Devil’s Due

Oh no! Not another handheld or found footage horror movie! Devil’s Due is a 2014 American supernatural horror movie directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, and written by Lindsay Devlin. The film stars Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, and Sam Anderson. It’s another one of those “the anti-christ is born” stories. I more or less wanted to check out this film because of Allison Miller (haven’t seen her in anything other than Terra Nova) and plus a title like Devil’s Due is very tempting. But I didn’t know that it was found footage or that it was a woman giving birth to the antichrist. The movie starts with a verse from the Book of Revelations warning about many antichrists.

Anyways, young couple Samantha, an orphan who grew up in foster homes, & Zack McCall have just gotten married and go to Santa Domingo for their honeymoon. On their last day, they visit a fortune teller who read Sam’s palm and keeps repeating “they have been waiting for you”. This spooks Sam and she leaves with Zack following her. They find themselves lost on the streets and hail a taxi with a very pushy driver who insists on taking them to a bar. The couple agree for one more drink and go to the bar and get drunk and pass out. The camera, still rolling, captures them both being taken to an underground chamber in the nightclub where Sam is subject to some kind of ritual by an unseen force. The next morning, Zach and Sam wake in their hotel with no memory of the previous night.

They go back home and settle down in their house and 2 weeks later Sam finds out that she is pregnant, even though she has been on the pill. The Devil has strong sperm! Anyways, a visit to the doctor and an ultrasound scan shows that both mom & baby are healthy, even though the machine’s monitor flickers for a bit. Zach and Samantha are overjoyed and tell their family and friends the news. This is when things start to go wrong – Sam starts feeling weird, having intense nose bleeds, having craving for eating raw meat in supermarkets even though she is a veggie and intense rage and showing of great strength when either she or the baby is threatened. Like when a car driver backs off the parking lot without looking and hits her lightly, Sam goes bonkers and breaks all the car windows in a rage. Also she kills and eats goats and gets telekinetic abilities that kill 3 youngsters who see her in the woods. Zack starts to notice strange looking people staring at their house at all times of the day. Also their doctor vanishes and a new doctor takes over and while he tests her, Sam is very uncomfortable and tells Zack she is not sure she can do this. The cult, including the new doctor, places tiny hidden cameras in the McCall’s home to monitor her progress and make sure she doesn’t hurt the baby.

In her 8th month of pregnancy Sam & Zack attend a holy communion at their church and the same priest who conducted their wedding, stares at her in between and suffers a stroke, bleeding all over the floor. Zack sees the same cab driver when he reviews the footage and a strange symbol and consults the priest at the hospital, who explains the symbol is related to summoning the Antichrist. Zack sees the people who are watching the house at an old abandoned house down the street and one night leaving his sister to stay over, he goes to the house. In in he sees computers on which the camera footage of his house is shown and he also runs into the people in the middle of a ritual. Zack escapes from the house and goes back home to find the people surrounding the house. Breaking in he find his sister dead and Sam in the nursery with a strange carved symbol on the floor and a knife at her belly. Zach screams for her to stop, but she presses the knife to her stomach anyway and there is a violent blast of light. When he comes to, he finds Sam dead and the cab driver & the doctor come and take the baby away.

At the end of the film Zack is at the police station, handcuffed and being questioned for his wife & sister’s murders as the cops can’t find any evidence at the abandoned house. The ending shows another young couple, on their honeymoon in Paris, where the same cab driver offers a lift, telling them he will take them to a hip bar. Predictable, scary in places but nothing new to offer a horror fan. 6 outta 10! I’m done with found footage.

Daily Morning Ritual

Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

The wait for the morning ritual. I have no big rituals (unless you count scratching my gonads a ritualistic practice! Well I do it every day!) but here’s the one I most look forward to in the morning.

I wake up, rub the sleep from my eyes, scratch my balls, yawn, look for the bottle of water that’s next to my bed, take a drink from it, sit up and get outta bed! Then find my undershirt and put it on, take my lungi from the chair and wrap that around my waist and then stumble & stagger into the bathroom. Take the day’s first leak and then flush and then head for the wash basin to open the taps and wash my face. Then it’s brushing teeth time and once that is done I head back to my room for a towel and wipe my face and hands.

Go to the kitchen for the first coffee of the day. Bring the cup of coffee to my bedroom and set the cup on my desk. Switch the laptop on and while waiting for it to boot, I take that first sip of the hot nectar of the gods! By then the system is booted and ready for me to open Firefox and login to my internet account after which it’s straight to Facebook. After 30 minutes or so nature is bound to call! After that – anything goes but uptill this point, I follow a pattern and until that is done, I cannot proceed with the rest of the day.

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