Young Local Musician Dies

I always hate seeing a young life taken away. This time it’s a person I have never met and knew nothing about him until his death. A couple of nights ago my cousin got the news that a long time friend of his had passed away after he & another friend crashed the bike they were riding on against a car coming from the opposite direction. My cousin’s friend was the pillion rider and was thrown backwards, hit his head on the road and died on the spot. The rider was injured quite badly with several broke ribs, bones and head injuries that left him in a coma. The driver of the car too was seriously injured although he was less worse off the 3.

It seemed that these two guys on the bike had a few drinks, though not enough to seriously impair them and were heading home at around 11:30  pm. On their way they changed routes to go to a small shop that was open till 1 am for buying a pack of smokes. That’s why they were in that area. The car driver was working in a large IT company at the Infopark in Kakkanad and heading home after his work shift when the accident occurred. According to witnesses, the bike rider was guilty of overspeeding and hence responsible for the accident happening as they told the cops. My cousin got the call from the cops as they found the dead guy’s phone and checked the last call numbers to inform them of the accident and death.

After I got to know about the young man who died – he was a rock music enthusiast, lyricist, lead singer of a band and well known in the local rock & metal scene – I started feeling sad for the guy and his family. What a shame that he had to die so young (not yet 30). It seemed that he had a lot to live for with a nice job, a good relationship with his girlfriend, lots of friends who have poured their sadness on social media and his music/band.