Reasons You Should be Blogging

I’ve been reading blogs since 2001-02. I first started started blogging in a blogger account in 2002. In October of 2005 as I started blogging more and more and did not like what my first blog was becoming I created a new account and tried blogging more regularly and more about personal things. Then on January 1st 2007 I created and set up this blog website with this URL and I’ve been at it for almost 7 years. I’ve been blogging almost every day (totally missed days must be less than 30; about a month) and I usually do multiple posts on a regular basis. Why do I keep at it and why do I think you should create your own blog or if you were a blogger, that you should get back to blogging?

For one, blogging is a great way to get your creative juices working. You can work on your language skills and your writing skills. Next, it’s a great way to capture your thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions and the events that have happened to you. Years from now when I want to check on something that I had noted back in 2008 – all I gotta do is come to my blog and search for the event with the keywords and voila – there it is! I have had to rely on my blog posts to remember certain places, events and even certain details that others have forgotten but need it now. And it always impresses people when you can help them or get some point that was discussed back then. It’s helpful and resourceful.

You get to meet a lot of people who share your opinions and/or like your blog posts and make friends with them. You can create a community of like-minded people and help promote each other’s blogs. Positives, positives galore! Get to writing!