The First Week Of November

This search for a new job is not going well. After a long search I’ve only had 2 companies that had a forma interview with me face to face, several interests over the phone and a handful of email enquiries. I must say that the companies do a terrible job of getting back to you or saying “we’ve decided to go another route/way” or whatever. They want you to get to their offices at a particular time and date for their needs but can’t have the decency to inform you in one way or the other afterwards cause now they have no need for you.

The weather had turned much warmed these days. From highs of 26-29 degree Celsius that we were  enjoying for most of September & October, November has become much hotter and sweatier with 30-32 degrees each day. When it rains it doesn’t help much as it just makes things even more humid and hot after it stops. And the mosquitoes are back with a vengeance; having missed us a lot during the monsoon season with heavy rains and cold winds, these little vampires are now hunting for human blood at full throttle. Last night was terrible and I had to resort to using a mosquito bat to kill off a hundred or so of these bastards.

And in other news I am down with a blasted head cold yet again. It doesn’t help my sinuses that there is work going on in the apartment and all that dust and stuff plays havoc with my breathing issues. Today I was ok till about 11am when I suddenly felt a cold coming on and started sneezing like hell. I sneezed like a monster for a few hours. My sneezes were like Black Metal banshee screams! Laid down and slept it for about 3 hours and feel a lot better.