Life Is Too Short…

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

…life it as per the wishes of other people”. How did I come to that conclusion? Idiots, idiots everywhere who say that they want to live for somoneelse – be it their spouse, kids or parents or large extended familly.

When you know you have only one life to live, live it the way that you want to not the way someone else wants it to be. They have their lives, you have yours. Fuck it, it’s not like reality is like some video game when you have a bunch of lives and you can gain a few more if you collect a few things. No, it’s just one. We are lucky to have been born in our era one which has the most choices and possibilities so far. Maybe the future is even better but the past sure wasn’t. So you want to do something that excites you, go do it. As long as you are not harming anyone, including yourself. And forget what society thinks.

The afterlife is also just a theory so don’t bet on that stuff being true. Live for this life, the only one that we are guaranteed to have. Everything & anything else is bonus!

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Updated : Mozilla Firefox 33.1

My system automatically upgraded to the new version, 33.1, of Mozilla Firefox. It has three new features:

Use Forget to cover your tracks or escape from sites you don’t trust

Remove browsing history from your computer
Erase website information after the fact
Add it above for quick, easy access

DuckDuckGo lets you search anonymously

Get great results with no tracking
Make it (or any other) your default
Find what you’re looking for, your way

Private Browsing: Our original privacy tool

Keep history and other info off your computer
Browse without recording where you’ve been
So others using your computer can’t see it

I’ve had some problems with Firefox for the past year or so and it has caused major problems with my laptop. So much so that I only use this browser for blogging, searching images & some news articles and my email (no Youtube or Flash heavy stuff). I hope this is a drastic improvement on previous versions.