If I Could Join Any Band…

mindbump suggested by Bri is unashamed. Are you?“If you could become a member of any band, which would it be and why?”

Barenaked Ladies. I don’t have to think twice, I would choose the Barenaked Ladies. Why? a) I love all their songs and have so much listening to them and love their lyrics b) It would be so much fun and c) They are one member short after singer/songwriter/guitarist Stephen Page left back in 2009.

Their dynamic is best at 5 even though they have had 2 good albums and some excellent songs since then. I really think that they would benefit a lot with that additional member and bring back the 5 member equation. Their songs are so fun to sing along, they make me laugh. Some of them touch my heart and some of them make me think. I love this band and they are one of my top 2 fav bands of all time. At one time I would have said I want to be the lead guitar god in a metal/hard rock band and even though I still love all kinds of hard rock and metal, BNL is just unique.

So here are a couple of songs that I think I would be great at singing with the band: