Star Trek: TOS Women 14

As I currently rewatching all 3 seasons of Star Trek TOS I am in the process of documenting more of the TOS women. Yeoman Mears is the one for today. Mears (first name not entered) was a Starfleet yeoman, portrayed as a blue eyed, dusky beauty serving aboard the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, in the 2260s. Her one and only TOS appearance is in the stellar season 1 episode The Galileo 7. In 2267 (Stardate: 2821.5), Mears was assigned to accompany Lieutenant Commander Spock’s mission to study the Murasaki 312 phenomenon aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo. Their mission is to study ¬†Murasaki 312, a quasar-like formation. Along with Spock & Mears are Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott,¬† lieutenants¬†Latimer,¬†Gaetano, and Boma.

However while inside the phenomenon, the shuttlecraft encounters rough turbulence, knocking it off-course. The electrical interference generated by the phenomenon makes¬†sensors¬†unreliable and communication impossible for the shuttlecraft, as well as for the¬†Enterprise. The¬†Galileo¬†is forced to make an emergency landing on¬†Taurus II, a lone planet at the heart of Murasaki 312. While Scotty attempts repairs Gaetano and Latimer are sent out to scout the area. The crash survivors are attacked by giant,¬†spear-wielding, “cave man”-like humanoids. Both Latimer & Gaetano are killed in separate attacks and Spock comes under fire for his “cold & distant” approach with just logic while the humans are unable to overcome their grief over the deaths of their fellow crewmen. Mears is one of the 5 survivors who makes it back to orbit in the much damaged ship and they are rescued by Enterprise when they are beamed aboard just in time before the Galileo is destroyed.

Mears was played by the late Phyllis Douglas (24 July¬†1936¬†‚Äst12 May¬†2010; age 73). She also appeared as one of the hippes in the episode “The Way to Eden“. Douglas (daughter of famous assistant director Ridgeway Callow) made her feature acting debut at the age of two in the epic classic¬†Gone With the Wind¬†(1939, photographed by¬†Ernest Haller). She later appeared (again, without credit) in the film¬†Raintree County, which also featured¬†DeForest Kelley. In 1959’s¬†Girls Town¬†she played the character Eleanor alongside¬†Elinor Donahue. She also appeared in two episodes of¬†Batman¬†(both with¬†Lawrence Montaigne). Douglas retired from acting and sold recreational vehicle lots in Palm Springs, California. She¬†passed away¬†on May 12, 2010.

First Mouse On Mars

Today India gears up for its first mission to Mars, which if successful, would make it the first Asian nation to reach the Red Planet. The unmanned Mars Orbiter spacecraft is scheduled for lift-off on Tuesday afternoon from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR located on Sriharikota Island off the coast of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

As this historic moment, may I remind you about the time that I sent the first mouse to Mars (photographic evidence is just below)?

After the mission the mouse reported that he felt lonely out in space as the trek was too long but he was extremely proud to boldly go where no mouse or man has gone before. However on reaching there he was quite disturbed to find that there was no evidence of cheese on the surface of Mars and a detailed study revealed that there has never ever been any cheese on Mars. He was traumatized by this discovery and has been in psychiatric care since he returned.