possession but lacking real grit and bite in their attack. Southampton also seemed more intent on sitting back and let Arsenal attack while they crowd the defense of their goal. And typically in such situations it was a huge mistake that led to the opening goal. Goalie Boruc made a huge gaff, trying to play a back pass too much and trying to dribble the ball away from Oliver Giroud. The French striker punished him by tackling the ball away from the goalie and putting the ball in the net. 1-0 Arsenal!

Southampton picked up their game and started taking more possession of the ball and pushed for an equalizer and at times it looked like they would get the deserved goal. Theo Walcott made his appearance as he replaced Santiago Cazorla in the 70th minute, while Tomas Rosicky, who had the flu but did recover in time, replaced an injured Mikel Arteta in the 74th minute. Arsenal would get their deserved second goal sealing the victory when a penalty was conceded by Jose Fonte after a foul in the penalty area on Metezacker. Giroud stepped up and converted the penalty with a left footed shot to the bottom right corner.

Earlier in the evening I sat back with some coffee to watch the Merseyside derby and what a match it was. The first 9 minutes were filled with explosive attacking football and two goals were scored as Liverpool, who were the visitors, and Everton found themselves at 1-1. Liverpool would go into the halftime up 2 goals to 1 after a superb Suarez freekick goal but Everton took the lead with two goals by Lukaku. However 8 minutes before the end of the 90, Liverpool scored an equalizer and that’s how the game ended – 3-3 and a delight to watch!

A Few Wonderful Quotes

The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself. – Richard Francis Burton

Deaths in the Bible. God – 2,270,365 not including the victims of Noah’s flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers were given. Satan – 10

Jesus’ last words on the cross, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” hardly seem like the words of a man who planned it that way. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure there is something wrong here. – Donald Morgan

George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and Christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd. – Sam Harris

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. – George Bernard Shaw

We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes – Gene Roddenberry

Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.

Man created God in his image : intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent.

Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people. -Carlespie Mary Alice McKinney

A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. – Albert Einstein