Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 1

Playing late on Monday, Arsenal were under pressure to win and regain their top spot in the premier league standings. A win was needed as the Gunners visited Aston Villa. Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud gave Arsenal a two-goal lead at half-time but they had to dig in after Christian Benteke pulled a goal back for Villa. Villa were booed off at half-time after a limp display, and Arsenal looked certain to take all three points up until the final 25 minutes. Villa had spent much of the game chasing shadows and being outclassed but finally then rallied after the introduction of forward Andreas Weimann and managed to give the visitors some anxious moments when Christian Benteke scored his first goal since 14 September with a diving header 14 minutes from time.

The Gunners held on for what was a vital, and deserved, win as they extended an unbeaten record at Villa Park to 15 matches stretching back to December 1998. Wenger added that he believes Wilshere is now getting back to his best after playing a key role in the win. The England midfielder has seen his career interrupted by injuries, but he scored Arsenal’s opener then set up Giroud in the space of a minute in the first half as Arsenal secured the win that puts them back on top. If Wenger had any complaints on a night when the Gunners went a point clear at the top of the table, it will be that they did not turn their dominance into more goals and somehow allowed Villa the chance of an unlikely point in an uncomfortable spell near the end.

There was mixed injury news for Wenger. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain returned as a late substitute for the first time since the opening day defeat by Villa. He replaced Tomas Rosicky, who sustained a nose injury in an aerial challenge with Gabriel Agbonlahor, and Arsenal will also check defender Nacho Monreal on Tuesday to see if he has a broken metatarsal. Arsenal now have 48 points after 21 games played with Manchester City just a point behind and Chelsea sitting at #3 with 46 points.

Star Trek : TOS Women 18

From the season 2 episode By Any Other Name, we have the gorgeous Kelinda. She is a Kelvan, a member of an expedition from the Kelvan Empire¬†in the¬†radiation-imperiled¬†Andromeda Galaxy. Her ancestors were part of a wave of¬†multi-generational starships¬†dispatched to nearby¬†galaxies¬†to find new territories for the Empire to conquer and occupy. Reaching the¬†Milky Way Galaxy¬†after centuries in the intergalactic void, her ship was destroyed crossing the¬†galactic barrier. Under¬†Rojan’s command, Kelinda escaped with three other crew members in a life-craft to¬†an unnamed Class M planet. The Kelvans¬† adopted¬† humanoid¬† forms¬† more compatible with the new region’s intelligent life and available transportation.

After a false¬†distress call¬†attracted the attention of¬†Captain James T. Kirk, Rojan’s crew hijacked the¬†USS¬†Enterprise, so they could return home and report their discoveries to the¬†Kelvan Empire. Kelinda’s mind was briefly probed¬†by¬†Spock, and she was attacked by Kirk in an escape attempt. The humanoid sense perceptions and emotional tendencies were alien to Kelvan experience, leading Kirk and his senior officers to exploit Kelvan weaknesses. Kelinda immediately recognized Kirk’s apology for striking her was merely an opening for seduction, but she welcomed his efforts and embrace. Rojan was incited to a jealous rage by Kirk and Kelinda’s repeated ‘apology’ sessions. Kirk suggested that the Kelvan’s new humanity could be fully realized on a planet in the Milky Way, and Kelinda eagerly endorsed the idea of a life of humanoid sensations experienced with Rojan.

The role of Kelinda was portrayed by German-American actress and later entrepreneur Barbara Bouchet. She has acted in more than 80 films and television episodes and founded a production company that has produced fitness videos and books. She also owns and operates a fitness studio. She is more famous for playing Miss Moneypenny in Casino Royale (1967). Born Barbara Goutscher in 1943 in Reichenberg (which was then part of Germany but has since seceded to the Czech Republic) her family emigrated to San Francisco, California. She entered modeling and show business as a teenager and eventually moved to Hollywood to expand into a film career. Since the seventies, she has been living in Rome, Italy, where she has become a celebrity by starring in B-Movies.

Land Of Confusion

There’s too many men, too many people / Making too many problems / And there’s not much love to go around / Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

Genesis had it right all those years ago when the British Prog rock band released a song with the same title as this post and had those lines in their lyrics. When I look at the news headlines, the reaction of people, the comments on social networking sites, people on the street, listening to people – this is one fucked up race we have. And there’s way too many of us causing a lot of grief to ourselves, to the animals and birds and to nature. How much have we raped the earth? What all are our fellow human beings doing that slowly destroys the beauty & resources of this planet? Our mother earth cannot take much more of this strife from us humans.

This was a blog prompt that I found in another website and it just brought a lot of images to my mind about all the stuff that has happened in just the last year. What is it about the human race? Can we not just chuck out our differences and get along with everyone so that we can progress for the betterment of all of us? Why not focus on the necessary things and good things and develop as a race that has conquered hunger, thirst, diseases, war, famine, death & destruction from natural disasters and explore the universe?

Can we all not just live as one race?

Bizarro World Roshan

In the DC comics universe, a planet called ‚ÄúHtrae‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúEarth‚ÄĚ spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of superheroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves.

Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself ‚ÄĒ or a story in a bizarre, backwards world.

Wow, Bizarro World version of me. What would my opposite self be like? Well, everything that I want to be. Ok, I’m going to give you guys my dream version of me, one I wish I was so here goes.

Bizzarro world Roshan is taller (can it be?) & slimmer. He also did well in college and went on to get a job with a big IT company that placed him in Canada. Choose the city (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax etc etc). There he settled down making a good living, occasionally visiting his folks back home in India. By age 26 he met a sweet, kind hearted, hot blonde who became his best friend, lover and, by the time they both turned 30, his wife. They both live in a nice big bungalow style house in their city (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax etc etc). They live very happily, devoted to each other, raise 2 dogs and 2 cats (yes the complete family) and spend their free time watching movies & tv shows, cooking great meals together, enjoying each other’s company and fucking each other’s brains out on a regular basis! Oh and they enjoy going on holidays.

There. That’s what I would think bizzaro world’s version of me is doing!

Conflict Resolution

You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

I’m not the most level headed guy in the world. Infact, I’m fueled by passion and sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me and lash out if I feel that I or others are in the wrong. Especially by people I can’t stand and/or are abusing their authority. That’s me in a nutshell, I do not always have a big control over my feelings. I am an emotional person. However I have proved to some people and to myself, much to even my surprise, that I can be a good choice for someone who can cool things down as well.

Not all the time mind you. But a few times here and there I can be called up to be the mediator, the referee, the “cool-down-guys” person! A few people have even asked me or looked to me to intervene and cool things down from time to time. So if asked and I felt that I could prove useful I would try and cool things down. Get people to think first before they speak. Change the topic of introduce something else that the opposing factions both agree on and change the mood. When cool heads have prevailed, then maybe we can get back to the matter at hand and see if we can resolve things without bloodshed.

If only that happened all the time.

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She (1965)

She is a 1965 film made by Hammer Film Productions, based on the novel by H. Rider Haggard, directed by Robert Day. The movie stars Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, John Richardson, Rosenda Monteros and Christopher Lee.

The opening scene is in 1918 Palestine, where Professor Holly, young Leo Vincey and their manservant Job are celebrating their honourable discharge from the British Army by embark on the exploration of a previously uncharted region of north-east Africa. Drinking at an establishment, Holly & Job are dancing with the belly dancers while Leo is enchanted by a young beautiful woman who introduces herself as Ustane. While his older companions get into a fight at the drinking establishment, Leo walks into the streets with Ustane and after they kiss, he is knocked unconscious by some men who were with her. Leo wakes up in a large house and meets the beautiful Ayesha who is also known as “She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed”, an immortal queen and high priestess. After they embrace and kiss, she gives him a map the lost city of Kuma and tells him to prove himself by making it to the city. Leo leaves and shows the map to both Holly & Job but is unable to find Ayesha again. They set off on camels through the desert but are attacked & looted by a group of natives.

The three men walk as their camels were looted and running out of water, with an injured Leo, they almost give up hope when Ustane comes to them with provisions and water. With Leo losing consciousness due to heavy loss of blood, they are taken by African tribal men to a village and are led to a small hut where Ustane’s father¬†Haumeid awaits them. However the native tribesmen see a medial with a man’s image on it that looks like Leo and prepare to sacrifice him. The princess of the tribe leads the men in a ceremonial dance and they are about to kill him when Ayesha’s chief priest Billali arrives with a set of guards. They carry Leo to an ancient path that leads to a large rock statue of a man – the entrance of a cave is at the foot of the carving. They have reached the the lost city of Kuma, a realm ruled over by Aysha. She tells the party that believes Leo is the physically identical reincarnation of her former lover, the priest Kallikrates (whom she killed when she found him in an intimate embrace with another woman about two thousand years before). Now, having anticipated and awaited his return, Ayesha wants Leo, once he has recovered to walk into a mystical blue fire, which occurs only briefly during certain astronomical alignments. By entering the fire, Leo also will become immortal and take his place as Kallikrates.

However, while Leo is smitten by Ayesha, he is also moved by the love shown by Ustane, who calls him My Leo. He is also upset when Ayesha’s guards kills 15 of the tribal slaves, for their breaking of the rules of trying to harm him. Leo goes to strike Ayesha but is unable to do so, completely enthralled by her. Ayesha for her part, has Ustane killed (as she sees her kissing Leo and knows that she has fallen in love with him) and the guards deliver her ashes to Haumeid. Angered by the death of his daughter, Haumeid leads a rebellion of the tribesmen against the royal guards. In the midst of this battle Ayesha leads Leo to chamber that houses the mystical blue fire as it is time. However Billali attacks Leo as he wants immortality for himself as well; the chief priest is killed by Ayesha. Holly & Job arrive and watch as Ayesha takes Leo’s hand and leads him into the fire, and he becomes immortal. However, her second exposure to the fire destroys Ayesha’s immortality, and she dies as her body rapidly ages, decays and dies. Leo, despondent, refuses to leave along with Holly & Job, and states that he doesn’t care how long it takes for the fire to next burn blue, but it will find him waiting to undo his immortality.

Not horror but a really good fantasy/supernatural film that Hammer does well. It drags on for a bit but the latter half more than makes up for the slower paced beginnings. 7.5 outta 10!

My Room Post Painting

The apartment is having paint work done (as are the rest of the apartments in my building after we’ve had the bathrooms & plumbing / pipes redone). We’ve completed the common room yesterday and today it’s the turn of my bedroom.

So from a sickly Gelusil medicine pink colour we are moving onto a light blue. It’s an improvement I guess.

It’s bare bones for now. Haven’t put up everything or arranged my stuff completely but this is what it looks today after the painting was done.

The two art works will go back up on the wall tomorrow. As will the ship model and (ahem) my pink teddy bear which was a gift.

Finally, a scented candle that I lit to get rid of the paint smell in the room.

Sherlock : The Sign Of Three

Quite simple the most hilarious and fun and probably the best episode so far in the series. It’s John & Mary’s wedding day; the first scenes sees¬†DI Lestrade (Rupert Graves) and Sergeant Donovan (Vinette Robinson) are on the verge of arresting a criminal gang (or family) when Lestrade gets a few urgent texts from Sherlock asking for help. After calling for backup and racing to 221 B Baker street, he discovers that Sherlock is simply struggling to write a best man speech for John’s upcoming wedding to Mary. On the morning of the wedding both Mrs. Hudson, who is also attending, and Mycroft, who is not, tell Sherlock that marriage changes everyone. At the reception, John is delighted to see Major James Sholto, his former commander. Sholto lives in seclusion, having received death threats and media scrutiny after losing a unit of new soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sherlock, as best man, has his speech all prepared. Initially he starts off badly reading out the wedding telegrams, but he quickly discards them as being generic. He recounts the story of how John came to ask him to be best man and admits his deep love and respect for John. He also delivers a fabulous speech that I just had to watch a few times while laughing out loud! Sherlock then launches into a rambling narrative, describing the importance of John in an attempted murder he and Watson had worked on, “the Bloody Guardsman”; a case they never solved of a guardsman, who had contacted Sherlock & Watson saying he was sure that he was being stalked by a man with a camera, who killed while in the shower alone and with no weapon or escape route in sight! Sherlock cites it as an example of John’s compassion; instead of trying to solve the murder as Sherlock did, John examined Bainbridge’s body and discovered that he still had a pulse, thus requesting an ambulance and saving his life. Later, after Sherlock recounts his & John’s attempt to drink a pint each at a bar on the same streets as the cases they have worked on, they get another case. several days after going to a man’s apartment for dinner, a woman who worked as a private nurse found that the apartment was vacated, and that the man was listed as having died weeks ago. Sherlock and John, still inebriated from John’s stag night, attempted to search for clues, but were arrested instead. The next morning, an amused Lestrade secured their release from jail. Sherlock chatted to other London women with a similar experience, but failed to find any significant connection between them. With John’s help, he concluded that the perpetrator was a man bored with marriage, who disguised himself as recently deceased single men and used their unoccupied homes to meet the women.

As Sherlock is winding his speech and about to toast the newly wed couple he freezes recalling that the nurse knew John’s middle name (Hamish). Since John never uses it, Sherlock deduces that the nurse had seen it in a wedding invitation. Sherlock concludes that all of the women who worked for Sholto in various capacities and were bound by confidentiality, were women that this mysterious man dated once! The Mayfly Man courted them to find and attack Sholto, and the wedding is his chance. Sherlock informs Sholto who then goes to his room and gets his gun. Sherlock, John, and Mary race to the room to try and save him, but he refuses to open the door until the case is solved. Sherlock deduces that the Bloody Guardsman case is linked to Sholto’s, and pinpoints the military uniform both wore as the common link; since Bainbridge collapsed in the shower, he must have been stabbed with a¬†stiletto-type blade beforehand, but with his military waist belt firmly holding the flesh together, the damage would not take effect until the belt loosened. Upon hearing this explanation, Sholto contemplates¬†suicide¬†by loosening his belt and bleeding to death, as he has been severely depressed from the loss of his unit and the subsequent public animosity. Sherlock convinces him not to, primarily by insisting that it would be cruel to do at John’s wedding. Sholto then opens the door and requests medical assistance.

Later that evening Sherlock has the photographer brought back to the hall and identifies him to Lestrade as Jonathan Small, the Mayfly Man, deducing that he was the only person who could have stabbed Sholto. He points out that the photographer’s brother was one of the men killed under Sholto’s command, and concludes that he stabbed Bainbridge as practice for this murder. After Sherlock plays the violin for John and Mary’s first dance, he quietly reveals to them that he has observed in Mary “increased appetite, change in taste perception, and sickness in the morning, the signs of three”, implying that she is pregnant. Last shot shows Sherlock leaving the hall alone, while everyone else dances and enjoys the evening.

No Longer a Mere Mortal

You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal. Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life? How will you live life differently, knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?

Once I become an immortal, which I have always wanted, I would have to map out a plan to move locations every 5-8 years so that people who meet & know me personally do not get suspicious about the fact that I do not age at all. I may have to be careful about how close I get to people and how much about me that I should let on. Relationships won’t last more than a few years in each city. But I will have to find ways to leave and not cause too much of a concern each time I move.

Learning new trades will help as will saving a lot of money. Cause you know, you don’t want to be doing the same kind of job forever! And this case, it is literally forever. So new trades, new jobs in every 20-30 years will also help to make things interesting. The opportunity to really grow as you experience life is there for the taking. Thus I will also live to see so many places and experience life in those places.

I’d also have to learn or find really good forgers so I can change my identity a lot so as to not be trackable. Imagine if governments found out that I was immortal; what a ruckus that would create! Hmmm, if people do find out that I am immortal, will they start worshiping me as a god?I could start my own religion! Bow down to the holy Rosh! Nah – too cheesy!

Facing Up To The Bald Truth

Oh damn! There is no two ways to look at it. I am bald! I’ve known it for a while but I always seem to forget it or not accept it at some level. But I can’t deny it anymore or feign ignorance. I am bald. I have hair on my head but there’s a big bald spot on the back of my head and my front hairline is receding badly. I usually like to grow my hair a bit and only cut my hair once every 2.5-3 months and that way my bald spot isn’t very glaringly noticeable. Not after today.

Today after a long gap of 3 months I went to get my hair cut. Unfortunately I have not found a new barber shop or saloon despite my declaration after my last hair cut (please read here) and I had to go to the same place that I have gone to for the last 4 times and with each time a new barber, to whom I have to repeat my instruction on how to cut my hair in the safest way possible to not screw up the baldness terribly.

After today’s hair cut – yes the new guy is terrible and it just feels & looks awful – my balding forehead and top/back of my head is quite prominent. I can’t do much about it so I have to resign myself to the fact that I am bald and will so be completely so, somewhere in my 40s, which is only 2 years and 7 months away. Someday before that I hope to be daring enough to take razor to head and just shave the whole crop off and let it breathe! That – and or perhaps a wig, weave – are the only things I can do!

The Guilt Trip

Released in December of 2012, The Guilt Trip is a mother-son bonding comedy-drama movie starring Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen who also executive produced the film. Directed by¬†Anne Fletcher¬†from a screenplay written by¬†Dan Fogelman the movie also sees Jeff Kober, Adam Scott, Brett Cullen, Kathy Najimy & Colin Hanks in small roles. Although I was expecting a comedy film more on the likes of what I normally see Rogen do, this isn’t a film that focuses on the humour but more on the interaction between a mother & her son. I haven’t watched Streisand in enough roles to know if this is a departure from her usual stuff too.

Seth Rogen plays Andy Brewster an inventor who is trying to get his organic cleaning product, ScioClean, in a major retail store and not having much success in doing so. After an unsuccessful effort making a sales pitch with K-Mart, he goes to visit his mother Joyce, who always calls him, several times a day, before leaving on a cross-country trip to Las Vegas. As she talks to him about his failed relationships, she finally confesses to him that she named him Andrew after the first young man, Andrew Margolis, she had fallen in love with, while in Florida. As Andrew hadn’t objected to her being courted by another man and didn’t propose to her, she accepted the marriage proposal from the man who would become her husband and Andy’s father. Seth, although initially blown away by this revelation, does a little research & finds Andrew Margolis is still alive and unmarried living in San Francisco working for the same company as when he had met Joyce. Andy invites his unknowing mother on the trip, claiming he wants to spend some time with her.

The trip is not a successful one as he gets rejected at each place that he does the sales pitch at while Joyce continues to interfere in his life. After their car breaks down in Tennessee Joyce calls Andy’s ex-girlfriend Jessica (who Joyce insists Andy should get back together with) to pick them up. At a pregnant and married Jessica’s house she reveals that Andy proposed to her before college and she turned him down, shocking Joyce, who believed Andy had trouble proposing to women. Joyce apologizes to Andy and he accepts but at the Costco meeting Joyce stays back at the table when Andy is talking with the representative and criticizes the products bottling and name along with Ryan to the point that Andy snaps at him, saying “I’m not changing the goddamn label”. Later at night Andy snaps at her when she tries talking to him as he nurses a drink and she walks off to the bar. Later Andy attempts to retrieve his mother but gets in a fight with a bar patron who attempts to stop her from leaving, receiving a black eye in the process. Things are tense between mother & son but the next day at¬† a steak restaurant the next day the two exchange apologies and Andy reveals that he is failing at selling ScioClean. Joyce enters a steak eating challenge where she is noticed by cowboy-styled businessman Ben Graw, who gives her tips on eating and helps her finish the challenge. Ben later says that he does business in New Jersey and gives his card to Joyce, hoping to meet her for a date once she is back from the trip.

Andy and Joyce begin to genuinely enjoy each other’s company after, taking time out of their trip to visit the Grand Canyon (which Joyce has always wanted to visit) and having many other adventures. At Las Vegas Joyce has such a good time that she asks Andy to leave her while he visits San Francisco, forcing him to reveal that there is no sales pitch in San Francisco and he only invited her to get her to meet Andrew Margolis. Joyce is very distraught as she believed Andy invited her because he actually wanted to spend time with her. He goes to make his pitch at the Home Shopping Network but finds that his science-fact based pitch bores the network’s executives and makes them uninterested. When he sees Joyce, Andy remembers her suggestions and does a much better jobby appealing to the Network’s host family safety and drinking his own product, proving that it is organic and safe for children. Afterwards the Network CEO approaches him and shows genuine interest in selling ScioClean on the Network. Andy & Joyce then head to the address listed as the residence of Andrew Margolis only to meet his son, Andrew Jr and learn that the father died 5 years ago. After seeing Joyce’s grief he invites them inside, where he learns that his father and Joyce were close. She asks if Andrew’s father ever mentioned her, but he says he never did as he only confided personal information to their mother, who is away. However he then introduces his sister, who is named Joyce after Andy’s mom. Joyce is overjoyed by this as she had previously stated her belief that you name your children after someone you cherished and want to remember. Joyce is joyful that she mattered to Andrew.

At the airport in San Francisco ¬†they part ways at the San Francisco Airport; Andy to make his next sales pitch and Joyce back to New Jersey, where she arranges a date with Ben Graw. The two leave content and much closer than they had been. A sweet ending one which I liked a lot more than the rest of the movie. It was an ok film, not really that funny and parts of it lacks anything interesting. Of a $40 mil budget the movie, which got mixed reviews, only made $41 mil back. I’d give it a 7 outta 10!

Pics From Marine Drive Walkway

Don’t you love the sea and the ocean? Cochin is truly a coastal city and we have the Arabian Sea next to us and tourists and locals like me alike love to go on boat rides (although I haven’t gone for one in a couple of years).

The most common are these simple boats with just the basic stuff, that you can rent for Rs.100 per head for an hour’s ride around the area (or is it two hours? I forget!). There are house boats that you rent as well which are much, much more expensive. I’ve been on a few no frills house boats (two decks, wicker chairs, cd player included) but there are more luxurious houseboats that cater to rich people, that you can rent and relax in.

The big complain I have is that the Marine drive area waters – the place is filthy. So much rubbish and plastic bottles and who knows what else is dumped by irresponsible idiots. It’s a bit better these days as I think some cleaning project was taken up by the authorities but we still have a long way to go.

Last but not least, over population is a concern and so I’m glad that the railways at the edge have these boards that advertise Moods condoms, who sponsor the boards. Be safe! ;)

Buffet Lunch With My Buddy Anil

I hadn’t seen my buddy Anil since October of 2013. I wanted to get together with him in December but with my injured foot I just couldn’t go out. Today out of the blue he wants to meet for lunch and called me at around 10:30 am to fix up a meeting. I said sure, I wasn’t doing anything so I could go and spend a few hours.

we met at around 11:30 at Menaka and walked across to Bay Pride Mall for coffee at the Abad Food Court (one of our favourite places to sit and chat over a cold drink or two). After a long chat, the place started getting crowded, so we went to the walkway and found a nice bench next to a shady tree and sat there for a while as we talked about recent stuff in both our lives.

By around 1:30 pm we were hungry and we looked around for a good place to have lunch that also served beer. We went over to Hotel SeaLord (a place where I’ve been to twice before but never had anything other than some beer and fish fingers) and found out that they also have a buffet. So we ordered a couple of Kingfisher Premium lagers and munched on some peanuts before going to try the buffet.

The buffet was reasonably priced at Rs.199 per head (most places have ridiculous prices) and so we went to try some food. The salad (with some kind of dressing that was really good) was delicious as were the honey glazed potato fries. The chicken was disappointing.

For round two we had rice (he had plain white rice while I had the disappointing, bland and a little cold vegetable pulao), poppadom and this time they had changed the chicken dish and it was a lot better with fish and some more of the potatoes. Overall it was ok, not much of a recommend from me. by 4:45 pm I was back at home.

Home Is…

If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ to you?

The only way that I would ever opt for a nomadic life is if I had tons of money. See the thing I hate most about traveling, especially in India, is trains. I hate the trains we have and I can never get enough sleep while in them and I hate having to go to the toilet in them. I just do. Also I do not like waiting for hours at bus stops and train stations, that is jut terrible. Ideally I would live the nomadic life only if I had easy access to comfortable travel. Planes, trains, cars, buses, mini-vans, ships – whichever means of travel I have to take, it had better be comfortable.

But I need a home base for safety, security & a center. I think most people do need that. When all the travel for the time being is done, you need to come back to a place that is safe, familiar, comfortable and relaxing. Call that home. It can also be a few places instead of just one place but again, you would need a load of cash for creating a few homes around the globe. But I would need that place or places to come back to. Where you can put your feet up, relax in your jammies and shut the door on the craziness of the outside world.

That’s what makes “home” for me. It’s where your stuff is and where you can be yourself.

RIP Eusébio Da Silva Ferreira

The footballing world lost one of it’s legends today when Portugese great Eus√©bio da Silva Ferreira commonly called just Eusebio died at the age of 71.¬† The Mozambican-born¬†Portuguese¬†football¬†forward is considered one of the greatest footballers of all-time. During his professional career, he scored 733 goals in 745 matches. Crowned European Footballer of the Year in 1965, Eusebio was Golden Boot winner at the World Cup 12 months later, scoring nine times in just six games, including four in an incredible quarter-final win over North Korea at Goodison Park, when Portugal came back from three goals down, an individual haul exceeded only once in the competition’s entire history.

English audiences were captivated by him. In addition to landing the BBC’s Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award in 1966, he also had a waxwork created by Madame Tussauds in London. So popular had Eusebio become that Portuguese dictator Antonio Salazar passed a decree that prevented the player leaving the country to take up a lucrative offer from Inter Milan. He played for¬†Benfica¬†for 15 years out of his 22 as a footballer, thus being mainly associated with the Portuguese club, and is the team’s all-time top scorer with 638 goals scored in 614 official games. There, he won eleven¬†Primeira Liga¬†titles, five¬†Ta√ßa de Portugal¬†titles, a¬†European Cup¬†(1961‚Äď62) and helped them reach three additional¬†European Cup¬†finals. He was the¬†European Cup top scorer¬†in 1965, 1966 and 1968. He also won the¬†Bola de Prata¬†(Primeira Liga¬†top scorer award) a record seven times. He was the first ever player to win the¬†European Golden Boot, in 1968, a feat he replicated in 1973.

Nicknamed the¬†Black Panther, the¬†Black Pearl,[4]¬†or¬†O Rei¬†(The King) he was known for his speed, technique, athleticism and his ferocious, accurate right-footed shot, making him an outstanding prolific goalscorer and one of the greatest free-kick takers in history. He is considered Benfica’s and Portugal’s most renowned player and one of the first world-class African strikers. Although born inMozambique¬†and having an¬†Angolan¬†father, Eus√©bio, like¬†Matateu¬†and¬†M√°rio Coluna, among others before him, could only play for the Portuguese team, since both of the African countries were¬†overseas territories¬†and their inhabitants were considered Portuguese. From his retirement to his death, Eus√©bio had been an ambassador of football and was one of the most recognizable faces of the sport. The exact circumstances of his death are not yet known, and his body will be brought to Benfica’s club stadium¬†Est√°dio da Luz¬†for fans to pay their final respects.He is survived by his wife, Flora, two daughters and several grandchildren.

Arsenal 2 Tottenham Hotspurs 0

Arsenal fans always love it when they beat their bitter & most hated rivals and fellow North London club Tottenham Hotspurs. Last night the Gunners Arsenal emphasised their current superiority over Tottenham with a comfortable 2-0 FA Cup third round victory at Emirates Stadium. They dominated for the most part and should have scored more goals to show for it. Santi Cazorla’s powerful finish put the hosts ahead in the first half and Danny Rose’s dreadful error allowed Tomas Rosicky to race half the length of the field to score just after the hour. The only downside for Arsenal was the sight of Theo Walcott being carried off on a stretcher in the closing minutes after appearing to catch his studs in the turf as he raced back to make a defensive tackle.

New Spurs boss Tim Sherwood was left disappointed as his players never reached the heights that saw them record an outstanding win at Manchester United on New Year’s Day – and faced the taunts of Arsenal fans only too keen to remind him about his reported allegiance to the Gunners as a supporter, with a huge poster unfurled at the Emirates. Arsenal played with only Walcott upfront and their superior midfield proved too much for Spurs who used two out-and-out strikers in Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado. Former Arsenal man Adebayor was booed almost everytime he touched the ball. Youngster Serge Gnabry was also impressive and after firing narrowly over the top he was instrumental as the Gunners took a deserved lead after 31 minutes, laying a perfectly weighted pass into the path of Cazorla, who did not break stride before firing a first-time finish high past Lloris.

Arsenal made a change at half-time, with Per Mertesacker replacing Thomas Vermaelen – but Sherwood was happy to persist with his original line-up. The second goal arrived just after the hour – and it came courtesy of a calamitous mistake from Spurs defender Rose, who hesitated in possession on the halfway line, allowing Rosicky to nick the ball off him before running on to lift a finish over Lloris with Kyle Walker in pursuit but unable to make up the ground. Arsenal were reduced to 10 men when Walcott was carried off with them having made all three substitutions – but Tottenham were in no shape to take advantage and this was an emphatic win for Wenger’s side.