I, Frankenstein

The creator of the graphic comics behind the Underworld film series, Kevin Gerioux, brings you another film adapted from his graphic novel of the same name – I, Frankenstein. A 2014 Australian-American fantasy action film written and directed by Stuart Beattie, the film stars Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney and Kevin Grevioux.

The starts off with a quick retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – in 1795 Dr. Viktor Frankenstein creates a soulless creature patched together from different corpses and give it life. However he later regrets his decision and dumps the creature from atop a bridge to drown it in the river but the creature/monster survives and in a fit of rage kills Frankenstein’s wife. Viktor goes after the monster but is frozen to death in the pursuit and the monster buries his creator in the family plot and is attacked by demons. He fights them off but is about to be capture when gargoyles come to life and rescue him. They take the unconscious monster to their catedral and present the monster before their Queen Lenore & her general Gideon. She explains to the monster that they were created by the archangel Michael to battle the demons and protect mankind. She give him a name, Adam, and invites him to join them but he only accepts weapons to fight of the demons and goes to live in seclusion. For over 200 years he lived alone but was discovered by a small group of demons who he kills and then heads to the city to stop them once & for all.

At a nightclub he corners a demon for answers as to why they pursue him but in the fight a human cop is killed and the gargoyles capture Adam and bring him to Lenore. Apparently the head demon, Naberius (disguised as a human CEO of a large corporation Charles Wessex) wants Adam to experiment on as he needs dead human bodies to be reanimated without a soul for demons to possess and then with an army he can take over the world. Wessex has employed scientist Terra Wade & her assistant Karl to conduct experiments with reanimated corpses, and sends a group of demons led by his most formidable warrior, Zuriel, to attack the gargoyles’ cathedral and capture Adam so he can unlock the secret to giving life. Before Adam can be punished the cathedral, the demons attack the castle killing several of the gargoyles including the ones that rescued Adam centuries ago. Lenore is captured and brought to an abandoned theater. Adam and Gideon head there where Gideon exchanges Lenore for Victor Frankenstein’s journal, containing the secrets of the experiment. Adam follows Zuriel to the Wessex Institute and learns of their plan to reanimate the corpses and he follows Terra and rescues her from Zuriel, getting the journal back. Terra is informed of who Adam is and why Wessex wants to reanimate dead bodies as she tends to his wounds.

Adam goes to warn the gargoyles and Lenore sends Gideon to kill him and retrieve the journal. After a violent fight, Adam is forced to “ascend” Gideon and then decides to burn Frankenstein’s journal and destroy its secrets before the gargoyles come after him. With Terra having been taken by the demons, Adam leads the gargoyles to the institute by letting them follow him and a huge battle occurs between the two factions. Adam tries to rescue Terra but Wessex transforms to his true form of Naberius and activates the machine to reanimate corpses. Naberius overpowers Adam, and tries to have one of the demon spirits possess him, but Adam proves immune as he has grown his own soul. Adam then carves the gargoyle symbol on Naberius and destroying the demon’s body which in turn descends Naberius and all his demons to hell also causing the building to collapse. Lenore, seeing this rescues Adam, along with Terra, forgiving him for the death of Gideon. Adam takes his weapons, says farewell to Terra and the gargoyles and takes up a new mission – to protect mankind from all demon. He also takes back his true name of Frankenstein.

Storywise it failed and seems rather silly. Trying to make Frankenstein’s monster into a avenging action hero like 2004’s Van Helsing. Visually it is a good action film just don’t expect much. I give it a 7 outta 10 for the fight scenes and special effects especially.

My Barbershop Has Been Shut Down!

Got a shock today from one of my regular readers named George. He sent me an article from the newspapers that read that the barber shop / beauty saloon where I go to get my hair cut has been shut down – due to immoral trafficking by the owners!

The article in the New Indian Express goes like this –

“KOCHI: The Ernakulam Central police on Thursday arrested two women and a man on charges of engaging in immoral trafficking, under the pretext of running a beauty parlour. The arrested have been identified as Nancy, 40, of Kathrikadavu, her husband Nasser, 30, of Malappuram, and Lekha Rajesh alias Bhadra, 30, of Anjal, Kollam. According to the police, the accused had been running a beauty parlor named Capitol Family Beauty Parlor at  Jacobs DD Mall, M G Road, where they also engaged in immoral activities.”

Kathrikadavu is very close by M G Road while Malappuram is another district in the north about 4 hours away. Kollam is a district 3.5 hour away to the south of here. I’m assuming the “immoral activities” the newspaper mentioned is prostitution (as that’s what they sually mean by that term) and that this woman & her husband were running prostitution on the sly. Now, I didn’t like this lady; she rubbed me the wrong way. She was dishonest in her prices and always seemed too pushy in trying to get me to shell out more money by offering facials, face massages by her lady staff etc etc. Like George said, now I know why she was so pushy. She looked – not just in appearance but more like a vibe she puts out – like a certain type of woman that I had no interest in associating with and if it weren’t for the barbers and the shop being near my residence, I would have stopped going there a while back.

Stay tuned for more details as & when I get them. Shit – now I gotta find another place to get my hair cut!

Additional info: Police said that they were charging Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 from customers for sexual massage of five minutes, police said. Bookings for massage were made through phones, said police. Though a man is also employed in the beauty parlour, he was employed as a dummy and he didn’t have any work. He was being paid Rs 600 daily as remuneration. Police also registered a case against Nancy and Nasser for human trafficking as they had employed the 26-years-old woman by threatening her. The case was registered after recording her statement. According to police, the raid was conducted in the parlour following complaints received from some parents.

Arsenal Win The 2013-14 FA Cup

Finally the 9 year drought is over. Aaron Ramsey’s extra-time winner ensured Arsenal ended their nine-year wait for a trophy as they came from two goals behind to beat Hull City in a dramatic FA Cup final at Wembley. The Gunners started as firm favourites but were stunned as goals from James Chester and Curtis Davies gave Hull a flying start inside the first eight minutes. At that point I almost switched off the game as I had given up hope for us and was moaning & cussing. The way those two goals were scored by Hull were reminiscent of the bad loses that Arsenal had this season away at Chelsea, Manchester City & Liverpool. Count Everton in as well. Was this the humiliating end to a season that saw Arsenal hold a lot of promise?

Short answer – NO! Santi Cazorla’s superb free-kick put Arsenal back in contention before half-time and Laurent Koscielny scrambled in the equaliser after 71 minutes. And as Arsenal looked the stronger, superior team in extra time, Ramsey, whose absence through injury hit them so hard in the latter part of the season, completed the comeback with an instinctive strike with 11 minutes of the extra period left. Arsenal survived anxious moments as Hull pressed forward in desperation – but referee Lee Probert’s final whistle signalled the end of the agonising 3,283-day wait for manager Arsene Wenger to taste success after they won the FA Cup against Manchester United on penalties in Cardiff in 2005.

For Wenger, this triumph will be received with a mixture of celebration and relief as he won the FA Cup for the fifth time in his career – and demonstrated that he can still bring silverware to a club that has gone through a long, barren spell after so much glory early in his reign. Even after securing a place in the Champions League for the 17th successive season, serious questions would have been asked of Wenger and his players had they failed to see off the challenge of underdogs Hull. Now, with the burden lifted from his shoulders, Wenger will believe this can be a new start for Arsenal after the fright of those opening minutes when it looked like a trophy might escape them again.

But this is the right time Wenger for you to retire. Great you won a trophy for us but you are also the reason why Arsenal have remained trophy-less in all this time. Your staunch refusal to buy star quality and build from within & buy cheaper but promising players have seen Manchester United (well, until this season), Manchester City, Chelsea and it looks like even Liverpool gallop past us in terms of pedigree and talent and we look like also-rans. Is that what we have in store if he continues on? Drastic changes are needed at the club to make the squad be capable enough to win the league & the Champions league. If Wenger stays I’m afraid that will not happen. I hope he doesn’t stay, bow out in style with a trophy. Let someone else take over.

But for now Arsenal fans will spend all summer watching the World Cup and content in the fact that the club are FA Cup winners again!