Dead Baby Bat

Damn it! A baby bat flew into our apartment through the open balcony door and kept flying around in the living room. Mom called me as I was sitting in my room at the computer with the doors closed and as I came out I see this thing flying towards me and I duck.The bat kept flying in circles around the room seemingly in a panic to get outside but it couldn’t find it’s way out to the balcony and into the darkness of the night. Mom kept yelling and backed out slowly into the main bedroom while I took out the mosquito bat (a thicker badminton racquet or olden style tennis racquet that is used to kill mosquitoes with the wires that have electricity running through them when you press a button) and used it to try and maneuver the bat towards the balcony door.

I tried chasing it towards the door but the poor bugger went straight to ceiling fan, which was at high speed, and hit it once. It still kept flying in circles and I hoped it would go to the balcony but it kept coming for me and I ducked again while lashing out with the mosquito bat. The bat missed my mosquito bat and kept flying again until it finally flew straight into the fan, hit it and died. His wings were cut, sheared in half and he died almost instantly with a little bit of blood fallen on the ground. We swept the dead baby bat and threw it outside.

Bye baby Bruce. You didn’t live long in this world.

Orphan Black – Season 1

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction tv series created by screenwriter Graeme Manson and director John Fawcett. The 10 episode first season aired on BBC America in the US and on Space in Canada and stars Tatiana Maslany as a young woman who discovers that she is infact one of a series of cloned women who all look alike. Also starring are Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris, Kevin Hantchard, Michael Mando, Evelyn Brochu & Maria Doyle Kennedy. Matt Frewer, Inga Cadranel, Natalie Lisinska & David Richmond-Peck have major recurring roles in the season.

The show revolves mostly around Sarah Manning a British born orphan who was brought to Toronto along with her gay foster brother Felix by the woman who raised them Siobhan. A former drug addict & pusher, Sarah has been away for almost a year to get away from her abusive drug dealing boyfriend Vic. On her return to the city, she witnesses a woman, who looks just like her. The distraught woman, later identified as Beth Childs, jumps in front a train killing herself, much to Sarah’s shock. Sarah however steals the woman’s purse and keys and goes to Beth’s home taking her identity along the way with the help of her brother Felix. Felix identifies the dead body as Sarah and Sarah plans to clear out Beth’s bank accounts and take her young daughter Kira away to start life anew. However she soon discovers that Beth is a cop and she is rushed to the station by Beth’s partner Detective Arthur “Art” Bell. Sarah finds herself smack down in the middle of an investigation into a shooting of a bystander and has to use her wits not to get caught.

However she soon uncovers the fact that she is one of 9 identified clones, including Beth & herself. Katja, a German clone, is killed as soon as she contacts Sarah. Sarah as ‘Beth’ soon meets Cosima an evolutionary development biologist working on her PhD from Minneapolis and Alison Hendrix, a some what conservative & tightly wound soccer mom of two adopted kids in the suburbs. The three of them with Felix form a team and try to find out about how the clones came to be without alerting their families or “monitors”. Beth’s monitor is her boyfriend Paul Dierden, an ex-military mercenary, who was contracted to be Beth’s monitor under the guise of her boyfriend. Following the discovery of Beth’s death, he finds his loyalties to the Dyad Institute crumbling, and becomes Sarah’s lover. The Dyad Institute are behind the cloning and have places monitors for each clone to report on their progress. Cosima finds out that her new friend Dr. Delphine Cormier is her monitor, who is pushed to become her lover. Delphine soon falls for Cosima as well and joins her in finding out as much as possible. Alison suspects her highschool sweetheart and now husband Donnie of being her monitor and even ties him up and briefly tortures him (without revealing the clone thing) and he denies all knowledge of being anything more than her husband who hides his porn. However in one of the final scenes it is revealed that Donnie is infact Alison’s monitor.

Art & Sarah (as Beth) investigate the discovery of a dead body (Katja) and the evidence leads them to the killer who attacks them and while Art is injured, Sarah sees that the killer is another clone – Helena, a religious nut brought up by Tomas, an ex-Dyad Institute employee to believe that she is the original and ordered to kill them one by one. Tomas is now part of a secret religious group, the Proletheans, who are behind the clone assassins. Sarah & Helena seem to share a connection which stops the latter from killing her clone – towards the end it is revealed that they were both born twins to the same surrogate mother, a South African named Amelia. Dr. Aldous Leekie, frontman of the Dyad Institute and the face of the Neolution movement is revealed to be the man with most of the answers and who seemed to be involved in a lot of the decision making. Additionally, Sarah’s daughter Kira catches the eyes of both the Dyad Institute and the Proletheans: she is the only-known biological offspring of a clone, all other clones being presumed sterile. The clones are given contracts to sign which states that the monitoring will stop by Cosima & Delphine find out that the clones have been patented by the institute, making them their properties.

As the season ends, Amelia is killed and both Siobhan & Kira are missing, presumed to be kidnapped as the closing scenes show a distraught Sarah screaming for her daughter. The cops discover that Sarah is infact alive and has been impersonating Beth. However it is revealed that Siobhan is a former member of Project LEDA in 1977 and could possibly have been Sarah’s monitor. Fantastic show with great acting and and great script, peppered with black humour and wit. A must watch for any tv series fan.

Hatred For The Despicable

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

It kind of depends on the situation, the person, the amount of trust I gave them and the level of relationship between us. It’s easier to forgive someone you weren’t that close to or know that well, for some small or even medium size grudges and the reason is because I didn’t know them that well and we weren’t very close either. So it’s hard to stay mad for too long because they didn’t really earn my trust and loyalty and didn’t break trust / loyalty by doing something bad to me. I hope that’s easy to understand; I don’t really expect too much from them in the first place so if they do do something bad then it’s easier for me to forgive as I wasn’t expecting much better from them. However I will definitely hold a grudge against anyone, even if I do not know them well enough or if they don’t know me well enough to pass judgement and cause me problems, spread rumours or try to stop me from progressing.

However from friends and relatives, it’s a different thing. Small issues are fine and no one is perfect and you can’t expect to not have grudges for things that were or were not meant to cause any harm or pain. It’s easier to forgive and forget. But if you have earned my trust and loyalty and, in some cases, love, then when you betray that loyalty & trust I placed on you – you will find me to be a different person than what you normally see! I can’t forgive people who outright stab me in the back and people who mean to cause hurt & suffering. That can also be causing hurt & suffering to someone else who I hold near & dear to my heart. I can’t forgive that either.

So I will never forgive the asshole relative who cheated my dad & my family, the bitch of a cousin who verbally abused me and 2 of my other cousins, some fucking relative I have seen like once or twice in my life and who is spreading vicious rumours about me (and I think 2 other cousins) based on what she thinks is right and who the fuck is she with her golden cunt?, another bitch who cause so much hurt among the rest of the team by spreading vicious rumours about us, colleagues who go out of their way to create problems for you so they can benefit at work (what are you, fucking monsters?), a couple of guys who beat up my friend during an argument and a few others. Damn, I am so worked up right now, I need a cold drink. To all these people – fuck off!

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