Overdose Of Corny & Stupid Religious Cheese!

CSI Miami episode :

An 8 month pregnant woman, victim of a brutal attack, is in hospital recovering from her injuries but the status is still critical considering her baby. She awakens and sees a lady cop sitting next to her who tells her where she is and what happened to her. The doctors check and inform them that the baby is still at risk as they had to stop the contractions as she, the pregnant woman, was seriously inured.

She asks the cop sitting next to her bed “Do you pray? I stopped praying when I was 12 but I’d like to pray now”. So lady cop tells her a corny, silly prayer that her grandmother taught her (angels, watching over you, god loving from above blah, blah, blah). This is a sign that the episode is heading down the path of being a Christian show! Oh brother!

Later the woman goes into labour and the doctors are unsure as to if the baby is gonna survive. Things are very hectic and dramatic when lady cop watching from behind glass walls, recites the same prayer and voila – we hear a baby crying and everything is alright!
With shows like CSI Miami – which is supposed to be about catching thieves & criminals using the latest technological stuff is doing these kinda episodes what chance do us atheists have!