Leaving The Earth Behind

After having watched yet another movie (tv shows and animation also included) about the human race leaving the earth behind due to either an alien attack that devastated or threatens the existence of the planet/earthlings or because we had exhausted all or almost all of earth’s resources and have to find a new home. And I am thoroughly fascinated with this – not that I hate our planet. Evacuating is hard even if it just your street or neighbourhood or suburb or a city – just imagine on what a scale it will have to be to evacuate the planet! Just the humans alone is going to be tough but you have the animals & birds. I mean, pets might be easier to round up, like say dogs, cats, hamsters, horses etc you know, animals that you have some degree of control over and have easy reach to but imagine the stray animals and wild animals out there!

And I couldn’t bear to even think of us humans leaving for the safety of another planet/planets or a different star system and leave our animal friends behind. Well, I don’t really care for creepy crawling insects, wouldn’t bother me me if all spiders and mosquitoes died out! But the other animals and birds, sure I want them to survive. So lately I have been thinking about this colossal, massive grand scale, planet-wide project of building huge spaceships that can house all the beings of our planet in relative comfort, safety & security and partitioned off so that predators don’t attack their prey. In my mind’s eye (this usually happens when I am lying in bed at night) I see the massive effort it takes to get the ships built and then assign ships for each city/area and nation. What an nightmare for the organizers and volunteers that might be! Rounding up all the stray cats, dogs, cows, goats, crows, pigeons, etc etc in the towns and cities alone! Sheesh! And then the forests and hills and mountains for all the wild animals and birds. And then putting them in confined sections without hurting them.

And the humans, hopefully that won’t be much of a challenge. I imagine we’ll need multiple ships capable of housing a few million each and then launch these ships into space a few at a time, coordinating the efforts globally so that no one gets left behind and no ships collide or get lost from the chosen path. And finally when the last ships carrying the humans, animals & birds are leaving the earth – how will our home look? Deserted save for some insects and plants and trees! The great cities of mother earth abandoned, the skyscrapers, parks, squares and streets deserted and devoid of the life that was so vibrant. And we’re off – can’t do anything about it since we or some outside force ruined our planet and hence we have to leave or we could all die off. Good bye mother earth, we will miss you!