Wicked Evil People

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

I do not think that there is a special reason for evil, like demons or the devil or black magic or something supernatural that is behind it or the reason for evil to happen. No, that’s just plain old folks tales and best left in the mythology section of your local library. I do not believe in god or gods, angels, demons or devils. The only reason why evil things, not evil as an entity, but evil acts, evil deeds, evil things happen is because of man! Humans are the cause for evil in fact all the evil in this world past, present & future. I do not think that animals & birds are capable of being evil or doing evil acts.

I don’t know about evil people. I think people do evil things, evil acts. Some just do them a lot more than others and they do it in various degrees. But there are some things that they do that might be considered evil. Why do people do such things? I blame a lot of things – parents, upbringing, social structure, friends, relatives, peer pressure and even personal choice. A lot of things contribute to making a person good or bad. Sometimes you have a person, who either sees something bad and wants to experiment with it himself/herself and then likes the feeling of it. The sense of control, breaking a taboo / rule. People do get fucked up in their head and when they are not capable of having that internal check that says ‘This is wrong’ they do more of the bad things. And the seem to get some pleasure out of it, seeing the power they have over other people and animals and the effect it has on their targets. Evil can also be because one feels superior over another – physically, morally & intellectually – and hence considers it a ‘might is right’ privilege.

Ofcourse I see that religion is the one thing that can make ordinary people do evil things – because a holy book, holy man, prophet, religious doctrine says so – let me do it cause then it cannot be evil can it? And I get the benefit of it cause my god must want me to do it. And I reap the rewards, who care what happens to the other people or animals as a result of my evil? That is the worst kind of evil.

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Journey Of ISON

It may have taken more than a million years of travel to reach the inner solar system but when Comet ISON passes by the sun the show should be worth waiting for. ISON, named after the International Scientific Optical Network project will get as close as one million kilometres from the sun’s surface. But scientists aren’t sure how it will hold up – if the heat doesn’t kill it, the sun’s gravity may rip it apart. If ISON survives intact its closest point to the earth will come in a few days. Astronomers spotted the comet a year ago giving them plenty of time to prepare for the flyby. With so few comets making it into our solar system ISON is an eagerly awaited cosmic event.

In December, ISON will grow dimmer, and it might visible from both hemispheres of Earth. It will be well placed for observers in the northern hemisphere during mid to late December 2013. After perihelion, it will move north on the celestial sphere, passing within two degrees of Polaris on 8 January. ISON may be visible to the naked eye until early January 2014.

Note: you can also follow ISON’s current progress as seen from SOHO at their website!