Beer Types – Dunkel

Dunkel, or Dunkles, is a word used for several types of dark German lager. Dunkel is the German word meaning dark, and dunkel beers typically range in colour from amber to dark reddish brown. They are characterized by their smooth malty flavour. In informal terms, such as when ordering at a bar, “dunkel” is likely to mean whatever dark beer the bar has on tap, or sells most of; in much of north and western Germany, especially near Düsseldorf, this may be altbier. In Bavaria, Dunkel, along with helles, is a traditional style brewed in Munich and popular throughout Bavaria. With alcohol concentrations of 4.5% to 6% by volume, dunkels are weaker than Doppelbocks, another traditional dark Bavarian beer. Dunkels are produced using Munich malts which give the Dunkel its colour. Other malts or flavours may also be added.

Many dunkels have a distinctive malty flavour that comes from a special brewing technique called decoction mashing. Most commonly, dunkel beers are dark lagers, but the term is also used to refer to dark wheat beers such as Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel. Dunkel weizen is another term used to refer to dark wheat beers, which are fruity and sweet with more dark, roasted malts than their lighter counterpart, the hefeweizen.

Dunkels were the original style of the Bavarian villages and countryside, and it was the most common style at the time of the introduction of the Reinheitsgebot (1516). As such, it is the first “fully codified and regulated” beer. Its ABV is rarely higher than 5.5%, and it has low bitterness, a distinctive dark color, and a malty flavor. Dunkel is brewed using lager yeasts. Lighter-coloured lagers were not common until the later part of the 19th century when technological advances made them easier to produce.

Dunkel is also widespread in parts of Franconia, for example the Franconian Switzerland, where it has been originally the most common beer type. The region has a lot of microbreweries, of which many still produce Dunkel. Examples of Dunkel style beers are Erdinger Dunkel (shown here), Paulaner Original Münchner Dunkel, Spaten München Dunkel, Warsteiner Premium Dunkel & Weihenstephaner Tradition Bayrisch Dunkel.

Two Different Hospital Experiences

The last two Tuesdays I’ve been with my mother as she had to go to two different hospitals for her medical issues. Both times it was very different experiences.

Last week it was to Amritha Medical Institute in Cheranellur for a scan on her right knee as she has been plagued with rhematism for a while. She was seeing an ayurvedic doctor but as she wasn’t finding much relief they suggested to go and see a well reputed doctor of western medicine in Amritha hospital. To see this doctor is very difficult as he has an excellent reputation and he gets patients coming to see him from all over South India and hence getting an appointment fixed to see him is difficult. Anyway we had to get the scan done first and had to leave at 7 am from home via a taxi to reach the hospital at 8 am. When we reached there we found out that the booking for the scan was mixed up and we had to register again. It would take us till evening just to finish the scan and then get the report. So we were forced to make a day of it, having breakfast (just a bite and a drink of bottled mango juice) from the hospital canteen and waited till 1pm for them to call my mom and have the scanning of her knee done.

As it would take 2.5 hours to get the report we left for my uncle’s house in Thrikkakara and bought some biriyani along the way and had lunch at his house with him and my aunt. We spent some time visiting and then came back to the hospital by 4pm and by 5pm we were outta there with the report in hand. The follow up with the doctor will take place on the 30th of June.  Compare that to this week when she had to go to her oncologist for a regular visit & check up which is done every couple of months. That was at Krishna Nursing home which is a much smaller hospital about 20 minutes away from where we live. We went there and the waiting room was empty except for a handful of people. She was #16 but we didn’t have to wait long. As two other doctors were on leave there were no patients to see them as well and hence that section of the hospital had a deserted look. I went to get a coke and a bite to eat as I hadn’t had any lunch and that took about 20 minutes. 10 more minutes and her check up was done and we were on the way back home. No hassle, hardly any waiting time and hardly any crowd making a lot of noise.

Compare that to Amritha – 2 hours in a large waiting room just to pay for the scanning and another 3 hours till the scanning was done. Then another hour in the waiting room for the report to get to us. Lots of people, kids running about, sick people being taken in beds or wheelchairs, people on the phone speaking loudly, doctors, nurses & orderlies rushing between wards & floors! Totally different experiences.

Friday Sandwich Photo 17


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Friday Sandwich” photo blog post but then I’ve been doing a few “Friday Pizza” photos as well as my food review videos. But this one just has to be shared here – this was from a couple of weeks back, I was attending an interview in Palarivattom and in between rounds I went for lunch with a former colleague who was also there to attend the interview for a different post. Since it was a very crowded lunch hour rush I couldn’t take a video but snap up this pic.

This is the grilled chicken sandwich with a generous amount of fries as well from Golden Fork restaurant in Palarivattom near the bypass. The sandwich was delicious and a lot of it – I couldn’t finish mine at the time. Excellent sandwich, gorgeous to look at and I give it a 9.5/10!

A Little Bit Of Home

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?

Ok, so I’m finally getting to travel and see the world – something I have dreamed about doing for most of my life – and I still take something that will remind me of home? Really?No I’m just kidding.

I guess if not a photo or a small photo album, then I would take one of the little paperweight or showcase items that we’ve had since I can remember – some bought even before I was born. Since I’ve seen them on shelves in the 3 homes we’ve had – the tiny flat in Kuwait, our house in Thrikkakara and now the small apartment we call home. These little trinkets have adorned our shelves in various setups and arrangements but have been around all my life and so they have come to mean a lot to me and have value that is more than money can buy.

So I guess the paperweight or the crystal horse or the ceramic house or any one of those things will do. They will all equally remind me of home, my family and everything about my life – past, present and future.

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A Visit To Kepler-10C

An exoplanet located 560 light years from Earth in the constellation Draco was recently discovered by researchers at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Having studied Kepler-10c, as the exoplanet was named, they announced that it is an unknown kind of planet with such characteristics that – based on what scientists thought until today – normally should not exist. Because of the mass of the planet, which is many times greater than that of Earth, astronomers call it “mega-Earth” or give it an even more impressive title – “the Godzilla of Earths”. Kepler-10c is a rocky planet with a diameter 2.3 times that of Earth and a mass 17 times greater than that of our planet. Scientists thought that planets of this size attract very large amounts of hydrogen in the process of their formation and thus result in gas giants like Jupiter.

The prevailing theory stated that the formation of a rocky planet of this size is not feasible. But the researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center found that it is a rocky planet which, even despite the fact that is very close to its parent star, has managed to maintain its atmosphere, which makes it even more interesting. Another major finding is related to the age of Kepler-10c. The planetary system that includes the “mega-Earth” was formed about 11 billion years ago, or about three billion years after the Big Bang, from which the Universe emerged.

Our system was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. This means that rocky planets, which are considered to be most hospitable to life, were formed much earlier than astronomers previously thought. An obvious conclusion is that since a rocky planet was formed earlier, there potentially was more time for life to emerge and evolve on it. Until now, scientists believed that the ancient stars formed in childhood of the Universe could not support the formation of rocky planets because it is unclear whether there were all the necessary elements at that stage of the universe. After the discovery of Kepler-10c, researchers looking for life in space will probably pay most attention to the ancient planetary systems.

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2014 World Cup – First Round Of Matches

Please note that it’s first round of matches and not after the group stage. First round of matches as in, every nation participating in the world cup finals has played one match. So here are the results:

Group A : Brazil 3 Croatia 1 & Mexico 1 Cameroon 0

After a nice opening ceremony hosts Brazil opened the finals by facing off against Croatia and scored an own goal via defender Marcelo. That aside it was the Neymar show and he dazzled with a brace. But Croatia were no pushover and announced their intentions to try and finish 2nd in the group and qualify for the round of 16. Mexico were unlucky in that the referee wrongly denied them 2 goals which would have devastated Cameroon but in the end a solitary goal by Oribe was more than enough to see the Mexicans win.

Group B : Netherlands 5 Spain 1; Chile 3 Australia 1

The result of the tournament so far is the Dutch dancing around the Spanish defense and dominating the defending champions so much in the second half. Robin van Persie & Arjen Robben were on fire and the talk is that Spain might not even make it to the next round and that their era of success has come to an end . Chile meanwhile looked impressive enough in the win over unfancied Australia who still claim that they have a chance.

Group C : Columbia 3 Greece 0; C’ote deIvorie 2 Japan 1

No surprises over here although I thought Greece would put up a bit more of a fight. I remember their Euro theatrics and was hoping for more. Japan is one nation I support a lot and I had hopes for them. They could still qualify but will find it tough.

Group D : Costa Rica 3 Uruguay 1; Italy 2 England 1

Surprise here again with upstarts Costa Rica, who do have some good players on display here, getting the better of Uruguay. The South Americans have a much more fancied team on paper and should have done better. Italy vs England was a delight to watch late at night and the cool as cucumber Italians didn’t panic when England equalized and went on to win. On a positive note, England look good enough to get through despite the loss.

Group E : Switzerland 2 Ecuador 1; France 3 Honduras 0

Didn’t watch either match but I would like to look at France as a possible quaterfinalist or maybe more. With Karim Benzema scoring a brace they look strong but have a weak group to qualify from and shouldn’t have any issues. I’d pick them to win all 3 games and go with 9 points.

Group F : Argentina 2 Bosnia & Herzegovina 1; Iran 0 Nigeria 0

Ah Argentina, a perennial favorite team of mine. They started well alright but should have shone better; however Messi was the star. Will they progress far? I dunno but this side shouldn’t trouble them much. Who will join them in the round of 16? I think Nigeria should pick up their game and get a few goals in.

Group G : Germany 4 Portugal 0;  USA 2 Ghana 1

Germany put on a clinic and beat fancied Portugal 4-0, aided ofcourse by that stupid sending off by Pepe who had a moronic reaction to Meuller making the most of a fall. But even by then Germany looked to be the much stronger team and will be one to watch. The Americans went all gaga over their win over Ghana, a team that beat them twice before in previous World cups. But will they make it to the next round? It could depend on the Portugese performance.

Group H : Belgium 2 Algeria 1; Russia 1 Korea Republic 1

Least exciting group to watch; for me anyway. I expect Belgium and Russia to make it and based on their performances so far, it might hold true. But Algeria played very well last night and took the game to Belgium and opened the scoring and looked good to win it for a large part of the game before the Belgians switched gears and picked up their intensity.

And that’s how it finished. Onto the second round of games! Ole!

On My Own Terms

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

Who doesn’t want to be famous and admired, respected, loved and appreciated by people for doing something that you and they will love? I am no exception. We all have dreams of make it big and all the perks of being famous. Bon Jovi sang “As I dream about movies they won’t make of me when I’m dead” – meaning he, the protagonist of the song, dreams of being so famous & respected that they will make movies about his life. So who do I want to be even if it is only for a day?

No one. Not applicable, zip, nada. I don’t want to fill in anyone’s shoes and live their life. I want to be my own person and carve my own path as a famous celebrity. Also, I know how to enjoy the good life and would not want to be hindered by anyone else’s decisions or restrictions. So I want to be famous and wealthy but I don’t want someone else’s fame and wealth. It just wouldn’t be right.

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Food Review Video #10

For my 10th food review video my cousin Sujith & I went to Fort Cafe in Convent Junction and tried out their Fort Club sandwiches. Chicken, fried eggs, cheese, mayo and finely chopped up veggies. It wasn’t as good as I remembered them but still a 7 outta 10. We are trying to give a rating from now on. We also had frappes with this brunch sandwich. I got a call in between the recording which stopped the video at that point so I had to redo my tasting of the sandwich. Enjoy!

2006 World Cup In Germany

And now the 2006 World cup held in Germany. The 18th World Cup was the least I had seen of a World Cup tournament since I was old enough to star watching the matches live, ie. from 1990 onwards. The reason is simple enough, work stood in the way and especially when I had a mix of day and night shifts. Still I did manage to watch quite a  few games.

Eight nations qualified for the finals for the first time: Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Ghana, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, and Serbia and Montenegro. Czech Republic and Ukraine were making their first appearance as independent nations, but had previously been represented as part of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union respectively; Serbia and Montenegro had competed as Yugoslavia in 1998, as well as making up part of Yugoslav teams from 1930 to 1990.  Hosts Germany started well winning all 3 of their group stage matches and Ecuador joined them in the knock out stages. England & Sweden scrapped their way through in their group, while old rivals the Netherlands & Argentina had 7 points each in their group. Portugal were a strong team and got 9 points while Italy & Ghana came out of group E. Group F saw a strong Brazilian finish with 9 points joined by the Aussies in the round of 16. The Swiss finished above France while Spain and Ukraine qualified from the final group.

The knockout stages went like this Germany beat Sweden and faced Argentina in the quarters and won on penalties to reach the semis. Italy beat the Aussies and then took care of Ukraine, while Portugal beat the Dutch and then England. France beat Spain and then Brazil to make it to the semis. A showdown was set but Germany fell 2-0 to Italy while France beat Portugal by a solitary goal to setup a clash of big teams in the final. At the end of the regulation 90 minutes, the score was still level at 1–1, and the match was forced into extra time. Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon made a potentially game-saving save in extra time when he tipped a Zidane header over the crossbar. Controversy ensued near the end of extra time, when Zidane head-butted Materazzi in the chest in an off-the-ball incident in which the Italian abused the Frenchman’s family and was sent off. Extra time produced no further goals and a penalty shootout followed, which Italy won 5–3. Germany beat Portugal 3-1 for 3rd place to cap off a successful World cup. Miroslav Klose with 5 goals won the golden boot.

The Beyond

Although I am a fan of horror flicks, I must admit that I haven’t seen anything by Lucio Fulci and to avoid ignoring the work of this cult favourite director/producer/screenwriter I thought I’d pick of his films to watch last night. I picked The Beyond because when I googled it I saw this pic of a real beauty and thought, why not? The Beyond is a 1981 Italian horror film shot in Louisiana and second film in Fulci’s unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy (along with City of the Living Dead and The House by the Cemetery)

Ok so in 1927 Louisiana an artist named Schweick is attacked by a lynch mob in a hotel who believe that he is a warlock. They torture him and nail him to the wall of a basement and lay bricks over him. This opens up one of the seven doors to hell which allows the dead to come into the world of the living. A young woman named Emily reads from a book titled Eibon and she turns blind (with some weird looking marble eyes) once she is done. Several decades later, in 1981, Liza comes to Louisiana from New York as her uncle who died had left the hotel in her name. She decides to work on renovating it and reopening but the work reopens the door to hell and accidents happen. A painter falls and injures himself badly and Joe a plumber is attacked while he is checking a bad flood in the basement and killed horrifically by a demonic hand that comes out from a hole in the wall. The maid Martha finds his deformed face and body. Liza meets Emily on the road and gives her a lift to her house which is near the hotel and is given a warning by the latter – stay away from the hotel. Later Joe’s wife is killed as she visits his body in the hospital morgue – her young daughter hears a scream and finds her body on the floor with her face being dissolved by a spilled bottle of acid that fell on a table.

Poor Liza has now befriended the doctor who came to help the painter, Dr. John McCabe and tells him about how she came to move to Louisiana. John is alerted about Joe’s widow dying in the hospital and at the double funeral Liza runs into Joe’s daughter Jill, and doesn’t notice that the girl has become blind like Emily. Once again Emily warns Liza about the hotel and leaves as quickly as she appears, apparently scared by something. The next day Liza sees the book Eibon in room 36 (where the artist Schweick was staying) and also finds the artists decaying corpse animated but as she runs to fetch John, the corpse and the book disappears. John feels that Liza is hallucinating and tells her that Emily’s house is abandoned and no one has seen her at all – she isn’t real. On a walk with her friend Martin, Liza encounters a book shop with Eibon in the window. When they go inside, the shop owner denies the book’s existence, and it is no longer in the window when they look for it. At the hotel, a worker named Arthur, attempts to repair the same leak as Joe, only to be killed offscreen by ghouls. Later Martin is stuck by lightning while at the library looking up the hotel’s blueprints and after he falls he is attacked by huge tarantulas (that make sounds like creaky hinges that need oil) and they butcher his face and kill him.

Back at the hotel Joe’s animated corpse appears from a bathtub and attacks Martha and she dies when he pushes her head against a nail. Emily meanwhile is sitting alone at night when zombie versions of Schweick, Joe, Mary-Anne, and Arthur attack her. She sets her dog on them but they turn it into a zombie and it kills Emily by biting at her throat and face. Just after this Liza is attacked by the zombies at the hotel but John rescues her and they run to the hospital. Everyone has disappeared from the streets and except for Jill & Harris, a fellow doctor, there are only reanimated zombie corpses who shuffle about slowly and attack the living. In trying to escape Harris is killed and Jill becomes possessed and is shot by John. The doctor finds that he can kill off a zombie by shooting at the heads but idiot keeps wasting bullets shooting everywhere else! Finally out of bullets Liza & John run into the basement but find themselves in another dimension, a wasteland of dead bodies and desolate wasteland which Schweick had painted in one of his work before he was killed. They walk off and disappear, stuck in a kind of purgatory for all eternity.

The movie has tons of bad acting (I think a lot of it is dubbed to English, isn’t it) and laughable horror special effects that wouldn’t scare small kids. And the “zombies” are hilarious; they shuffle around with their heads looking down, like shy innocent Indian brides on their arranged marriage wedding night heading to their new husbands and about to be deflowered. I guess back then this would have been very scary but I don’t find it to be so at all. The death scenes were mildly interesting. The ending scene is good though when they head out to a desolate wasteland. Although I do have to say this – both Katherine MacColl & Cinzia Monreale are beautiful women. Really lovely! I was hoping for some skin. 5 outta 10! Oh and I found out that Swedish band Europe’s 1983 song Seven Doors Hotel (seven doors to hell) from their self-titled debut album is inspired by this film.

Star Trek Continues : Fairest Of Them All

It’s long gaps of waiting between episodes but these guys are sure showing us that they are well worth the wait. Star Trek Continues brings us their 3rd episode and once again I am blown away by the job that this low budget team is capable of doing. Imagine what they could do with a decent budget. Infact, I wish they would chuck the rebooted/alternative universe Trek in the last two movies and just make STC the official Trek. They are doing a great job of respecting history and continuity.

So what are the folks at STC giving us for episode 3? Well if you Trekkies remember The Orginal Series season 2 episode Mirror, Mirror which showed Captain Kirk, Uhura, Scotty & Bones accidentally being transported to the Mirror universe and interacting with the crew of that Enterprise, this episode is a sequel to that. The episode shows the prime universe’s Kirk speaking to Mirror-Spock to stand up, take charge and be part of the revolution to change the ways of the Terran Empire before Kirk says goodbye to Mirror Spock & Mirror Marlene and along with Scotty, Bones & Uhura are transported back to their universe and their Mirror versions are brought back. Mirror Kirk demands and answer and Mirror Spock tells him that an ion storm  interfering with the transport beams caused the switch. (Here onwards I will omit the prefix Mirror) Kirk tells Marlena to wait for him in his quarters and goes to the bridge. He addresses the Halkan leader and demands that if they do not yield to the wishes of the the Federation to mine dilithium on their planet, they will be destroyed. He then goes to his quarters and jealously asks Marlene if she had Prime Kirk in their quarters as well.

Spock, troubled by Prime universe Kirk’s speech takes the help of Scotty and plans to take over the ship if Kirk will not listen to reason. Kirk angered by Spock’s suggestion that they not destroy the Halkans’ planet plots to kill Spock using the secret spying device in his quarters but Marlena has tweaked the controls so that it appears to be temporarily malfuctioning. Kirk has the planet fired upon which causes a lot of damage to it. Spock & Scotty recruit a few willing volunteers and take over Auxilary control, rendering the Enterprise unable to use their weapons no matter how much the officers at con try. A previously imprisoned Chekov sides with Spock while an ambitious Sulu tries to use this tusle between the top ranking officers to his advantage but is knocked out by a phaser set to stun. A showdown between Spock & Kirk ends with Spock tricking Kirk to broadcast his low opinion of the crew – by calling them disposable and there to cater to his wishes – and the vast majority of the crew side with Spock & Scotty. A mutiny of sorts happens without much bloodshed and Kirk, Bones, Chekov and a few of the crew are given a shuttle to travel to the nearest inhabitable planet and as a parting jibe, Spock admits that it was Kirk himself or rather Prime Kirk, who suggested that Spock be the man to make the revolution happen in the Mirror Universe much to Kirk’s anger.

Guest stars include Asia DeMarco as Marlena & Kipleigh Brown as the buxom blonde Smith at helm while Chuck Huber replaces Larry Nemcheck as Bones and does a better job in filling in the role – shame he had so little to do! Grant Imahara is better here as Sulu – scar on the face and all and Kim Stinger as Uhura & Wyatt Lenhart as Chekov are much better here in bigger supporting roles. Michele Spetch only has a tiny appearance as Dr. Elise MacKennah. But give Vic Mignogna & Todd Haberkorn a prize each because they really embrace their roles and Todd in particular shines over here. Same for Chris Doohan who is shockingly so similar to his dad! 8 outta 10 for this episode guys!

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Recommended to me by someone in a Horror movie fan Facebook group. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a 2007 American horror film (torture & murder) directed by John Erick Dowdle and starring Bobbi Sue Luther, Samantha Robson and Ivar Brogger. It is made to resemble a documentary with a lot of hand held camera footage that the killer shoots. The film’s story is inspired by real life events and bear resemblance to real life killers.

A police raid on a suburban house reveals the gruesome murders of a serial killer. Investigators find 800 tapes that the killer made of him stalking, abducting, torturing and killing his victims. State police & the FBI have experts go through the tapes to find out as much as they can and try to identify the killer, his possible location and the identities of his victims. Some of the videos features him indulging in a balloon fetish – making prostitutes blow up and then try and break the balloons by jumping on them. They show his first crime, when he abducts, rapes and later murders an 8 year old girl who was playing alone in the front yard of her home. He then attacks a couple after pretending to have car trouble and asking to be dropped off at a nearby abandoned (although the couple don’t know that) gas station. Upon reaching the gas station he clubs the man on the head and uses a chemical substance on a cloth to subdue the woman. He then kills the man, cuts of his head and performs a c-section on the woman, and inserts the man’s head into her womb. He then films her reaction before killing her. The killer also alerts the cops via CCTV footage at a gas station to the location of his victim’s corpses.

Later he stalks a 19 year old girl, Cheryl, who is home alone for the weekend and kills her boyfriend who is visiting her at night. The killer then takes the girl with him to a secret lair abusing her sexually, physically and psychologically as his “slave”, a name he beats her into accepting as her new one. He even goes to the girl’s mother offering assistance and chuckles when she realizes that he is the man who abducted her daughter. The mother is paralyzed with shock and is unable to alert anyone until he goes away. He then throws the cops & the Feds off guard by changing his MO, stalking and killing only prostitutes while posing as a cop. At times he doesn’t kill them directly but tapes Cheryl being forced to kill them. investigators find the same DNA in the form of semen on the body, concluding that he has sex with them postmortem and at one of the victim’s houses they hit the jackpot – a cup has fingerprints and saliva that they match to that of a former cop James Foley, who has a history of visiting prostitutes. Foley is found to have been in the location of each murder & dump site and has no alibi though he pleads his nonsense. He is sentenced to die via lethal injection and a few days after his death – the police are led to the body of a new victim! Foley was innocent and the killer framed him using sperm that the former cop had donated to a sperm bank and stealing a glass that he had drunk from.

Th authorities are now aware to the meticulous planning of the killer and the lengths he has gone to for avoiding a clear profile and exonerate Foley – however it now being September 12, 2001 the focus is all on the 9/11 attacks and Foley’s story is reduced to a small article in the middle pages and as Foley’s son attests in an interview, most people still think that his father was guilty. The killings continue but the cops are able to trace a downloaded map that was sent to them via the email and tracked the user to the house that was raided at the beginning of the film. The cops raid the house but find the killer has left long back leaving behind numerous dead bodies buried in the backyard and a still alive but horribly tortured Cheryl in a wooden box. It has been 8 years since her abduction and her torture left her unable to handle reality so much that she started injuring herself as she started healing just so she could feel more pain. She had been mentally abused to such an extent that she refers herself to as “slave” and processes love for her “master” as she calls him and says that she knows he loves her and will come to take her away. 2 weeks after the interview Cheryl commits suicide and leaves a note behind professing her love for the “master”.

After that the murders in the area cease but experts feel that he is around somewhere still raping, torturing & killing. The cases are added to become an essential part of the training for anyone learning criminal psychology. There is one scene in which he offers a lift to a British woman who’s care has broken down and has her sit in the back of the cop car he is driving. As they talk he reveals that he is not a policeman but the killer that everyone has been warned about and it is brutal. The identity of the killer is still unknown. At the end of the credits we see one last example of his sadistic pleasure of torturing his victims; he tells a woman he has abducted that he won’t kill her if she does not blink! She tries her best to keep her eyes open but fails after a few moments and the screen goes blank. Although some parts of the film drags and fails to ignite the imagination and horrify you, the latter half makes up for it. It is well thought out and fascinated me by the end. 7 outta 10!

Word & Phrases I Fucking Hate!

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?

There are words and phrases that people use (mostly local) that I can’t stand. I can’t fucking them at all. I get so annoyed when I see someone say or write this on say Facebook & Twitter but mainly Facebook.

  • Basically – Indians use this word a lot and I can’t stand it. I stopped using it when I noticed that Indians use this word way too much almost as much as…
  • You know – Fuck! I can understand sports athletes who are asked this post or pre match – they have better things to think about at the time so they should be forgiven – but c’mon. How many things can you say this in 5 minutes? I once counted that a colleague who said “You know” 52 times in a small presentation that probably lasted less than 10 minutes!
  • Reason being – what is that?
  • Y’all – what is that supposed to be? Is spelling out “YOU ALL” that hard to do?
  • Believe you me – is that Yoda talking?
  • Made for each other – people here use this phrase to comment on engagement / wedding photos or just photos of married people. What the heck is that supposed to mean? So stupid! And that brings me to my personal favourite stupid, idiotic, moronic phrases of all time…
  • God blessed us with a baby boy/girl – you’ve got to be kidding me! I hate that phrase and refused to acknowledge people who share this news.

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2014 Stanley Cup Champions – LA Kings

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings who mounted yet another comeback to defeat the New York Rangers 3-2 and claim their second Stanley Cup in three seasons. Defenceman Alec Martinez scored at 14:43 of double overtime Friday night wristing home a rebound of a Tyler Toffoli shot to seal the Cup. The Kings squandered 3-0 series leads both times en route to hoisting the Cup. But they got the job done in five games — three wins coming via overtime — this time compared to six against New Jersey in 2012.

Netherlands 5 Spain 1

Oh man! I told myself that I would only do weekly updates or an update every 2-3 days of the world cup matches but this is easily broken because of what happened last night.Ok, first I watched the second half of Mexico vs Cameroon in which the Mexicans came out deserved winners 1-0. And then waited for what I though the pick of the first round matches will be. Netherlands lost to Spain in the 2010 World Cup finals in what was a animosity filled affair. Coming so close for the 3rd time in World Cup history and losing the final yet again was a bitter pill to swallow for them. They were eagerly waiting to get a chance at revenge and last night…

They got it! It was supposed to be one of the best matches of the 2014 World Cup group stage, but the Netherlands had other ideas as they picked apart Spain’s defense and hammered the defending champions, 5-1. Robin Van Persie scored twice, and Arjen Robben added two goals of his own as the Oranje absolutely crushed Spain. Diego Costa, who was a controversial choice for Spain having been Brazil born and raised and yet chose to get Spanish citizenship so he could play for Spain, was constantly booed throughout the night. He faked a foul in the penalty box which the referee fell for and awarded a spot kick which Xabi Alonso converted. The Dutch struck when Robin Van Persie executed a sensational volley header off a long curling pass from Danny Blind that left Casillas frozen as the ball sailed over his head and into the goal. Early in the second half, Robben put the Dutch ahead 2-1 thanks to some wonderful footwork in the Spanish box. He showed a tremendous touch, bringing down the looping cross from Blind, and managing to immediately control the ball and cut back as Gerard Piqué’s momentum carried him past. Robben fired his shot to the right of the sliding Casillas, and the Netherlands were ahead.

Sneijder sent a free kick from the left wing across the face of goal, and Casillas failed to deal with it properly as Van Persie collided with the goalkeeper. In the confusion, Stefan De Vrij was able to sneak it at the far post and apparently head the ball down off his own foot, and over the line, giving the Netherlands a 3-1 lead. In the 73rd minute, Casillas made a horrible mistake with his first touch, allowing the ball to bounce right to Van Persie at the top of the box. The goalkeeper’s desperate sliding tackle was too late, as RVP held his balance long enough to toe-poke the ball into the empty net: 4-1, Netherlands. Spain’s comical defending continued in the 81st minute when they simply couldn’t stop Robben as he danced around inside the box, before firing the ball into the once again empty net to make it 5-1. The rout was complete.