Word & Phrases I Fucking Hate!

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?

There are words and phrases that people use (mostly local) that I can’t stand. I can’t fucking them at all. I get so annoyed when I see someone say or write this on say Facebook & Twitter but mainly Facebook.

  • Basically – Indians use this word a lot and I can’t stand it. I stopped using it when I noticed that Indians use this word way too much almost as much as…
  • You know – Fuck! I can understand sports athletes who are asked this post or pre match – they have better things to think about at the time so they should be forgiven – but c’mon. How many things can you say this in 5 minutes? I once counted that a colleague who said “You know” 52 times in a small presentation that probably lasted less than 10 minutes!
  • Reason being – what is that?
  • Y’all – what is that supposed to be? Is spelling out “YOU ALL” that hard to do?
  • Believe you me – is that Yoda talking?
  • Made for each other – people here use this phrase to comment on engagement / wedding photos or just photos of married people. What the heck is that supposed to mean? So stupid! And that brings me to my personal favourite stupid, idiotic, moronic phrases of all time…
  • God blessed us with a baby boy/girl – you’ve got to be kidding me! I hate that phrase and refused to acknowledge people who share this news.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

2014 Stanley Cup Champions – LA Kings

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings who mounted yet another comeback to defeat the New York Rangers 3-2 and claim their second Stanley Cup in three seasons. Defenceman Alec Martinez scored at 14:43 of double overtime Friday night wristing home a rebound of a Tyler Toffoli shot to seal the Cup. The Kings squandered 3-0 series leads both times en route to hoisting the Cup. But they got the job done in five games — three wins coming via overtime — this time compared to six against New Jersey in 2012.

Netherlands 5 Spain 1

Oh man! I told myself that I would only do weekly updates or an update every 2-3 days of the world cup matches but this is easily broken because of what happened last night.Ok, first I watched the second half of Mexico vs Cameroon in which the Mexicans came out deserved winners 1-0. And then waited for what I though the pick of the first round matches will be. Netherlands lost to Spain in the 2010 World Cup finals in what was a animosity filled affair. Coming so close for the 3rd time in World Cup history and losing the final yet again was a bitter pill to swallow for them. They were eagerly waiting to get a chance at revenge and last night…

They got it! It was supposed to be one of the best matches of the 2014 World Cup group stage, but the Netherlands had other ideas as they picked apart Spain’s defense and hammered the defending champions, 5-1. Robin Van Persie scored twice, and Arjen Robben added two goals of his own as the Oranje absolutely crushed Spain. Diego Costa, who was a controversial choice for Spain having been Brazil born and raised and yet chose to get Spanish citizenship so he could play for Spain, was constantly booed throughout the night. He faked a foul in the penalty box which the referee fell for and awarded a spot kick which Xabi Alonso converted. The Dutch struck when Robin Van Persie executed a sensational volley header off a long curling pass from Danny Blind that left Casillas frozen as the ball sailed over his head and into the goal. Early in the second half, Robben put the Dutch ahead 2-1 thanks to some wonderful footwork in the Spanish box. He showed a tremendous touch, bringing down the looping cross from Blind, and managing to immediately control the ball and cut back as Gerard Piqué’s momentum carried him past. Robben fired his shot to the right of the sliding Casillas, and the Netherlands were ahead.

Sneijder sent a free kick from the left wing across the face of goal, and Casillas failed to deal with it properly as Van Persie collided with the goalkeeper. In the confusion, Stefan De Vrij was able to sneak it at the far post and apparently head the ball down off his own foot, and over the line, giving the Netherlands a 3-1 lead. In the 73rd minute, Casillas made a horrible mistake with his first touch, allowing the ball to bounce right to Van Persie at the top of the box. The goalkeeper’s desperate sliding tackle was too late, as RVP held his balance long enough to toe-poke the ball into the empty net: 4-1, Netherlands. Spain’s comical defending continued in the 81st minute when they simply couldn’t stop Robben as he danced around inside the box, before firing the ball into the once again empty net to make it 5-1. The rout was complete.