Games We Play As Kids

What silly games did you play with your childhood friends and cousins while growing up?

Have you guys played Seven Tiles? I remember playing it a lot when I was a kid but I can’t remember the rules of the game. One team stacks 7 tiles (or stones as we used to do when I was young) and one person (is it a person or a team) throws a tennis ball and tumbles the titles. The the team runs around and has to avoid getting hit by the ball as you throw it at their feet and while dodging it, your group has to manage to pile the 7 titles on top of each other. If anyone in your group gets hit by the ball they are out and have to stand by and watch without helping their team. If the team throwing the ball gets everyone out before the 7 tiles are set up, they win. If not, the other team wins. Is that how it goes? That’s what I can remember.

Hide and seek in the dark? I played this with my cousins (about 10-12 of us at a time) a lot after I moved with my family back to India. So ages 11 to perhaps 14 or 15 I remember playing this during the evenings of our summer holidays when a lot of us would stay at the large family home in Mattancherry. Simple – you switch off all the lights and hide and one person, after he or she counts to 100, will have to stumble about & find all of the rest in the darkness. Ofcourse this can lead to funny situations if you hand accidentally grabs something “delicate” but we avoided those situations for the most part. And it was a lot of fun. I particularly remember that one of my cousins, who was hiding, couldn’t hold back his fart and he let rip a stinker and he was found out! :D